Boudoir photographers can be a great place to turn when you want to liberate yourself from unfairly constricting notions of what your body should look like and how it should be seen.

To take control over the public and private perception of your physical form while also being provided with tangible art made in your likeness, boudoir photography sessions can be an incredible resource as well as an unrivaled, creative artistic opportunity.

To find the perfect boudoir photographer for a photography session if you so desire, we’ve assembled this list of the top boudoir photographers servicing Perth and surrounding regions.

No matter what poses or positions you’re looking for or what artistic style you want your session captured in, you’ll find exactly what you’re on the market for on this list of the very best boudoir photographers across Perth and beyond!

Zest Photography is more than a studio; it’s a transformative space where women rediscover and celebrate their unique essence. Specializing in glamour, boudoir, fantasy and nude photography, Zest offers a bespoke experience, expertly tailored to highlight the strength and beauty of every client. Here, photography transcends mere images; it becomes a journey of self-empowerment. Women from all walks of life find a sanctuary where their stories are seen and captured. The experienced team at Zest Photography, with their compassionate approach, ensures each session is a comfortable, uplifting experience. Zest helps women see their inner and outer beauty, leaving them with not just stunning photographs, but a renewed sense of confidence and self-love.

Phone: 08 6245 3150

Social: Zest Photography Perth

Contact : Zest Photography

Benjamin is the creative mind behind Thrill Noir, offering award-winning experiences that enhance your beauty and empower your life. This professional boudoir photographer in Perth has a fresh approach to stunning portraits designed to capture the best version of yourself. With ten years of experience creating great portraits and videos for all kinds of people, you can expect an incredible photo shoot experience followed by gorgeous results. Various packages are available from Thrill Noir, including curated locations, personal shoots, and a bachelorette party experience. You’ll feel comfortable and confident the entire time with a professional like Benjamin. Ask about both photo and film options for a complete collection of your natural beauty!

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0400 718 901

Social: Thrill Noir

Contact : Benjamin Riches

Be your authentic self when you experience a personalised boudoir photo session at Good Life Portraits. Ben, Ellisha, Anna, Leo, and the entire team at Good Life Portraits have years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and an artistic eye for detail. Trust these professional boudoir photographers in Perth to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Your boudoir photo shoot is all about self-love and empowerment, capturing your true beauty during an exclusive two-hour session at the unique studio. Gorgeous heirloom products range from multi-frame packages, albums, and portrait boxes to canvas wall art, mounted mattes, digital images, and more.

Phone: 08 6444 7888

Social: Good Life Portraits

Contact : Ben Mccoy

Step into the light of Manca S Photography, where the delicate interplay of light and shadow crafts more than images—it sculpts stories. Based in Perth and renowned for an award-winning portfolio that spans Boudoir, Bridal Boudoir, Fine Art Nude Boudoir, and Maternity Boudoir, Manca captures the essence of elegance and emotive power. Recognised both nationally and internationally, your most empowering and intimate moments are entrusted to a lens of sophistication and respect. Each session unfolds in the professional setting of a Subiaco photography studio, ensuring a personalised and uplifting experience. With Manca, embark on a journey of self-discovery, beauty, and unspoken narratives, all curated with the utmost professionalism and artistic integrity, in a space where comfort and artistic expression coalesce.

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0424 998 991

Social: Manca S Photography

Contact : Manca Slapernik

Restore your self-confidence and feel comfortable with Tenille — your personal hype girl behind the lens. With years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, you can expect high-quality photos. This popular boudoir photographer in Perth believes all bodies are beautiful and understands how to capture your best angle. Various packages are available from Tenille C. Boudoir Photography. Go to the beach, bring a friend, change multiple outfits, and more. You can receive professional hair and makeup, complimentary champagne, and up to 35 digital images. Ask Tenille C. Boudoir Photography about special collections like bondage, between the sheets, the swing, and the wet set.

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0415 949 222

Social: Tenille C. Boudoir Photography

Contact : Tenille Condidorio

Portraiture by Goddess is one of the most sought after boudoir photography outlets in and around Perth. Portraiture by Goddess is the brainchild of professional photographer Mark, who staffs up a team of six dedicated workers who collaborate to provide Perth-based clients with unforgettable portraits. Whether clients are hoping to pose in lingerie, furs, man shirts, pearls, or lacy gowns, Portraiture by Goddess can capture women in their best light, highlighting all of the most appealing features and creating stunning images of exposed beauty. The experts in charge of Portraiture by Goddess will guide all women through the photo shoot, with no experience as a “model” necessary in advance.

Phone: 08 6277 0288

Social: Portraiture by Goddess

Contact : Mark

With the services of Crooked Images, women in the greater Perth metropolitan area can receive a session’s worth of tantalizing, arresting photos in a variety of seductive poses. Crooked Images is an all-inclusive space for cis women, trans women, and non-binary folks to enjoy and celebrate their physical form through a series of photographs taken by a tried and true professional. Crooked Images is founded, owned, and led by Lauren Crooke, a Perth-based photographer who takes great pains to ensure that her services are available to femme people of all gender expressions looking to free themselves on camera. A typical boudoir outfit with Crooked Images could be a “lacy, strappy, lingerie set, bonds chesty, and a g-string, cotton briefs, leather bodysuit,” or whatever the client feels most comfortable in.

Phone: 0451 735 352

Social: Crooked Images

Contact : Lauren Crooke

Cooper Studio is a boudoir photography company based out of Perth, providing local women with unbelievable photo sessions of themselves in an intimate setting. The team in charge of Copper Studio is composed of four devoted photographers with accreditation from the AIPP and a vast track record of excellent work from a wide collection of Perth-based clients. With tons of awards and accolades built up over time and a specialty in crystal-clear images with a tilt toward the more artful, stylistically interesting type of photography, Cooper Studio is an ideal choice for Perth-based women hoping to capture themselves in a seductive, arresting pose while also creating a genuine piece of art for eyes to look upon with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Phone: 1300305410

Social: Cooper Studio

Contact : Cooper Studio


We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to read through this list of the very best boudoir photographers in the greater Perth metropolitan area! Armed with this list as a resource from which to draw inspiration and guidance in the process of securing the services of the best boudoir photographer around, you have absolutely nothing standing in your way of booking an appointment. Although it might be a scary experience to anticipate, being photographed in a state of vulnerability and openness, boudoir photography sessions can also be a deeply liberating and freeing practice of independence, perfect for reclaiming ownership over your own physical form. We encourage you to reach out to any photographers on this list who particularly caught your attention, and if you do, we guarantee that you will have nailed down the services of one of these incredible options in no time!

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Most sessions on average will cost $375. However, some sessions will cost less or more. Photographers will also offer additional items for you to show off your photos, this might be in photo albums or prints.

Perth boudoir photoshoots are located in different locations depending on what you want. Most photographers will have their own studio, both home-studios or at their business. Others might allow you to do it in your own home, or a rented location.

It will take 2 hours for a boudoir photoshoot. Some photographers might take longer, and some even offer packages with shorter times. A lot of it comes down to the package and the photographer. They may include hair and makeup in that time too.

The level of privacy during a boudoir session depends on both the photographer and yourself. Some photographers ask for just yourself, some might allow friends to come. Some photographers in this list even offer boudoir sessions for couples. Discuss with your photographer on what both of you want. But for the most part, it’ll be just you and the photographer.

Most photographers will have you sign paperwork and this will include how you feel about your images being posted to social media or their websites. You might say no to photos being posted outright, or posted until after a specific date. Your boudoir photos will be kept with yourself, unless you specify.