Boudoir photography can be an incredible opportunity to embrace yourself just as you are in the current moment, letting yourself be pampered and treated to an experience that will remind you that you are beautiful, no matter what and under all circumstances.

To help you find the perfect photographer for just that very thing, we’ve assembled together this list of the top boudoir photographers in and around Melbourne! With this list, you can browse from a wide variety of industry experts who are as skilled and proficient behind the camera as they are at coaching and counselling women through this intimate experience in front of the camera. For a boudoir photography experience that is equal parts enjoyable, empowering, and liberating, check out this list of the very best boudoir photographers across Melbourne and beyond!

MJ Bentley: The Queer Boudoir Photographer Taking Melbourne By Storm

Capturing Elegance, MJ Bentley’s Photography Reigns Supreme in Melbourne. At only 31 years old, MJ Bentley has taken the photography scene in Melbourne by storm, surpassing all competition with an undeniable flair for capturing elegance and allure like no other. In the world of photography, MJ’s lens is a work of art that leaves competitors in awe and clients clamouring for more.

With a unique approach that blends creativity and professionalism, MJ’s portfolio is a visual feast of captivating and alluring moments. Their work exudes a rare combination of sophistication and sensuality, making it a cut above the rest.

But what sets MJ Bentley apart from the crowd is their innate ability to put models at ease, creating a comfortable and empowering environment for every shoot. This results in images that are not just beautiful but authentic, capturing the true essence of each subject.

Phone: 0410 314 892

Social: MJ Images

Contact : MJ Bentley

With the services of carmensboudoir photography, clients in and around Melbourne can trust that they’ll receive a collection of utterly beguiling, charming boudoir photos after their photo sessions. carmensboudoir photography is helmed by Carmen, the lead photographer, who has been honing her craft since 1995. With decades of practical industry experience and an abiding passion for capturing women in a variety of poses that can be “fun, sexy, and classy” in equal parts, Carmen is a great choice for Melbourne-based boudoir photography. carmensboudoir photography is also staffed up by four professional hair & makeup artists who can take a woman’s look from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes.

Phone: 0407 296 204

Social: carmensboudoir photography

Contact : Carmen Lange

Natalia Naa is one of the most sought after boudoir photographers in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area, perfect for capturing those intimate, alluring shots. Natalia Naa is a true expert at creating portraits that are “intimate” and “powerful,” embracing rugged individuality while also taking a tone of grandiosity. Natalia encourages her clients to celebrate their “strength and womanhood” through her photography services, assisting and coaching women through a series of poses that will make them feel at home in their own bodies while appearing visually arresting and beautiful to all who look upon the resulting photographs.

Phone: 0451 302 828

Social: Natalia Naa

Contact : Natalia Naa

Le Chat Noir – Boudoir Photography Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s premier boudoir photography outlets. Le Chat Noir – Boudoir Photography Melbourne is the brainchild of professional photographer Alessio, who promotes the experience of boudoir photography as a means of reminding clients that they are uniquely and unquestionably beautiful inside and out. Providing a “luxurious escape” from the typical daily experience, Alessio with Le Chat Noir – Boudoir Photography Melbourne leads boudoir photo sessions that will leave women amazed that they were able to look so beautiful in the resulting photographs. In fact, as Alessio says, a boudoir photo session can help women “fall in love with exactly who [they] are.”

Phone: 0435 772 973

Social: Le Chat Noir - Boudoir Photography Melbourne

Contact : Alessio Petti

Look no further than SEEN Portraits for boudoir photographs that evoke coquettishness and prompt a spellbinding charm upon the beholders of the photos. Marina can offer a wide variety of photography services, from family portraits to branding photo sessions to couples photography, but boudoir photography is one of the most popular services on offer. The experience with SEEN Portraits centers around the “story “ and “legacy” of the clients with whom Marina collaborates, meaning that Marina is driven by the specific identity and desires of her clients. Marina continues to host boudoir photo sessions because she is passionate about engaging in the craft of “inspiring confidence and connection amongst women,” taking the experience of living as a female and inverting it as a freeing expression of independence and radical vulnerability.

Phone: 0412 000 179

Social: SEEN Portraits

Contact : Marina

Boudoir Melbourne by Jacinta Mae is a reliable, tried and true photography provider for boudoir photos with a touch of allure and artistic flair. Boudoir Melbourne by Jacinta Mae is run by Jacinta herself, who emphasizes the typical misunderstandings about boudoir photography right off of the bat. Jacinta notes that boudoir is for women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life, that weight is just a number, that women are always sexy no matter what, that no previous experience is necessary before walking into the studio, and that fearlessness and femininity can go hand in hand. With all of these statements in mind, clients with Boudoir Melbourne by Jacinta Mae can feel fully themselves in the studio, while being photographed in a manner that can be as visually ravishing and captivating as it is personally unshackling.

