Pet photography can be a really special opportunity to recognize, celebrate, and make permanent memories of the bond that you share with your pet. While many people employ the services of professional photographers in order to commemorate typical milestones, such as weddings, births, and other such life events, there’s no particular time that you would think to look into a pet photography session. If there’s no time in particular to look into it, that means now is as good a time as any to start thinking about booking a session with a local pet photography company.

To help ease that process for you, we’ve assembled this list of the top five pet photographers in and around the greater Perth metropolitan area! Simply browse through this list, consult the options that we’ve prepared for you, and see if any of these industry experts pique your interest.

Capturing the heart of furry companions and family moments, Cloud Imagery in Perth, embraces the joy of pets as cherished members. With a passion for immortalising bonds, their team of pet enthusiasts creates timeless artwork in their Melville and Canning Vale studios. From dogs and cats to rabbits and birds, all are welcomed with open arms and a plethora of tricks and treats. Through bright, fun, and relaxed sessions, they ensure every pet feels at ease, creating vivid memories to treasure for generations. Whether in-studio or on location, Cloud Imagery celebrates the essence of family, both human and furry, making moments last forever.

Address: Perth, WA

Phone: 0466 868 452

Social: Cloud Imagery

Contact : Cloud Imagery Team

Houndstooth Studio is one of Peth’s most sought after pet photography companies, specializing in dog photography. Alex is the lead photographer at Houndstooth Studio, and above all else, she knows how to read dogs, whether it’s their facial expressions, their physical mannerisms, or their general attitude. Armed with this keen awareness, Alex can keep dogs docile and friendly throughout photo sessions, giving her the ability to capture photographs in a way that presents the subjects in their very best light throughout the photo session. With over 350 awards in the fields of photography, business, and philanthropy, Alex with Houndstooth Studio is an unbeatable choice of pet photographer.

Phone: 0413 174 069

Social: Houndstooth Studio

Contact : Alex Cearns

Studio Noah Pet Photography and Video is a pet photography outlet based out of Perth, providing local pet owners with unforgettably whimsical and charming photos of their pets. At Studio Noah Pet Photography and Video, Brenda is the lead photographer and owner. Brenda staffs up a team of six dedicated staff members, including cinematographers, editors, managers, producers, and, of course, photographers. With 20 years of practical industry experience as a pet photographer, Brenda has kept Studio Noah Pet Photography and Video in business since 2003, and during the intervening time, this pet photography company has established itself as a formidable force of nature, capturing pets with an understated yet deeply charming angle.

Phone: 0488 550 705

Social: Studio Noah Pet Photography and Video

Contact : Brenda Mae

For pet photography services that transcend the average and enter the realm of the extraordinary, check out Four Paws Photography, located in Perth. Staffed up by a team of some of the most skilled photographers in and around the greater Perth metropolitan area, Four Paws Photography has received a vast array of awards and maintains a track record of excellence and a high standard of service, no matter the difficulty or special requirements of a photography session. The team at Four Paws Photography is well trained in pet behavior, so keeping pets photo-ready throughout the shoots is a guarantee. After sessions, photos can be printed out on high quality canvas and archival paper for a tangible product.

Phone: 08 6102 8111

Social: Four Paws Photograhy

Contact : Bianca

Pawfect Print Photography is one of the premier pet photography outlets in the greater Perth metropolitan area. Pawfect Print Photography is the brainchild of professional photographer Michelle, who got into the business of pet photography due to her passion for animals and all that entails. With the knowledge that pets don’t hang around forever, Michelle with Pawfect Print Photography feels strongly that pets should be celebrated through photography sessions, in order to keep a living memory of those rambunctious little friends. Scheduling sessions with Michelle is simple and easy, and after photo sessions, she’ll work with clients to pick out the very best images and supply a variety of digital images and physical prints.

Phone: 0439 906 523

Social: Pawfect Print Photography

Contact : Michelle Vella


When it comes to pet photography services across Perth and beyond, this list of our top five pet photographers only includes the very best in the business. This means that no matter whose services you end up employing, you’ll be provided with unforgettably gorgeous, nostalgic, and whimsical photographs of you and your pet, photographs that you’ll want to treasure and cherish long into the future. That’s why we see pet photography as a valuable investment: It won’t go away after a day or two, leaving you with intangible memories. Pet photographs will stay with you for as long as you want them to, either framed on your wall in the form of physical art or burned onto a safe hard drive and backed up onto your computer for safe keeping. No matter how you choose to secure your photos, you’ll be thrilled with the services that these incredible photographers will provide you.


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