Of all of the types of photography available for booking and scheduling with a professional, pet photography is a particularly underrated discipline. However, there are so many tried and true professionals in Brisbane who are ready, willing, and able to capture your pet in a series of whimsical, fun, and enchanting poses that there’s no reason not to employ their services.

To help you narrow down a search for a pet photographer, we’ve created this list of the six best pet photographers in and around Brisbane! With this list, you can see that every single photographer featured boasts an abiding passion for the craft of pet photography as well as a genuine love for animals. So if you share that love of animals and express it through your love for your own pet, there’s no time like the present to schedule a pet photography session!

Look no further than Hairypants Photography for unforgettable images of pets and their owners. Hairypants Photography is the brainchild of professional photographer Kelly Miller, who grew up visiting her grandparents’ farm, where she first discovered her abiding love for animals, their quirks, and their behaviors. Through that experience as well as her skillful expertise and artist’s flair and eye behind the camera, Kelly with Hairypants Photography can keep animals tranquil and docile throughout photo shoots, no matter how rowdy they come in, and can keep them that way throughout the photo session, resulting in photos that are incredibly gorgeous and deeply memorable.

Phone: 0412 973 558

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Contact : Kelly Miller

Leigh Horwood Pet Photography is a Brisbane-based pet photographer with a knack and an artistic inclination for capturing pets, whether they’re rambunctious or docile, and framing them in their very best light. Leigh Harwood Pet Photography begins the process of booking a session with an initial consultation to establish design ideas and client-driven concepts; the next step with Leigh Harwood Pet Photography is the pet session behind the camera; lastly, physical artwork can be ordered after a pet photography session, with options including small desk top photo blocks, large floating acrylic statement wall art and anything else in between that a client could possibly desire.

Phone: 0417 403 405

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Contact : Leigh Horwood

Tails of Time Pet Photography is one of Brisbane’s most sought after pet photographers, best known for the portraits that show a clear devotion to pets and their many personalities. Gabrielle is the head of the operations at Tails of Time Pet Photography, and she boasts accreditation from the AIPP, a tried and true certification of her enviable talents as a pet photographer. Sessions with Gabrielle at Tails of Time Pet Photography come with a variety of services available for selection through a bevy of packages for easy booking. Artwork with Tails of Time Pet Photography can be purchased after the fact, creating a tangible, physical remnant of the photo shoot.

Phone: 0432 167 963

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Contact : Gabrielle

For Brisbane-based pet photography services that honor the special bond between pet and owner, check out Marie-Elizabeth Pet Photography. Marie-Elizabeth Pyke is the lead photographer at this pet photography company, and she leads the charge by supplying clients with a costume collection including fun props, wigs, hats, party outfits, character costumes, accessories, and so much more, adding a touch of bespoke whimsy to the experience of a photography session. Marie-Elizabeth Pet Photography offers up a conveniently located studio full of state of the art lighting equipment, backdrops, props, and a safe and calm environment that will put the pets in question at ease throughout the photography session.

Phone: 0490 788 243

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Contact : Marie Elizabeth

Charlotte Reeves Photography is one of the most qualified pet photography service providers offered in and around Brisbane, specializing in photographs that celebrate and honor the special relationship between pet and owner. Charlotte is at the helm of Charlotte Reeves Photography, and she was the recipient of the 2019 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards as well as the Australian Professional Photography Awards. In business since 2007, Charlotte Reeves Photography has quickly established itself as one of the most celebrated pet photography companies in Brisbane, and clients should count themselves lucky to be able to book a session.

Phone: 0402 322 973

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Contact : Charlotte Reeves

Camille Scott Photographer is one of Brisbane’s leading pet photography providers, providing local clients with images of them with their pets that will not soon be forgotten. Camille is the main photographer at this Brisbane-based photography outlet, and she boasts 30 years of practical industry experience, making her services very much held at a high premium on the market. The main thing about Camille is that she is obsessed with dogs, so her assuming the mantle as a pet photographer was practically a foregone conclusion from the moment she picked up a camera. More than anything, Camille enjoys getting to capture those little smiles and upturned noses, those laughing fits inspired by the classic unpredictable pet behavior, and the experience of another well-executed photo session in the books.

Phone: 0414 193 355

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Contact : Camille Scott


Now that you’re done checking out our list of the six best pet photographers in and around Brisbane, we hope that you have attained a stronger sense of the sheer quality of the options in your local area. When it comes to pet photography companies, you’re dealing with the very best in the business on this list, so no matter whose services you end up selecting, you’ll know that you’re in for an absolute treat (and your pet will be too!). So if you know you want to schedule a photo session, we encourage you to reach out now and establish a line of communication. After all, slots with these incredible photographers tend to book up fast and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this valuable opportunity to schedule a bespoke photography session before it’s too late. With all that said, we wish you all the best with your process of narrowing down and selecting your favorite pet photographer!


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