Boudoir photography might be a little provocative, but at the end of the day, it is all about the individual experience of self-love, radical self-acceptance, and positivity about one’s form and figure. For women looking to express themselves through photos in a way that embraces the more intimate, tantalizing aspects of their physique, boudoir photography can be an incredible investment, leaving women with a vast array of photographs to cherish and keep for the rest of their lives.

If you’re looking to have this kind of experience, we hope you consider reading through this list of the top ten boudoir photographers in and around Sydney! When it comes to intimate photographs taken in a comfortable setting that will keep you at ease and help you embrace yourself just as you are, these photographers know exactly what they’re doing after years of practical industry experience. We hope that you enjoy checking out this list of the very best boudoir photographers in the greater Sydney metropolitan area!

Sydney Glamour Photography is one of the most sought after boudoir photography companies in and around the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Sydney Glamour Photography is headed up by husband and wife team Chris and Kate, who collaborate with one another and with their clients to take unforgettable photos in a process described as “enjoyable and fun.” Chris and Kate are both accredited members of the AIPP, which means that both photographers are consistently renewing their training and skills. Their primary studio is located in Gordon. Sydney Glamour Photography has received a vast collection of honors and awards from several national outlets, making this boudoir photography company a reputable choice for upcoming photo sessions.

Phone: 0401 399 290

Social: Sydney Glamour Photography

Contact : Chris Buechner

For boudoir photography delivered with a touch of artistic flair, check out Jackson Cung Photography based out of Sydney. Jackson Cung is the head photographer at this photography company, and he boasts a spotless track record of artistic excellence and a long line of happy clients. With a studio based out of Mascot, Jackson Cung Photography can offer free consultations to discuss the location of the shoot, the artistic style desired by the client, and the variety of packages available for a seamless booking process. For fine art nude and boudoir photography that lends a touch of seductive panache to any photograph, Jackson Cung Photography is the place to go for Sydney-based photo sessions.

Phone: 0404 919 999

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Contact : Jackson Cung

Imagini Secrets Photography is a Sydney-based boudoir photography outlet specializing in intimate, elegant photo sessions. A vast array of services are provided by Imagini Secrets Photography, including fashion shoots, maternity shoots, and headshots, but boudoir photography is the central offering with this photography company. At Imagini Secrets Photography, Patrycja Polak sits at the helm of the operations, and she operates by an ethos that revolves around the “Goddess moments” in which women can truly feel themselves as spoiled, styled, fabulous beings. With Imagini Secrets Photography, Patrycja hopes that women can treat themselves to a little bit of self-love.

Phone: 0466 311 136

Social: Imagini Secrets Photography

Contact : Trish Polak

Check out Valerie Prudon Photography for any and all boudoir photography needs in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Valerie Prudon Photography is owned by Valerie herself, and she specializes in helping women “love their self reflection,” using boudoir photography as a means of getting women in touch with their inner confidence, no matter the “size, shape, age, or height.” The experience with Valerie Prudon Photography begins with a consultation over the phone or in person, and then sessions are booked; sessions with Valerie Prudon Photography include hair & makeup services, a ninety minute photo shoot, and an ordering session for images, photo boxes, wall art, and much more after the shoot.

Phone: 0432 588 323

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Contact : Valerie Prudon

Valent Lau Photography is one of the most skilled boudoir photography businesses in and around Sydney, perfect for clients looking to capture themselves in a photo shoot that speaks to a sophisticatedly seductive appeal. Valent is the head photographer at this photography company, and the thing that separates Valent Lau Photography from the rest is Valent’s emphasis on spontaneous, organic moments of genuine interaction, connection, and self-actualization. Valent is an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer and an Associate of the Australian Photographic Society, and his studio is based out of the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Phone: 0434 194 202

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Contact : Valent Lau

With the services of Intimately You Boudoir Studio, clients in and around Sydney can receive charming, beguiling photos of themselves. Intimately You Boudoir Studio is the brainchild of Hayley, a skilled photographer who is as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of clients, helping them achieve inner confidence and self-love through the intimate practice of boudoir photography. Hayley with Intimately You Boudoir Studio feels strongly that  boudoir photography is for all women, not just those of a certain body type or visual aesthetic. Shooting down thoughts like “I’m too old for this” and “I need to lose 20kg,” Hayley emphasizes that any and all women should feel deeply comfortable capturing their bodies exactly as they are in the moment.

Phone: 0452 134 541

Social: Intimately You Boudoir Studio

Contact : Hayley

Indulgence Boudoir is one of Sydney’s premier boudoir photography companies, providing clients in the local area with amorous and spellbinding photos. Peter Foote is the lead photographer with indulgence boudoir, and he feels most strongly that boudoir photo shoots should be no cause for embarrassment; in fact, he believes the opposite, highlighting that these photo shoots can be an act of self-love and self-reward. It is recommended that clients bring with them their favorite lingerie, some heels, and any props that the client might desire to pose with. The shoots take place in a boudoir-specific studio based out of Wakely, in the west suburbs of Sydney. Physical photo albums can be purchased after photo shoots, with an option for a hardcover linen album, print boxes, and wall art.

Social: Indulgence Boudoir

Contact : Peter Foote


Kym Thomson Photography

For photos that speak to the coquettish, enticing nature of womanhood, look no further than Kym Thomson Photography. Kyn Thompson Photography owns a studio based out of Kellyville, where families, couples, portraits, personal branding photos, teenager and child photos, and, of course, boudoir sessions can take place. Being “pampered from the moment you step in the studio” is a guarantee with Kym Thompson Photography, making the experience freeing and engaging from start to finish. Sessions with Kym Thompson Photography can be totally personalized and individualized to exact client specifications, meaning that the client can set all of the terms of the photo session; whether clients are looking to pose in a variety of sensual configurations or would prefer to keep things a little more conservative, Kym Thompson Photography can accommodate all kinds of client-driven needs.

Phone: 0403 835 694

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Contact : Kym Thomson

Heartfire Boudoir is a boudoir photography service based out of Sydney, led by husband and wife team Jasper and Talia. Jasper and Talia have been working together for years to provide local clients with “intimate portraiture” as a means of unshackling women from the stultifying constraints of society when it comes to expressive beauty and body freedom. With the knowledge that boudoir photography can be an effective way of freeing women from obsessive thoughts about “imperfections and insecurities,” Jasper and Talia offer all kinds of boudoir photo shoots, with a variety of wardrobes, locations, and more.

Social: Heartfire Boudoir

Contact : Jasper Kyle

Nothing can match the captivating, magenic photography of Boudoir by Honeydew photography, a Sydney-based boudoir photography company. The team at Boudoir by Honeydew photography is led by professional photographer Eleanor, who prioritizes the feelings of empowerment and beauty that boudoir photography can instill in women. Boudoir, glamour, nude, and couples sessions can all be booked with Boudoir by Honeydew photography, with each photography service serving to give women confidence and admiration for their own figures and features. When it comes to boudoir photography, Boudoir by Honeydew photography is a great choice for Sydney-based clients.

Phone: 0407 017 044

Social: Boudoir by Honeydew photography

Contact : Eleanor Godley


When it comes to boudoir photography, these incredible photography companies represent the very best of the best in and around Sydney. If you’re looking to capture yourself in a seductive setting that can empower and embody the physicality of the female body, check out these unbelievable photographers who have a gigantic body of previous work in this field. If you know that you’re looking to schedule a photo session with one of these photographers, we hope that you use this list as an opportunity to reach out and book your appointment today!

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