It can be easy to take a pet for granted. After all, they provide you with unconditional love and ask for so little in return. However, pets don’t live forever and your time as a pet owner is always going to be limited at some point, so it’s worth thinking about the many ways in which you can honor and preserve your time with your little furry friends. One great way to commemorate your special bond with your pet is to employ the services of a pet photographer.

To help you find the perfect company for your needs, we’ve assembled this list of the very best pet photographers in and around Melbourne! With this list, you won’t need to scavenge around for clues on how to find the most qualified professional in your local area; we’ve compiled them all right here for easy browsing. We hope you enjoy!

Specialising in pet photography in Melbourne, Paul has years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a creative eye for detail. Trust this popular pet photographer in Melbourne to capture the personality of your furry family members. The fabulous Paws & Claws session includes an outdoor photo shoot. You can select the location from parklands and beaches to downtown cityscapes. Sit back and enjoy your Viewing Session with a video slideshow experience. Select your favourite images and create an artwork package with framed wall art, photo albums, gallery prints, and more. Whether you want classic posed portraits or images of your furry friend’s goofy shenanigans, trust Paul Tadday Photography to capture your pet’s real character.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0406 385 633

Social: Paul Tadday Photography

Contact : Paul Tadday

Capturing the heartwarming spirit of your furry friends, My Pet Photo brings over two decades of expertise to capture those precious moments in time. Let Chris and Fiona transform your pet’s personality into art, creating timeless images that celebrate the unique bond between you and your beloved companions. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for pets, they’ll ensure a comfortable and enjoyable session for both pets and their owners. Cherish the joy, love, and playfulness of your pets with My Pet Photo – a trusted name in the industry, dedicated to preserving the magic of your pet’s presence through stunning, professionally crafted portraits.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0407 514 312

Social: My Pet Photo

Contact : Chris Grech

This popular pet photographer in Melbourne truly believes your furry friends are part of the family! Megan O’Hehir Pet Photography is dedicated to high-quality pet photography, taking pride in creating remarkable images and custom artwork. With years of experience and a love for pets herself, Megan will capture your pet’s unique personality in full colour. Both in-studio and on-location sessions are available. Enjoy a private planning appointment and a 90-minute photo shoot with two pets. You’ll receive a complimentary 5×7 matted print of your favourite image, or use the credit towards other personalised artwork. Options are available for all types of homes, styles, and budgets when you work with Megan O’Hehir Pet Photography.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0491 640 769

Social: Megan O’Hehir Pet Photography

Contact : Megan O'Hehir

Shoot the Dog is one of the most skilled pet photography companies in and around Melbourne, with its devoted owner, Simon Carroll, sitting at the helm. Simon offers his 35 years of practical industry experience as a photographer to the craft of pet photography, with his studio recently built in 2015 serving as the central location for photo shoots with Shoot the Dog. Over 2,600 dogs have been captured with Shoot the Dog, and $107,000 has been raised for animal rescue charities, making Shoot the Dog as societally beneficial as it is beneficial to its many Melbourne-based clients.

Phone: 03 9001 6318

Social: Shoot the Dog

Contact : Simon Carroll

With the services of Ragamuffin Pet Photography, clients based out of Melbourne and beyond will receive the artful work of a professional pet photographer, quality guaranteed. Caitlin is the lead photographer with Ragamuffin Pet Photography, where she boasts years of experience and expertise as a pet photographer. Caitlin knows that most people struggle to photograph their pets because the little creatures get intimated and camera-shy very easily; Caitlin’s experience ensures that all pets can be photographed, no matter how restless, anxious, shy, or rambunctious. In addition to photography services, Ragamuffin Pet Photography also offers instructional courses for clients looking to learn the tricks of the trade for themselves.

Phone: 03 8319 9974

Social: Ragamuffin Pet Photography

Contact : Caitlin J. Mccoll

Frog Dog Studios is an excellent pet photography company based out of Melbourne, specializing in lovely photos of pets and their owners. Frog Dog Studios is the work of Belinda and Troy, who collaborate with one another to serve clients in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. With vast academic and professional experience as photographers as well as an abiding love of dogs, cats, and pets of all shapes and sizes, the team at Frog Dog Studios offers consultations in advance of photography sessions as well as design and ordering sessions after the photo shoots.

Phone: 03 9078 1399

Social: Frog Dog Studios

Contact : Belinda Richards

Nothing can rival the sheer magnetism of the photography services on offer with Ella+Friends Photography, a pet photography outlet based out of Melbourne. Ella+Friends Photography was opened for business all the way back in 2003, staffed up by a team of photographers and managers who work hard to provide their clients with a seamless, effortless photography experience, from the booking to the photography session to the resulting images. The experience of a photo session with Ella+Friends Photography begins with a design consultation, continues with the photo session, and ends with a viewing of all of the photos and a choice of wall art.

Phone: 03 9095 8200

Social: Ella+Friends Photography

Contact : Stephen

Erin King Photographer is one of the most sought after pet photography providers across Melbourne and beyond. Erin King heads up the operations at this photography company, and she bases her love of the craft of pet photography upon the foundation of her love for her own dog, Peanut. Combining her two “pet” passions, Erin King has been photographing pets with their owners for over a decade, and with all of this practical industry experience in the business of pet photography, Erin King Photographer is a safe bet for Melbourne-based photo sessions, whether it’s with dogs, cats, or any other pet.

Phone: 0422 345 854

Social: Erin King Photographer

Contact : Erin

Dogfolk Pet Photography is a reliable resource for pet photography services, best known for their unbelievable photographs of pets and their owners. Katy and Shell are the heads of the operations with Dogfolk Pet Photography, where in-home pet photography services are offered with a client-driven approach that prioritizes exact specifications and requests. The style of photography on offer with Dogfolk Pet Photography has been best described as “candid” and “creative,” favoring moments of organic connection, intimacy, and cuteness overload. Photo shoots with Dogfolk Pet Photography last up to two hours, and shoots can include all pets, owners, and immediate family.

Phone: 0424 862 551

Social: Dogfolk Pet Photography

Contact : Katy

Look no further than Furrever Pet Photography for bespoke photography services dedicated to the capturing of pets. First established way back in 1999, Furrever Pet Photography has set itself apart as an absolute Melbourne mainstay, run by professional photographers Steph and Matt. Steph and Matt work closely with one another to guarantee a standard of excellence, whether it’s dogs, cats, snakes, or ferrets behind the camera lens. Acrylic prints and albums can be purchased with a selection of favorite photographs from the photo shoots with Furrever Pet Photography included in the physical copies. A variety of affordable and individualized packages can be booked with Furrever Pet Photography.

Phone: 0490 138 451

Social: Furrever Pet Photography

Contact : Steph


Now that you’ve finished up reading through this list of the very best pet photographers across Melbourne and beyond, we hope that you now see the paramount importance of securing the services of a pet photographer to take portraits of you and your special little friend. After all, you only have so many opportunities to create lasting memories that will stand the test of time when it comes to your relationship with your pet, so a pet photographer is never a bad solution if you’re looking to preserve all of those memories and make them permanent. With all that said, we hope that you enjoyed reading through our list of the top ten pet photographers in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area, and we hope that you feel so inclined to reach out to one or more!


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