Boudoir photographers can be a great place to turn when you want to liberate yourself from unfairly constricting notions of what your body should look like and how it should be seen. To take control over the public and private perception of your physical form while also being provided with tangible art made in your likeness, boudoir photography sessions can be an incredible resource as well as an unrivaled, creative artistic opportunity.

To find the perfect boudoir photographer for a photography session if you so desire, we’ve assembled this list of the top ten boudoir photographers in the greater Perth metropolitan area. No matter what poses or positions you’re looking for or what artistic style you want your session captured in, you’ll find exactly what you’re on the market for on this list of the very best boudoir photographers across Perth and beyond!

Cooper Studio is a boudoir photography company based out of Perth, providing local women with unbelievable photo sessions of themselves in an intimate setting. The team in charge of Copper Studio is composed of four devoted photographers with accreditation from the AIPP and a vast track record of excellent work from a wide collection of Perth-based clients. With tons of awards and accolades built up over time and a specialty in crystal-clear images with a tilt toward the more artful, stylistically interesting type of photography, Cooper Studio is an ideal choice for Perth-based women hoping to capture themselves in a seductive, arresting pose while also creating a genuine piece of art for eyes to look upon with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Phone: 1300 305 410

Social: Cooper Studio

Contact : Cooper Studio

With the services of Crooked Images, women in the greater Perth metropolitan area can receive a session’s worth of tantalizing, arresting photos in a variety of seductive poses. Crooked Images is an all-inclusive space for cis women, trans women, and non-binary folks to enjoy and celebrate their physical form through a series of photographs taken by a tried and true professional. Crooked Images is founded, owned, and led by Lauren Crooke, a Perth-based photographer who takes great pains to ensure that her services are available to femme people of all gender expressions looking to free themselves on camera. A typical boudoir outfit with Crooked Images could be a “lacy, strappy, lingerie set, bonds chesty, and a g-string, cotton briefs, leather bodysuit,” or whatever the client feels most comfortable in.

Phone: 0451 735 352

Social: Crooked Images

Contact : Lauren Crooke

Portraiture by Goddess is one of the most sought after boudoir photography outlets in and around Perth. Portraiture by Goddess is the brainchild of professional photographer Mark, who staffs up a team of six dedicated workers who collaborate to provide Perth-based clients with unforgettable portraits. Whether clients are hoping to pose in lingerie, furs, man shirts, pearls, or lacy gowns, Portraiture by Goddess can capture women in their best light, highlighting all of the most appealing features and creating stunning images of exposed beauty. The experts in charge of Portraiture by Goddess will guide all women through the photo shoot, with no experience as a “model” necessary in advance.

Phone: 08 6277 0288

Social: Portraiture by Goddess

Contact : Mark

All clients in search of breathtaking, charming, and amorous images of themselves should look no further than Feather and Sage Portrait for boudoir photography services. At Feather and Sage Portrait, Kellie Blinco is the lead photographer and the “hopeful inspirer” in charge, and Kellie brings a ton of enthusiasm, pep, and vigor to the practice of boudoir photography, helping to ease women into the process. Celebrating the “feminine beauty” and helping clients rediscover their true inner selves is the main practice at Feather and Sage Portrait, with services available for women over 18 of every possible shape, size, and walk of life. Boudoir photography and portraits are the main service offered by Feather and Sage Portrait, and with over 10 years of experience in the industry of photography, Kellie Blinco with Feather and Sage Portrait is a great choice for Perth-based boudoir photography.

Phone: 0421 215 912

Social: Feather and Sage Portrait

Contact : Kellie Blinco

Zest Photography Perth is one of the premier boudoir photography companies in the local area, specializing in intimate, elegant photo sessions. Boudoir photography experiences with Zest Photography Perth begin with a consultation to uncover the proper aesthetic and level of intimacy of the upcoming photo shoot, with the photographer in charge giving advice on outfits, poses, hair, makeup, colors, and styles of photography. After that, Zest Photography Perth provides clients with 1.5 hour long photo sessions during which clients can bring in any and all props and items that they want to be photographed with, in styles ranging from “elegant and classic to artistic, modern, and candid.”

