Picture this: Feeling confident, empowered, and beautiful in your own skin. Not just any photos, but intimate portraits celebrating your unique curves and sensuality. These aren’t just boudoir photos, they’re a love letter to you, a reminder of your inner strength and radiant beauty, even on days when the mirror whispers doubts.

Whether you’re looking to spice things up in your relationship, rediscover your self-love, or simply cherish a personal expression of femininity, Hobart’s boudoir photographers are ready to guide you on this empowering journey.

From capturing playful moments to creating elegant, timeless portraits, these talented artists will create images that go beyond aesthetics, boosting your confidence and reminding you of the goddess you truly are.

So, take a deep breath, beautiful. This is your chance to celebrate yourself, flaws and all, and create lasting memories that empower you from the inside out. Let’s explore the talented boudoir photographers in Hobart, ready to capture the essence of your inner glow.

Capturing the essence of femininity and strength, a dedicated artist in Hobart, transforms boudoir photography into an empowering experience for women. With a deep passion for showcasing beauty in all its forms, this photographer creates a safe and private space where women can explore and express their vulnerability and power. Offering a fully directed photoshoot, complete with wardrobe consultation and complimentary hair and makeup styling, each session is tailored to highlight the unique beauty of every client. Located just 20 km from Hobart CBD, the studio provides an intimate setting for women to discover their own unique power through the art of photography. Emphasising privacy and discretion, clients are invited to select from beautifully edited images, receiving digital files that celebrate their individuality and grace.

Phone: 0438 300 190

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Contact : Sarah Ryan

Flick+Dave Collective offers a luxurious boudoir photography experience in Lutruwita/Tasmania’s North West Coast. With over 13 years of capturing moments and 9 years dedicated to boudoir photography, they specialise in empowering sessions that celebrate sexual self and body positivity. Their boutique studio, nestled under the majestic tarinimari/Mount Roland, provides the perfect backdrop for both studio and outdoor sessions. Embracing a kink-positive approach, they aim to promote a healthy attitude towards sex and sexuality. Not just a photographer but a neuro-spicy artist, the force behind Flick+Dave Collective brings a unique, creative twist to every shot, ensuring your boudoir experience is anything but average. Their work is a testament to seeing the world differently and always with a creative spin.

Phone: 0477 002 004

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Contact : Flick+Dave Collective Team

Embarking on an intimate portrait session is a profound journey, and one photographer in Hobart, ensures it’s a celebration of self-love and sensual expression. With a blend of photography expertise and a background in mental health, this studio offers a nurturing space where women can explore their femininity and strength. Emphasising body positivity, the experience is tailored to comfort levels, from the choice of attire to the decision on privacy. Professional hair and makeup are part of the pampering, ensuring each client feels naturally glamorous. Whether it’s reconnecting with one’s body, celebrating a milestone, or simply treating oneself, the mission is to empower women to see their beauty and strength through a lens of compassion and creativity.

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Contact : Liv Rooney

In the heart of Launceston, a unique boudoir photography studio stands out for its dedication to self-love and body positivity. With nearly five years of specialising in boudoir photography, the photographer brings a wealth of experience from a decade in mental health, blending a passion for art with a deep understanding of the self-love journey. This studio is not just about taking photos; it’s about creating a positive, emotive experience in a safe, inclusive, and nonjudgmental space. Offering a variety of sessions, including individual, couples, and group settings, the studio promises fast turnaround times and absolute privacy. The goal is to help clients fall in love with themselves all over again, celebrating everybody’s beauty and creating art that cherishes the relationship one has with oneself.

Phone: 0402 777 489

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Contact : Tamika McCall


Embarking on a boudoir photography session is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Hobart’s finest photographers offer you not just a photo shoot but an experience that celebrates every curve, every line, and every aspect of your uniqueness.

In moments of doubt or when you’re feeling down about your body, these photographs stand as a powerful reminder of your beauty, strength, and grace. They capture more than just a moment; they immortalise your confidence and the intimate story of who you are.

Choosing to step in front of the camera is a brave and bold move. The images you take away are treasures, affirming your self-worth and beauty in a way that words cannot express. Let them be a source of comfort and pride on your journey to loving yourself fully.