Phone: 0432 997 347

Social: Boudoir Melbourne by Jacinta Mae

Contact : Jac Newton

By Felix is one of the most widely desired boudoir photography studios to be found in and around the greater metro area of Melbourne, providing ample services for women in search of the ideal boudoir session. By Felix can offer pre-shoot tips in advance of a session to ensure that women take full advantage of the boudoir experience; then, when it comes to the moment of the shoot, the photographer at By Felix will generate a collaborative and rewarding experience that makes clients feel truly seen and heard while photographing in a vulnerable state.

Address: 41-59 Central Park Walk, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Phone: 0400 559 909

Social: By Felix

Contact : Andrew Felix

Joe Conte Photography is a much celebrated and locally loved boudoir photography studio based out of Melbourne, with a stellar local reputation and a roster of previous clients fully satisfied with their sessions. Joe Conte Photography empowers women of all ages through confidence-boosting boudoir sessions that “bring out your sexy” through hair and makeup styling services, raw and sensual images, and a variety of outfits. Above all, Joe Conte Photography guarantees that the resulting images will make a woman feel like the best version of herself.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0466 148 565

Social: Joe Conte Photography

Contact : Joe Conte

Check out Images with Carol, a Melbourne-based boudoir photographer, for irresistibly seductive and mesmerizing photographs. As the website for Images with Carol boldly states, “You are art,” and in no field of photography is this more true than in boudoir photography. Taking women down to their barest state and having them pose intimately and tantalizingly, boudoir photography with Images with Carol can be a liberating experience and a distinctive expression of art within the very nature of the female body. Sessions available with Images with Carol include a “Shy Seduction Session” for bridal boudoirs, a “Luxury Session” for pure pampering, and a “Themed Mini Session” for a larger photo album or folio box full of self portraits. Previous themes include “snake charmer,” “vintage vixen,” “bedroom eyes,” “glitter and gold leaf,” and “bubble bath shenanigans.”

Phone: 0406 115 255

Social: Images with Carol

Contact : Carol

Check out Evelyn Hunt for a Melbourne-based boudoir photography studio staffed by an industry expert who understands well the ins and outs of the boudoir experience. Evelyn Hunt is notable as Australia’s “female brand-focused boudoir photographer, with six years of practical industry experience and two photography-oriented degrees certifying the high quality of the services. Shoots with Evelyn Hunt are “relaxed, fun and focussed entirely on what makes [clients] happy,” meaning that any woman with the desire to pose in a boudoir session will receive fully personalised services.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0403 169 906

Social: Evelyn Hunt

Contact : Evelyn Hunt


For boudoir photography services that can speak to the utter charm and beguiling seductiveness of the female form, this list of the top boudoir photographers in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area will do just the trick. If you know that you want to get yourself captured in a boudoir photography session, we encourage you to reach out to one or more of these incredible photography companies in order to schedule a preliminary consultation and see if you and the photographer will be a good match. Scheduling a boudoir photography session can be one of the most empowering things that you can do for yourself, for no other reason than to practice self love and radical acceptance of your body just as it is. So, if you know you’re looking to book an appointment, what are you waiting for? We hope that you’re able to secure the services of your favorite Melbourne-based boudoir photographer on this list!

Best Boudoir Photographers in Australia






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On average, a boudoir photoshoot in Melbourne will cost $945. However, some photographers will charge much less and some will charge much more. There’s also additional products, like images for your walls, or if you want a calendar version. Some even offer payment plans if it’s required.

Most businesses have studios where they can take photos. Some offer taking photos at your house, or you can book a hotel room or an Airbnb. It’s best to check with the photographer before your shoot.

On average boudoir photoshoots take  anywhere between 2-3 hours. However some sessions are shorter some are longer. Additional time might be needed if you’re also getting hair and makeup done too.

Some boudoir photographers allows you to bring a friend or partner. When it comes to the photos it’ll be you and the photographer. Always ask the photographer what they recommend as some might not want anyone due to interference, or some might welcome it.

It’s up to you. If you want your boudoir photographer to put them on their website or social media accounts, or if you want to keep them to yourself then you’re welcome to. Boudoir photographers will respect your request. Some photographers might offer to hide your face, tattoos, or distinguishable features if you allow it. Asking the photographer is your best bet in figuring out your comfortability level.