In the bustling creative landscape of Sydney, the art of product photography thrives in the skilled hands of some exceptional professionals. From the iconic landmarks of the Harbour City to the vibrant culture that permeates its streets, Sydney sets the stage for a unique blend of creativity and commerce. This article celebrates the top product photographers in Sydney, individuals whose lenses capture the essence of products with unparalleled finesse. As businesses strive to make a lasting visual impact in the digital age, these photographers stand as the unsung heroes behind the lens, shaping the visual narratives that propel brands to new heights. Join us on a journey through the lens, exploring the distinctive styles and unmatched expertise of the top product photographers who call Sydney home.



Blazenka, the visionary founder of Mama Bear Communications, spearheads a dynamic product photography studio and marketing service situated on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Renowned for her passion in crafting compelling content for e-commerce brands, Blazenka seamlessly navigates between her roles as a dedicated product photographer and marketing expert. Beyond the studio, she embraces the joys of motherhood with her two enchanting daughters and engages in the planning of home renovations. Blazenka’s creative journey commenced with a degree in Communications, majoring in advertising and marketing. With 13 years in retail marketing for esteemed brands like Freedom Furniture and Eckersley’s Art & Craft, Mama Bear Communications took shape in 2015 during Blazenka’s residency in China, evolving from a marketing blog to a powerhouse providing stellar images and videos for e-commerce brands. With 18 years of marketing acumen and nearly 6 years of product photography expertise, Blazenka stands poised to empower product-based businesses with visually striking, on-brand, budget-conscious, and punctual solutions.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Social: Mama Bear Communications

Contact : Blazenka

PhotoWorks, situated in Surry Hills, Sydney, stands as a premier E-commerce Photography & Production Studio. Specializing in on-model fashion, product photography, and fashion videos, they offer comprehensive eCommerce photography solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands. With a spacious full-service daylight studio, PhotoWorks is the ideal space for creating captivating behind-the-scenes content for your upcoming photoshoots. Their process is meticulously designed, reflecting a commitment to simplicity and client satisfaction. PhotoWorks takes pride in delivering a hassle-free service, ensuring that each client’s photographic needs are met with precision and creativity. As a go-to hub for E-commerce photography, PhotoWorks elevates brands through visually stunning and seamless solutions.

Address: Surry Hills, NSW

Phone: 0451 481 355

Social: PhotoWorks

Contact : Photo Works

Design Identity, under the skillful leadership of photographer Mark, stands as Sydney’s forefront in generating top-tier, sales-focused commercial photography content for both online platforms and physical stores. Their in-house team, consisting of photographers, art directors, producers, and retouchers, covers a diverse range, including fashion eCommerce, beauty campaigns, corporate headshots, styled products, furniture, events, and even pets. As an industry leader, Design Identity, a division of D!, Sydney’s leading creative advertising agency, prides itself on delivering high-end, on-brand campaigns with a guarantee of exceptional results from production to final execution. With a global reach and a vision focused on growth, increased sales, and value-driven advertising, Design Identity remains synonymous with next-level marketing and advertising endeavours.

Address: Alexandria, NSW

Phone: 02 8339 0130

Social: Design Identity

Contact : Mark

Front Back and Sides, a distinguished product photography and content studio in Sydney, is helmed by the co-founders Daniel and Kerry. Daniel, the Co-founder and Creative Director, brings over a decade of commercial photography expertise, specializing in technically advanced projects. Kerry, the Co-founder and Head of Operations, leverages her background in corporate brand marketing to passionately support business success. As Sydney’s leading product photography studio, they produce high-quality content for eCommerce, social media, and product launch campaigns. Their commitment to staying abreast of emerging trends in product photography, video, styling, and social media ensures clients receive top-notch creative solutions. Front Back and Sides simplifies the photoshoot process, guaranteeing eye-catching visuals aligned with each client’s brand. With an Aussie spirit, they eagerly anticipate collaborating and fostering the growth of your business.

Address: Alexandria, NSW

Phone: 0447 472 519

Social: Front, Back and Sides Photography

Contact : Kerry & Daniel

Lyn Taylor Photography, based in Sydney, is the brainchild of award-winning photographer Lyn Taylor, boasting two decades of expertise in portrait, commercial, fashion, and editorial photography. Renowned for her captivating portraits of musicians, artists, and comedians, Lyn has graced album covers for leading country music artists like Catherine Britt, Amber Lawrence, and Christy Lamb. Her work has earned features in prestigious Australian publications such as Hello May, Sydney Morning Herald, Rolling Stone, and more. Clients cherish Lyn for her unique ability to delve into characters and brands, creating art that resonates and connects. Described as an artist who lives photography, Lyn not only captures moments but discovers facets of individuals previously unknown. Beyond her lens, Lyn passionately imparts her knowledge through workshops and one-on-one mentoring, enriching the photography community with her extensive experience.

