In Canberra, capturing your pet’s essence through photography is not just a trend; it’s a way to etch their spirit into memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to freeze a moment of playful joy, a look of love, or the adventurous soul of your furry friend, finding the right photographer is key.

The heart of Canberra is home to some of Australia’s most talented pet photographers. Each with a unique lens for capturing the unspoken bond between you and your pet.

This article is your guide to choosing the perfect pet photographer in Canberra. It’s for anyone who believes their pet isn’t just an animal, but a cherished family member whose moments are worth immortalising. Let’s find the right artist to tell your pet’s story.

Embracing life’s adventures and the deep connections we share with our dogs, a multi-award-winning Canberra pet photographer offers an intimate and adventurous photography experience. After moving to Australia for life-saving surgery at a young age, Ina found a second chance at life and a profound sense of belonging, not just in Canberra but in the company of her beloved dogs. Turning her passion into her profession, she left a stable career in public service to pursue her dream of pet photography full-time. Specialising in capturing the essence of dogs and their owners, her work celebrates the freedom, presence, and joy that dogs bring into our lives. Her approach is not just about creating beautiful images but immortalising the unique bond and adventurous spirits of dog-adoring individuals.

Phone: 0432 063 968

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Contact : Ina Jalil

Nestled in Queanbeyan East, just a stone’s throw from Canberra is a studio where pets aren’t just photographed; they’re celebrated. Specialising in capturing the essence of Canberra’s cutest, funniest, and most lovable pets, this photographer has a knack for bringing out the unique personality of each furry, feathered, or scaly friend. With a focus on creating a positive and joyful experience, pets of all kinds, from dogs and cats to birds and goats, are welcome to have their moment in the spotlight. Leveraging over two decades of expertise in photography and videography, the person behind the lens ensures every photo is a masterpiece. Their dedication to understanding animal behaviour guarantees your pet’s comfort and genuine expressions, making every snapshot a treasure.

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Capturing the essence of Canberra’s pets with a blend of studio brilliance and outdoor spontaneity, this photography studio shines as a beacon for pet lovers seeking to immortalise their companions. Located conveniently across from a dog park in Forde, Gungahlin, it offers the perfect pre-shoot playtime. The founder, a passionate photographer, embarked on his journey with just a camera and a dream, growing his venture into the city’s most esteemed photographic studio. With over 30 years of dedication, the studio has not only witnessed but also shaped countless cherished moments, showcasing pets’ lovable personalities. Their approach combines expertise, passion, and a deep understanding of animal behaviour, ensuring every pet’s character is vividly brought to life through the lens.

Phone: 02 6242 5096

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Contact : Eddie Misic

Moist Nose Pet Photography, nestled in the heart of Franklin, Gungahlin, captures the heartwarming interactions between Canberra’s pets and their adoring owners. Alistair, the passionate force behind the lens, brings a lifetime of animal love and a keen eye for storytelling to each session. Specialising in creating memorable experiences, Alistair ensures every furry friend feels pampered and every owner leaves with stunning wall-worthy prints. With a particular soft spot for boxers, his dedication extends beyond the studio, contributing to the community by photographing pets for Canberra Pet Rescue. Whether you’re seeking a playful shoot or a serene portrait, Alistair’s down-to-earth approach and perfectionist touch promise not just photos, but a joyful celebration of your pet’s unique personality.

Phone: 0403 959 459

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Contact : Alistair Nitz

Transforming pet photography in Canberra from mere memories to instant treasures, this studio takes the worry out of capturing your pet’s best moments. With a knack for understanding animal behaviour and a passion for creating lasting bonds, their professional photographers excel in snapping quick, lively shots of your furry friends. They’re not just about clicking the shutter; they ensure every photograph shines with perfect lighting and high-quality editing to match your pet’s dynamic personality. Offering the unique advantage of viewing your cherished pet photos instantly, they stand out for delivering not just images but moments you can treasure immediately.

Phone: 1800959933

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Contact : Terry Cunningham


Finding the perfect photographer for your beloved pet in Canberra is more than just a task; it’s a journey to immortalise the joy and companionship they bring into your life. Each photographer brings a unique touch, capturing not just images but the very soul of your pet.

Choosing to have your pet photographed is a testament to the special place they hold in your heart. It’s about preserving those fleeting moments of joy, mischief, and unconditional love that make every day brighter.

As you decide who will capture your pet’s personality, remember, that these photos will become cherished memories, celebrated and looked back on for years to come. It’s not just about having a photo; it’s about holding onto a piece of the happiness they bring into your life.

So, take the step, and let one of Canberra’s talented pet photographers help you celebrate your furry, feathered, or scaled family member in the best way possible.