Boudoir photography shoots are a truly unique and one-of-a-kind event that any woman who wants to feel amazing about her own body should schedule. Offering women the opportunity to dress up and pose in a sensual way, boudoir photo shoots can be an intimate and vulnerable experience. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that women work with the most talented and professional photographers for their boudoir sessions, since there is so much on the line. 

To help you find the most excellent options in your local area, we’ve created this list of the top boudoir photographers to be found across the Sunshine Coast and beyond – we hope that you enjoy reading through our carefully curated list!

Studio Republic is one of the most sought after  boudoir photography studios to be found in and around the Sunshine Coast, offering highly skilled services for women in the local area looking for an opportunity to pose in a series of sensual poses. Studio Republic offers an experience for each boudoir client that is grounded in the ten years of expertise developed by the photographers on the staff at this studio. Reminding women that they are “enough, worthy, beautiful, and ready,” the photographers at Studio Republic can put any woman at ease to ensure a set of gorgeous photographs.

Phone: 53155055

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Contact : Studio Republic Team

Look no further than Sass & Style Photography for a wonderful choice of boudoir photography studio located in the Sunshine Coast. Sass & Style Photography guarantees a thoroughly “body positive” experience,” meaning that any woman of any background, size, or age will feel at home at this Sunshine Coast-based studio. A hair and makeup stylist on staff will give each client a full makeover, while shoots will take about 90 minutes or more, cycling through three or more outfits with posing guidance to ensure an exciting and active experience.

Phone: 0401 886 093

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Contact : Shellie Perrett

Empire Art Photography is one of the premiere boudoir photography studios to be found across the Sunshine Coast and beyond, with its specialty being the talented photographers on staff who can make women feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Empire Art Photography is home to a variety of photography services including personal branding, family shoots, and more, but the boudoir photography services are some of the best. Boudoir shoots with Empire Art Photography are staffed by a talented photographer and a hair and makeup stylist.

Phone: 0417 625 119

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Contact : Jaya McIntyre

Check out Rach Martin Photography for a talented source of boudoir photography services in and around the Sunshine Coast. Rach Martin Photography offers wide ranging experience photographing wedding celebrations in addition to boudoir shoots, which means that Rach understands love and beauty in all of its forms when it comes to photography services. The experience with Rach Martin Photography begins with the selection of an all-inclusive package and a contract signing, then continues with a guide full if tips and tricks, and then the session; sessions include hair and makeup services, 90 minutes of photography services, then the custom designed photo albums and resulting images.

Phone: 0408 756 939

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Kym Heaton Photography is one of the most qualified sources of boudoir photography services in and around the Sunshine Coast, with a roster of clients fully satisfied and content across the board. Boudilicious Photography has established itself as a Sunshine Coast favourite for its boudoir sessions, which include consultations to discuss the general vision for the shoot, a client wardrobe full of sexy outfits, hair and makeup artistry from a talented stylist in-house, and a photo shoot lasting up to three hours. For these ample services and amenities, simply schedule a session with Boudilicious Photography.

Phone: 0405 449 170

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Contact : Kym Heaton

Elk and Fir Photography is a Sunshine Coast favourite when it comes to magnetic and magnificent boudoir photography services for local women. Elk and Fir offers services across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, with an experience grounded in “luxury,” a feeling of lofty elegance and sophistication. Elk and Fir Photography is staffed by professional photographer Carissa, who boasts 10 years of experience photographing boudoir sessions during which she makes women feel like “warriors,” with their strength and beauty radiating through each photo.

Phone: 0402 067 060

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Contact : Carissa


Now that you’ve finished reading through our carefully compiled list of the top seven boudoir photography studios to be found across the Sunshine Coast and beyond, we hope that you feel armed with all of the information you need to make a decision about which boudoir photographer you’d like to move forward with. If you’re still not entirely positive about this decision or you still can’t decide between two or three of your favourite options, we recommend that you start scheduling some consultations in order to see which photography studio makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Then, simply book and purchase a session and fulfil your desire!