You can add up to 3 pricing packages to each of your Photo Session profile pages via your dashboard. If your business is also featured in any of our articles, these packages will also appear with your article feature listings as well.

Adding Packages

  1. Log in to your PS Photographer Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Packages section from the menu items.

3. Click on the + Add Package button

4. Fill in the details for your first pricing package such as Package name. Price, inclusions etc.

5. Click on the Add New Detail button to add a new row of package inclusion.

6. Once you’ve added your first package, click on the ” – Package 1 ” at the top of the package to collapse the package panel.

7. Click on + Add Package to add another package. You can add up to 3 pricing packages per profile page.

8. Click on the Submit button to save your package information.

Note: In most cases, the packages will starting appearing on your profile pages and article feature listings within a few minutes. However, in some cases it can take up to 24 hours for your packages to reflect on your live listings.