Phone: 08 6245 3150

Social: Zest Photography Perth

Contact : Gary Levy

Check out Haus of Boudoir for any and all boudoir photography needs in the greater Perth metropolitan area. Haus of Boudoir is owned and operated by Jess, who has been capturing boudoir photo sessions for over eight years now, working with women of all ages, sizes, and figures. Sessions with Jess at Haus of Boudoir are just Jess and her client in a room, keeping things mellow and calm, ensuring that the client feels maximally comfortable in her own skin. Jess guarantees that her clients will leave photo sessions feeling “confident, empowered, and gorgeous,” and that will be all the more true after clients receive the resulting photographs from the photo session.

Phone: 0422 253 118

Social: Haus Of Boudoir

Contact : Jess Ratty

Mel Silva Photography is one of the most skilled boudoir photography businesses in and around Perth, ideal for clients looking to capture themselves in a photo shoot that speaks to a sophisticated, seductive physical appeal. Mel Silva is the photographer in charge, and Mel is singularly devoted to helping female-identifying clients access their self-confidence through a series of photographs taken from a variety of perspectives. The slogan with Mel Silva Photography is: “Invest in yourself – you are enough.” This slogan is apt when applied to boudoir photography, as an investment in a photo session with Mel Silva Photography is also an affirmation that photographs of the physical form exposed and laid bare are a renewal of self-love and confirmation that the bare physical form is “enough” just as it is.

Phone: 0422 292 276

Social: Mel Silva Photography

Contact : Mel Silva

For boudoir photography delivered with a dash of flair and a hint of coquettish romance, check out Chantelle Stapleton Photography, a Perth-based boudoir photographer. Chantelle Stapleton opened up her studio to clients in the beginning of 2019, and since then, she has been capturing boudoir photography sessions of female clients in the greater Perth metropolitan area. With awards and honors from the Association of International Boudoir Photographers as well as the “Australia’s Best” recognition from the 2019 Intimate Portraiture Workshop, Chantelle Stapleton is one of the most well-qualified, skilled, and artistically inclined photographers in Perth, a natural option when it comes to selecting a boudoir photographer in the local area.

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Contact : Chantelle Stapleton

Natasha Lee Photography is a Perth-based boudoir photography outlet specialising in bewitching, beguiling photo sessions. Natasha Lee is at the helm of the operations, and she splits her services between a vast array of available photography styles, including wedding photography, family and lifestyle photography, corporate and business photography, and, of course, boudoir photography. Natasha Lee’s experience in capturing these broad experiences lends her a special angle in boudoir photography, bringing in the wider scope of the world while also focusing solely on the individual woman in front of her. For photography that has a touch of flair and world-wise artistry, check out Natasha Lee Photography.

Phone: 0433 019 475

Social: Natasha Lee Photography

Contact : Natasha Lee

Nothing can match the spellbinding, enticing photography of Australian Boudoir by Lara Jane, a Perth-based boudoir photography company. The experience with Australian Boudoir by Lara Jane is focused around showing women their inner power and confidence, whether they’re in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or beyond. As Lara Jane says, “It’s okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop dead gorgeous every once in a while,” and nowhere is that more true than in a boudoir session with this incredible Perth-based photography outlet. Lara Jane emphasizes that the women in her photographs are simply everyday women with typical features and no special qualities outside of their individualistic expressions of womanhood; this means that clients hoping to book a session with Australian Boudoir by Lara Jane should not feel that they have to be anyone other than themselves for their photo session.

Phone: 0433 165 272

Social: Australian Boudoir by Lara Jane

Contact : Lara Jane Churton-Hughes


We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to read through this list of the very best boudoir photographers in the greater Perth metropolitan area! Armed with this list as a resource from which to draw inspiration and guidance in the process of securing the services of the best boudoir photographer around, you have absolutely nothing standing in your way of booking an appointment. Although it might be a scary experience to anticipate, being photographed in a state of vulnerability and openness, boudoir photography sessions can also be a deeply liberating and freeing practice of independence, perfect for reclaiming ownership over your own physical form. We encourage you to reach out to any photographers on this list who particularly caught your attention, and if you do, we guarantee that you will have nailed down the services of one of these incredible options in no time!

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