Address: Petersham, NSW

Phone: 0438 698 924

Social: Lyn Taylor Photography

Contact : Lyn Taylor

Wenbo Zhao Photography, based in Sydney, is the brainchild of skilled photographer Wenbo Zhao. Recognized for delivering high-quality marketing photography that mirrors the excellence of clients’ goods, services, or brands, Wenbo stands as the go-to professional for product images. Clients appreciate the value of his work, understanding that while he may not be the cheapest option, he provides the best value for their marketing budget. Wenbo’s journey into photography began in 2006 when he discovered his passion with his father’s Nikon D70 DSLR. Evolving from a digital artist to a director, he now specializes in creating compelling ads and CGI images that elevate businesses’ marketing endeavors. Wenbo’s approach to commercial product photography is marked by creativity, inspiration, and a personal touch, aiming to convey each brand’s unique personality. Beyond the lens, Wenbo enjoys spending time with his wife Yanni and indulging in his love for golf.

Address: Melrose Park, NSW

Phone: 0473 841 716

Social: Wenbo Zhao Photography

Contact : Wenbo Zhao

Product of Grace, a distinguished product photography business in Sydney, is the brainchild of photographer Josiah Arangel. Recognizing the critical role of high-quality product images in driving sales, Josiah, also known as “Angel,” embarked on his photography journey in 2012 with a humble DSLR camera. Over the years, he cultivated a passion for product photography, mastering various techniques and styles. Despite employment challenges posed by COVID-19, Josiah resiliently founded his own business, leveraging his developed talents. He acknowledges the journey as a testament to grace, attributing his success to blessings and favors received. Josiah Arangel, a living testimony, proudly stands as a Product of Grace, committed to showcasing products in the most appealing and accurate light for the success of his clients.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0459 457 818

Social: Product of Grace

Contact : Josiah Arangel

Studio Sojourn, a prominent digital marketing and content creation enterprise in Sydney, was established by the talented photographer Samantha Rose Andison. Renowned for their expertise, the team at Studio Sojourn excels in narrating the distinctive stories of companies and campaigns. Through their prowess in photography, videography, social media, and targeted marketing, they craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. Samantha Rose Andison, the visionary behind Studio Sojourn, has cultivated a team dedicated to delivering unique and impactful content solutions. With a focus on storytelling, Studio Sojourn stands as a go-to destination for businesses seeking to enhance their digital presence and engage their audience through the artistry of visual storytelling.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0411 403 244

Social: Studio Sojourn

Contact : Samantha Rose Andison

Images That Sell, a prominent Sydney-based company, specializes in creating captivating product photography and creative content. In a content-saturated world, the team at Images That Sell understands the necessity of standing out. They invite businesses to collaborate with them to produce striking images that not only emphasize brand identity but also contribute to a significant boost in sales. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to innovation, Images That Sell goes beyond traditional product photography, ensuring that each image tells a compelling story. Elevate your brand presence and sales potential by partnering with Images That Sell for distinctive and impactful visual content in the competitive market landscape.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 02 9693 1726

Social: Images That Sell

Contact : Images That Sell Team

Studio Commercial Photography, based in Sydney, boasts a team of photographers specializing in delivering advertising projects that effectively cut through the noise. With a reputation for providing a flexible studio space, an extensive array of camera and lighting equipment, and a collective experience of over 75 years, this studio ensures clients receive precisely what they envision every time. From intricate projects for leading brands to passion-driven endeavors for small startups, Studio Commercial Photography has left its mark on billboards, buildings, buses, bus shelters, art galleries, and various other platforms. For anyone with an advertising project in mind, this accomplished studio eagerly awaits the opportunity to collaborate and bring visions to life.

Address: Pilgrim House, NSW

Phone: 02 9267 8038

Social: Studio Commercial Photography

Contact : Jason


In conclusion, Sydney’s top product photographers are more than just skilled professionals; they are visionaries who breathe life into the inanimate. Through their lenses, they transform ordinary products into visual masterpieces, weaving stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. From the sleek studios in Surry Hills to the shores of Bondi Beach, these photographers capture the soul of Sydney in every frame. As the demand for compelling product imagery continues to soar, these artisans remain at the forefront, ensuring that each click is not just a photograph but a testament to the artistic prowess thriving in the heart of Australia. In Sydney, where creativity knows no bounds, these top product photographers exemplify excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the visual landscape of commerce.