Pet photography can be a luxury or an indulgence, perhaps, but it can also be a great investment in the future of your relationship with your furry little friend. After all, pets don’t live forever and you never know when you’re going to have to say goodbye, which means that scheduling a pet photography session can allow you to make permanent memories of your special bond that will last far into the future.

To help you narrow down your options for pet photography companies in your local area, we’ve compiled this list of the top six pet photographers across Adelaide and beyond! Simply consult the options on this list, find a pet photographer who particularly captures your attention, and reach out to see if they have any appointments available — it’s really as easy as that!

The Leash’s Studio stands out as one of the premier destination for pet photography in Adelaide. Recognized as one of the city’s best pet photographers, their expertise in capturing the unique personalities of furry companions is unmatched. At The Leash’s Studio, they go beyond conventional pet photography by tailoring each session to your pet’s personality, ensuring one-of-a-kind, personalized results. With an assortment of treats, props, and toys on hand, the studio creates a playful atmosphere where pets can truly shine. Clients can expect a fun-filled experience that not only produces stunning photographs but also creates lasting memories. Choose The Leash’s Studio for unforgettable portraits that celebrate the joy and individuality of your beloved pets.

Phone: 0404 071 374

Social: The Leash’s Studio

Contact : Danilo Mastropierro

When it comes to the perfect combination of proficiency and professionalism, Paws and Pose Photography really and truly does it all. Serving clients in and around Adelaide with incredibly skilful pet photography services, Paws and Pose Photography is headed up by Elouise, a self described “crazy dog lady.” Whether she’s tending to a dog’s rambunctious spirit or taming the friskier impulses, Elouise uses her expertise as a rescue dog owner and as a professional photographer to capture dogs and other pets with a sense of whimsy, attitude, and a youthful breath of life. All of these qualities are evident in the resulting photos, which are delivered promptly and to a high standard of excellence.

Phone: 0403 560 778

Social: Paws and Pose Photography

Contact : Elouise Giardina

Petstar Photography has risen the ranks to become one of Adelaide’s most celebrated pet photography companies, best known for capturing the moments of genuine connection between pet and owner. Petstar Photography is owned and operated by Karen Faure, and she can photograph pets both with and without the owners in the shot. More than anything else, Karen emphasizes her abilities to keep dogs and other pets calm and camera-ready throughout her photo shoots, employing her utmost patience as well as a few tips and tricks of the trade to get the perfect shots. Photography sessions with Petstar Photography can take place in Karen’s home studio or in a variety of outdoor locations across Adelaide and beyond.

Phone: 0407 748 116

Social: Petstar Photography

Contact : Karen Faure

Photographyroom is one of Adelaide’s premier pet photography outlets, an ideal choice for pet owners in the local area hoping to make permanent memories with their furry little friends. With a studio based in Unley, Photographyroom is staffed up by a team of devoted directors, studio managers, digital artists, consultants, photographers, and…dogs. Pippa & Gigi, the two dogs in question, pay a visit to the studio every now and then, but Mark is the personal photographer on staff, and he boasts a track record as the most awarded dog and pet photographer in South Australia, with a vast array of awards and accolades for his stellar work. Because of that stellar experience, clients can’t go wrong when employing the services of Mark and his associates at Photographyroom.

Phone: 08 8272 4311

Social: Photographyroom

Contact : Mark Trumble

With the services of Hound in Hand Photography, clients based out of Adelaide can trust that their pets will be faithfully and artfully photographed. Dani is the master photographer at Hound in Hand Photography, and she’s known she’s wanted to be a photographer since as early in her life as she can remember; now, she has fulfilled her dream and combined it with her love of animals to serve as one of Adelaide’s most skilled pet photographers. Dani understands the importance of capturing milestones like weddings, births, and engagements on camera, and she feels that capturing an owner’s experience with their furry little friend is just as important, even if it can be often overlooked. Because of that dedication to the importance of pet photography, Dani with Hound in Hand Photography is a great choice of Adelaide-based photography company.

Phone: 0406 426 433

Social: Hound In Hand Photography

Contact : Dani

Nothing can match the sheer refinement of the photography services on offer with Adelaide Pet Photography. Janet is the lead photographer with Adelaide Pet Photography, and she lends her own experience as a pet owner to inform and supplement her work as a pet photographer for others. The studio with Adelaide Pet Photography is based out of Mawson Lakes, a suburb of Adelaide, where Janet puts the pets in question through a series of poses and techniques specifically created to show off all of the pet’s very best features and idiosyncrasies. The resulting photos will be a true showcase of not just the unbearable cuteness of the client’s pet but also of the relationship between the client and the pet.

Phone: 0423 026 060

Social: Adelaide Pet Photography

Contact : Janet Coelho


We hope that you’ve enjoyed sorting through our list of the top seven pet photographers in and around Adelaide! With access to this list, you are looking at some of the most qualified, skilled, and artistically inclined photography professionals in the local area and beyond, and all of them are ready, willing, and able to facilitate bespoke photography sessions with you and your pet. No matter whose services you end up selecting, you’ll end up with a collection of photos that will speak to the nature of your special relationship with your pet, and after the sessions, you can choose to commemorate and memorialize the session in the form of wall art or a physical print, if you want. That way, you can remember this photography session for the rest of your life while also being reminded of the sheer joy and magnetism of your furry friend.


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