Here is our list of the top 9 Brisbane based landscape photographers, and some of the services they offer.

Destin Sparks, hailing from Brisbane, stands as an acclaimed landscape photographer and influencer. Unveiling his innate photographic talent in 2009 during a workplace bet, Sparks, entirely self-taught, has amassed over 70 awards for his stunning landscape captures on traditional slide film. His work has garnered international attention, featured in esteemed outlets such as National Nine News and the Australian Financial Review. Renowned for eschewing digital manipulation, Sparks’ dedication to analogue photography resonates with enthusiasts. Beyond his globetrotting career, he emphasizes the laborious commitment needed for exceptional landscape photography. Notably, Sparks’ success lies in his penchant for printing exceptionally large, creating immersive fine art prints that surpass 100 Megapixels. His influence extends to teaching landscape photography through workshops, fostering a community of aspiring photographers on social media.

Phone: 0407 821 083

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Let Me Wander Photography, based in Brisbane and led by the talented photographer Steph, is dedicated to capturing images that evoke a sense of freedom and inspiration. Reflecting on her transformative journey in 2016, Steph realized the toll of a demanding 9-5 job on her well-being. A trip to New Zealand became a pivotal moment, rekindling her connection with freedom, nature, and self-discovery. Steph’s passion extends beyond landscape photography; it’s about sharing a remedy for the feeling of entrapment many face. She advocates for the power of disconnecting to reconnect, urging others to find their wild, rediscover themselves, and embrace the rejuvenating force of nature. Let Me Wander Photography invites all to invest in their relaxation and joy, recognizing the value of a life filled with things they love.

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Welcome to the captivating world of Mark Wassell Landscape Photography. Mark Wassell, an esteemed and award-winning landscape photographer based in sunny Brisbane, takes pride in presenting a captivating collection of breathtaking landscapes from both Australia and overseas. Mark’s work, showcased in various forms, including vibrant photographic prints and the exquisite hardcover book “Australia – A Visual Journey,” has garnered well-deserved recognition. A connoisseur of spectacular light and ever-seeking new horizons, Mark embarks on an annual journey to discover and immortalize awe-inspiring landscapes.  Join me in reliving these extraordinary moments through my lens.

Phone: 0438 000 952

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Welcome to Mel Sinclair Photography, where landscapes come to life through the lens of Melanie Sinclair. A Brisbane-based visionary, Mel’s artistic journey began with a Fine Arts degree, shaping her unique blend of Contemporary and Traditional Fine Art Photography. With an insatiable love for Queensland’s regional beauty, Mel explores new frontiers, capturing moments that resonate with the heart. A passionate storyteller, her blog recounts tales from the road, celebrating shared experiences. Mel, a respected photography judge and active member of the Queensland Camera Group, invites you on a visual odyssey. Embrace the allure of local art, as each image tells a story that echoes the spirit of the Australian landscape.

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Srujan Chennupati, a visionary artist hailing from Brisbane, Australia, embarked on his photographic journey at the age of 20 when his father gifted him a manual film camera. Thirteen years later, after receiving guidance from a seasoned Maestro, Srujan’s dedication soared, and he never looked back. As a commercial photographer, he passionately captures the myriad emotions and facets of people through Events, Portfolios, Weddings, and Family Portraits. Beyond professional assignments, Srujan finds solace in photographing the simplicity of Landscapes, Nature, and diverse street scenes. Advocating a stress-free approach, he believes in simplicity both in life and on set, consistently delivering outstanding results. Connect with Srujan Chennupati for a collaborative journey towards creating remarkable visual narratives.

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Ben Blanche, a Brisbane-based photographer, offers clients a unique and visually creative perspective, capturing moments with unparalleled creativity. His love for photography lies in expressing what is personally significant, emphasizing the importance of atmosphere, time of day, and context in his work. Ben’s preference is for images that convey a sense of the moment, background, and timelessness, influenced by revered photographers like Max Dupain and Ansel Adams. Armed with Canon equipment and a range of trusted tools, he has garnered praise for his discreet yet impactful style. Ben’s extensive client list includes Queensland Health, Brisbane City Council, and Sea To Summit. With a Diploma of Photography from the Southbank Institute of TAFE, Ben boasts an impressive array of awards, notably winning the 2020 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.

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Ben Messina, an Australian Landscape and Nature photographer nestled in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, draws inspiration from his upbringing in the scenic surrounds of Cairns, Far North Queensland. Beginning his photographic odyssey at ten with a Pentax K1000 and Black and White film, Ben’s artistic journey flourished under the guidance of his professional photographer father. While his portfolio spans cutting-edge commercial work to portraiture, Ben’s true devotion lies in capturing the untouched beauty of landscapes. Opening his first gallery in Cairns in 2004 and subsequently expanding to Brisbane and Maleny, Ben’s work now graces private and corporate collections globally. Renowned for his panoramic images, Ben Messina’s art, printed on archival materials, captivates with heart, emotion, and depth.

Phone: 07 5494 3854

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Charles Niautou, an avid Australian photographer based in Brisbane, experiences life through the lens of his camera, skillfully capturing awe-inspiring landscapes and mesmerizing nightscapes. With a unique perspective and an artist’s eye, Charles brings the beauty of the world to vivid life in each frame. His photographic journey is a testament to a passion for storytelling through visual art, showcasing the remarkable scenes he encounters. Through Charles Niautou Photography, he invites viewers to share in the magic of his lens, where every photograph is a testament to his deep connection with nature and the art of capturing fleeting moments in time.


Phone: 0481 568 060

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Meet Jeffrey Smith, a seasoned Brisbane-based photographer boasting over a decade of experience in action/sport, landscape, wildlife, and motorsport photography. As an accredited photographer with Australian Motorsport and Karting Australia, and licensed with Motorcycling Australia, Jeffrey is a trusted professional. His skills extend to licensed drone piloting, offering comprehensive photography and videography services. With a keen eye for detail, Jeffrey captures exceptional moments from all perspectives, delivering high-quality imagery and videography. Available for bookings across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and nationwide, Jeffrey’s passion for his craft ensures clients receive nothing short of Great Shots. Explore his diverse services and event portfolio on the website for a glimpse into his visual storytelling expertise.

Phone: 0417 715 747

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