Boudoir photography might be a little provocative, but at the end of the day, it is all about the individual experience of self-love, radical self-acceptance, and positivity about one’s form and figure. For women looking to express themselves through photos in a way that embraces the more intimate, tantalizing aspects of their physique, boudoir photography can be an incredible investment, leaving women with a vast array of photographs to cherish and keep for the rest of their lives.

If you’re looking to have this kind of experience, we hope you consider reading through this list of the top 10 boudoir photographers in and around Sydney! When it comes to intimate photographs taken in a comfortable setting that will keep you at ease and help you embrace yourself just as you are, these photographers know exactly what they’re doing after years of practical industry experience. We hope that you enjoy checking out this list of the very best boudoir photographers in the greater Sydney metropolitan area!

The warm and friendly female team at Elyn Photography offer boudoir sessions for one purpose – to empower and celebrate the unique beauty of every woman.

Elyn has created a safe space for women to enjoy themselves, feel gorgeous and own portraits that are beautiful, elegant and timeless. All boudoir sessions include an in-depth consultation, professional hair and make up, fully guided posing, photo shoot and reveal session.

Whether you want to do a boudoir session as a gift for your partner, as an unforgettable wedding or anniversary gift, to celebrate a milestone birthday or just because you want to feel confident in yourself, a boudoir session with Elyn Photography will be a fun and empowering experience.

Enquire today!

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0432 972 194

Social: Elyn Photography

Contact : Elyn Ardino

Sydney Boudoir Photography, led by Deluene, based in Padstow, empowers women to embrace their unique beauty and self-love through the transformative boudoir experience.

Personalized photo shoots with elegant presentations, this professional service ensures every client leaves with a confident collection of portraits and albums to cherish for years. What sets them apart? You get to choose your favourite photos on the same day as your shoot, simplifying the process.

Deluene’s philosophy is simple but impactful: beauty transcends size and age. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your body, and your life’s milestones, or add a spark to your relationships.

Boudoir is for every woman, numbers don’t define you, and your sexy is timeless. You don’t need any prior experience.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0405 525 557

Social: Sydney Boudoir Photography

Contact : Deluene Affonso

Sydney Glamour Photography is one of the most sought after boudoir photography companies in and around the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Sydney Glamour Photography is headed up by husband and wife team Chris and Kate, who collaborate with one another and with their clients to take unforgettable photos in a process described as “enjoyable and fun.” Chris and Kate are both accredited members of the AIPP, which means that both photographers are consistently renewing their training and skills. Their primary studio is located in Gordon. Sydney Glamour Photography has received a vast collection of honors and awards from several national outlets, making this boudoir photography company a reputable choice for upcoming photo sessions.

Phone: 0401 399 290

Social: Sydney Glamour Photography

Contact : Chris Buechner

For boudoir photography delivered with a touch of artistic flair, check out Jackson Cung Photography based out of Sydney. Jackson Cung is the head photographer at this photography company, and he boasts a spotless track record of artistic excellence and a long line of happy clients. With a studio based out of Mascot, Jackson Cung Photography can offer free consultations to discuss the location of the shoot, the artistic style desired by the client, and the variety of packages available for a seamless booking process. For fine art nude and boudoir photography that lends a touch of seductive panache to any photograph, Jackson Cung Photography is the place to go for Sydney-based photo sessions.

Phone: 0404 919 999

Social: Jackson Cung Photography

Contact : Jackson Cung

Check out Valerie Prudon Photography for any and all boudoir photography needs in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Valerie Prudon Photography is owned by Valerie herself, and she specializes in helping women “love their self reflection,” using boudoir photography as a means of getting women in touch with their inner confidence, no matter the “size, shape, age, or height.” The experience with Valerie Prudon Photography begins with a consultation over the phone or in person, and then sessions are booked; sessions with Valerie Prudon Photography include hair & makeup services, a ninety minute photo shoot, and an ordering session for images, photo boxes, wall art, and much more after the shoot.

