Pet photography is just one of those classic underrated disciplines in professional photography. Everyone knows to hire a photographer for those gigantic milestones in life: weddings, births, graduations, engagements, confirmations, bar mitzvahs, and other rites and rituals like these. However, people often overlook pet photography because it doesn’t seem like there’s one particular moment to select as the time to secure the services of a dedicated professional. Pets don’t linger around forever, though, so there’s no time like the present to schedule a photo session and get those photos that will provide you with a lifetime of memories.

To help you get through the process of narrowing down your search to just a few of the best in your local area, we’ve created this list of the top eight pet photographers in and around Sydney — we hope that you enjoy!

Ruthless Photos is one of Sydney’s most skillful pet photography companies, specializing in lovely images of pets posing with their owners. Ruth is the lead photographer with Ruthless Photos, and she has been an animal lover from the very day of her birth. With a degree in visual communications and over a decade in business through this photography company, Ruth knows her way around a camera, to say the least, when it comes to the ins and outs of pet photography. Capturing both shelter dogs and client’s dogs, Ruth has an eye for maintaining calm and serenity in the studio, keeping dogs docile and cooperative as she photographs them.

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Contact : Ruthless O'Leary

Furry Munchkins Pet Photography is one of the most sought after pet photography companies in and around Sydney, staffed up by a dedicated team of photographers and managers who work together to ensure work held to a highly professional standard, delivered with bespoke service from start to finish. The values prioritized at Furry Munchkins Pet Photography include the concept that the pet is a key part of a family, that pets can change lives for the better, that pet photography is a great way to make permanent memories of those furry friends, and that pet photography doesn’t have to be stressful for the pet or the owner. All of these values are upheld and elevated through photo shoots with this incredible Sydney-based photography outlet.

Phone: 0404 628 424

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Contact : Keefe

Love Tails is a Sydney-based pet photography provider, offering a variety of photo shoots and wall art items that show a great reverence for the importance of pets in our lives. The process of booking a pet photo shoot with Love Tails begins with an initial contact which comes with information on preparation for the shoot, including outfit choices and dog preparation. Photography sessions with Love Tails take place in the home studio based out of Sydney Inner West, in a private and cozy setting where sessions typically last one hour in length. Outdoor shots can be accommodated, with a greater length attached. After the session, photos can be made into physical art pieces that can be ordered for an additional cost.

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Celebrating the special relationship dynamic between pets and their owners is the central premise of the offerings with Sonia M Photography, a professional pet photography outlet based out of Sydney. Sonia has been capturing beautiful portraits of pets and their owners since 2015, and these years of expertise in the field have given Sonia a unique perspective on the craft of pet photography. Sonia knows that having a pet is all about the distinct and individual relationship between the pet and their owner, so photos with Sonia M Photography are built around the commemoration of that special dynamic.

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Pawtraits and Pawprints is a Sydney-based pet photography provider staffed up by Mia, a professional photographer with an abiding passion for animals and all of the joy and whimsy that their presence can represent in a household. Mia spends her spare time volunteering at an animal shelter, helping pets find their forever homes, so it is clear that Mia’s passion for animals runs through everything she touches and all the activities she does, including her craft and visual storytelling when it comes to pet photography services. Sessions with Pawtraits and Pawprints take about 90 minutes and come with a Session Preparation Guide to ensure that the photo sessions result in the best photos possible.

Phone: 0432 596 555

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Contact : Mia Sophie

With the services of Call of the Wild Pet Photography, skillful and craft-oriented pet photography services by professional photographer Annabel are an absolute guarantee. Annabel helms up Call of the Wild Pet Photography, with a studio based out of Bondi Beach and an option to capture dogs in nature or in the home of the client. Previous work includes shoots with domestic animals, Instagram-famous furry friends, and commercial campaigns, including work for the RSPCA and Woof Gateaux, among other prominent clients. No matter the temperament of the dog in question, whether all over the place or tranquil and docile, Annabel with Call of the Wild Pet Photography can ensure that the photos capture pets in their very best light.

Phone: 0409 317 024

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Twoguineapigs Pet Photography is the brainchild of professional photographer JK Blackwell, who boasts 12 years of practical industry experience as well as a vast catalog of awards and accolades for her pioneering work in the field of pet photography. JK is available for private, commercial, and editorial projects when it comes to pet photography, working with a variety of clients to capture pets in a manner that moves beyond those basic, forced poses and inorganic moments; instead, JK prioritizes the “deep relationships between you and your beloved,” capturing pets without condescending or trivializing the nature of the relationship between pet and owner.

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The Dogs Pyjamas is a premier pet photography outlet based out of Sydney, providing local clients with unforgettable imagery of their pets. Dave Pidgeon is the primary pet photographer on staff with The Dogs Pyjamas, and Dave lends 15 years of industry experience to his clients as he sits down pets and captures them behind the careful gaze of the camera. A true animal lover who cuddles every little pup he sees in the mall or walking down the street, Dave knows his way around animals, working hard to discipline the pets enough to get them still and ready for photos while still maintaining a friendly and playful attitude with the pets in question.

Phone: 0451 107 054

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed scanning through this list of the very best pet photographers in the greater Sydney metropolitan area! We encourage you to use this list as a launching pad from which to jump start your process and reach out to one or more of these excellent photography professionals. After all, photography slots usually get booked far in advance and if you’re looking to document your relationship with your pet in a timely manner, it can never hurt to reserve your slot early. With all that said, we wish you the best of luck in securing the services of one of our top nine pet photographers across Sydney and beyond!


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