Phone: 0432 588 323

Social: Valerie Prudon Photography

Contact : Valerie Prudon

With the services of Intimately You Boudoir Studio, clients in and around Sydney can receive charming, beguiling photos of themselves. Intimately You Boudoir Studio is the brainchild of Hayley, a skilled photographer who is as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of clients, helping them achieve inner confidence and self-love through the intimate practice of boudoir photography. Hayley with Intimately You Boudoir Studio feels strongly that  boudoir photography is for all women, not just those of a certain body type or visual aesthetic. Shooting down thoughts like “I’m too old for this” and “I need to lose 20kg,” Hayley emphasizes that any and all women should feel deeply comfortable capturing their bodies exactly as they are in the moment.

Phone: 0452 134 541

Social: Intimately You Boudoir Studio

Contact : Hayley

Heartfire Boudoir is a boudoir photography service based out of Sydney, led by husband and wife team Jasper and Talia. Jasper and Talia have been working together for years to provide local clients with “intimate portraiture” as a means of unshackling women from the stultifying constraints of society when it comes to expressive beauty and body freedom. With the knowledge that boudoir photography can be an effective way of freeing women from obsessive thoughts about “imperfections and insecurities,” Jasper and Talia offer all kinds of boudoir photo shoots, with a variety of wardrobes, locations, and more.

Social: Heartfire Boudoir

Contact : Jasper Kyle

Hello Miss Photography is one of the finest boudoir photography studios to be found across Sydney and beyond, with its talented staff providing an unforgettable experience for local women hoping for a confidence-boosting boudoir session. Hello Miss Photography is a travelling boudoir and fine art nude photographer, offering its services to women who might not feel like models but who will nevertheless feel like professional runway models in front of the camera. All images will be subtly retouched and edited, resulting in an unforgettable collection of gorgeous and glamorous photos.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Social: Hello Miss Photography

Contact : Hello Miss

Look no further than Lioness Photography for a fantastic source of boudoir photography services for women located in and around Sydney. Lioness Photography is owned and operated by professional photographer Nikki, who considers herself a “lioness” and has spent 20 years building up her business and helping other Sydney-based women find their inner lionesses. Lioness Photography offers boudoir glamour shoots as well as bridal lingerie shoots, both showcasing women in a raw, sensual, and intimate state that will look unbelievable in the resulting images.

Address: 31 Princes Hwy, St Peters NSW 2044

Phone: 0424 344 842

Social: Lioness Photography

Contact : Nikki McLennan


When it comes to boudoir photography, these incredible photography companies represent the very best of the best in and around Sydney. If you’re looking to capture yourself in a seductive setting that can empower and embody the physicality of the female body, check out these unbelievable photographers who have a gigantic body of previous work in this field. If you know that you’re looking to schedule a photo session with one of these photographers, we hope that you use this list as an opportunity to reach out and book your appointment today!

Best Boudoir Photographers in Australia






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Sunshine Coast




On average the cost in Sydney is $960. You’ll need to discuss with your photographer the agreed upon price, but it would be reasonable. Some photographers might offer additional products for your boudoir session, like albums or prints. There’s photographers that even offer payment plans.

Most photographers will have a studio, either at their business location, or a home studio. Photoshoots can be at your home, a hotel or airbnb, even rented locations. Discuss with your photographer what the best location is.

Photoshoots will take between 2 to 3 hours. Some sessions might be shorter or longer. The session time may or may not include hair, makeup, or costume changes.

This is depending on some factors. You might be allowed to bring a friend, though they might have to stay elsewhere while the photoshoot is taking place. You might not be allowed to bring anyone. Discuss with your photographer about your comfortability levels and what they also prefer too.

In the end, it’s up to you. Photographers might ask you to sign a model release form, and if allowed the photographer can feature you on their website or social media. Talk to your photographer about your comfortability levels.