In Sydney’s bustling real estate scene, the responsibility of capturing a property’s essence falls into the capable hands of dedicated real estate photographers.

In a city where architectural diversity meets the demands of a dynamic market, their lenses become storytellers, weaving narratives of homes and spaces.

Their craft extends beyond mere snapshots; it involves crafting visual tales that resonate with potential buyers, leaving lasting impressions.

As real estate photographers in Sydney, they comprehend the importance of translating the unique charm of each property into compelling visual narratives.

Their lenses act as bridges between sellers and buyers, showcasing a home’s beauty and potential.

With an eye for detail and a talent for presenting spaces at their best, they play pivotal roles in shaping a property’s perception in the competitive real estate market.

Property Intelligence Media, a Sydney-based gem in real estate photography, brings over 15 years of expertise to your property marketing needs. Their team, comprised of skilled photographers, videographers, floorplanners, drone specialists, 3D designers, and marketing experts, crafts a tailored marketing plan from concept to sale. Through professional real estate photography, including captivating drone shots that showcase properties from unique perspectives, they ensure your listing stands out. Property Intelligence Media’s commitment to clarity and brightness in every image ensures your property is on every buyer’s must-see list. Elevate your property’s appeal with their comprehensive range of services, making them a top choice in Sydney and beyond.

Address: 10 Century Cct Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Phone: 1300203038

Social: Property Intelligence Media

Contact : Leonid

V-Mark Design Photography stands as Sydney’s go-to for unparalleled real estate marketing. Offering a diverse suite of services, they provide a distinct edge in the competitive market. Specializing in sales and rental photography, aerial shots, commercial photography, floor plans, virtual styling, videography, virtual 360 tours, and compelling copywriting, they bring a comprehensive approach to property marketing. V-Mark Design Photography’s commitment to excellence ensures that each aspect of your property is expertly captured and showcased. Elevate your listings with their innovative solutions, making them a top choice for real estate professionals seeking a premier marketing partner in Sydney and its surroundings.

Address: 1/208 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne NSW 2047

Phone: 02 9181 2813

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Contact : Brendan Rose

Real Estate Photography and Video, nestled in Epping, Sydney, takes real estate marketing to new heights. With a focus on capturing a property’s essence through stunning imagery, their team employs cutting-edge technology, including mirrorless cameras, drones, and virtual reality, to showcase homes in a way that resonates with modern buyers. Offering a comprehensive suite of services such as photography, videography, 360 virtual tours, and copywriting, they understand the pivotal role visuals play in today’s competitive market. With Nathan James Photography and Videography, your property gains a distinct advantage, ensuring it stands out in the dynamic and rapidly evolving Sydney real estate landscape.

Address: 7 Epping Rd, Epping NSW 2121

Phone: 0403 767 706

Social: Real Estate Photography and Video

Contact : Nathan James

Crying Out Loud emerges as a standout choice for real estate photography in Sydney, offering a diverse range of services tailored for property marketing. From compelling rental, sales, and commercial photos to innovative offerings like dusk photography, aerial/drone captures, and 3D virtual tours, they bring a dynamic edge to showcasing properties. With a keen eye for detail and advanced techniques like HDR layer blending, Crying Out Loud ensures each image evokes a realistic and emotionally resonant response. Their services extend beyond photography, encompassing video production, virtual furniture styling, and staff portraits. Elevate your property marketing with Crying Out Loud’s comprehensive solutions, delivering visual excellence and strategic marketing impact.

Address: 3A/110 Hampden Ln, Artarmon NSW 2064

Phone: 0435 150 222

Social: Crying Out Loud

Contact : Lee Lucas

Ray Creative – Real Estate Media, a leading real estate media agency in Sydney, offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your property marketing. Specializing in real estate photography, floor plans, drone photography, videos, virtual dusk, and virtual staging, they deliver high-quality visuals with a commitment to fast delivery and affordability. With a focus on making your brand shine, Ray Creative ensures that your listings are presented in the best possible way. Their team of professionals understands the hard work invested in building your brand, serving as a valuable complement to your efforts. Trust Ray Creative for exceptional service and ultimate results in real estate media.

Address: 27 Porter St, Ryde NSW 2112

Phone: 0484 854 647

Social: Ray Creative - Real Estate Media

Contact : Kon & Yana

Guy Wilkinson Photography, a distinguished Sydney-based photographer, specializes in architectural, interiors, and design photography. With over two decades of global experience, Guy has a keen eye for capturing the essence of residential and commercial spaces, landscape architecture, aerial views, and more. His portfolio boasts prestigious clients, showcasing a mastery of visual storytelling. Utilizing full-frame Canon digital cameras and tilt-shift lenses, Guy blends artistic finesse with technical expertise. A recipient of a Diploma of Photoimaging from the Sydney Institute TAFE, he continuously evolves his craft. Renowned for professionalism and reliability, Guy Wilkinson Photography elevates real estate visuals, ensuring each shot tells a compelling story of fine design.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0405 403 053

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Contact : Guy Wilkinson

Clickhouse AU leads the way in property photography, videography, and marketing throughout Sydney. Their elite real estate media services include stunning photography capturing the best angles, unique property videos for impactful online presentations, and meticulous floorplans. Committed to pushing the real estate industry forward with creative media, Clickhouse AU operates with a Sydney-wide reach, ensuring a fast 48-hour turnaround on average with next-day delivery options. Renowned for their high-quality full-service approach, encompassing photos, floorplans, videos, and drone shots, Clickhouse AU stands as a top choice for real estate professionals seeking impactful and efficient visual solutions in the dynamic Sydney market.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0424 104 425

Social: Clickhouse AU

Contact : Jose Duarte

Adam Resch Property Photography, a dynamic force in the real estate photography scene, transcends traditional boundaries to deliver unique and captivating results. Operating in Sydney, and Interstate, Adam Resch brings an individualized approach to every project, collaborating closely with clients to capture the true essence of properties and architectural masterpieces. With an unparalleled eye for detail and styling, Adam utilizes both natural and artificial lighting to accentuate each property’s features. Beyond photography, Adam’s commitment extends to nature photography, recognized with prestigious awards. His dedication to optimal results, fast turnaround, flexibility, and quality client service positions Adam Resch Property Photography as a trusted choice in the real estate and photography industries.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0421 944 531

Social: Adam Resch Property Photography

Contact : Adam Resch

Andrea Francolini Photography stands as a distinguished figure in Sydney’s real estate photography scene, boasting over 20 years of experience and numerous accolades. Specializing in corporate photography, Andrea brings a unique ability to capture the essence of his subjects. Beyond real estate photography, his services include business and actor headshots, social media portraits, event photography, and professional sailing photography. Andrea’s expertise extends to architectural photography, where he skillfully showcases the beauty of properties through his lens. Notably, he has also ventured into photo tours, primarily in Pakistan, offering valuable insights regardless of the camera used. Andrea Francolini Photography reflects a commitment to excellence and a diverse portfolio that transcends conventional boundaries.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0415 873 034

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Contact : Andrea Francolini

Core Photography, a prominent content creation studio in Sydney, excels in real estate photography and videography. Specializing in a diverse range, from high-end luxury residences to new developments and sales properties, Core Photography ensures a personalized experience with each project. With a commitment to quick turnaround and high-quality service, their team, equipped with trade secrets, elevates property presentations to new heights through a touch of creativity. Core Photography’s comprehensive services include property photography, aerial photography, virtual furniture, property video tours, portraits, and floor plans with copywriting. Trusted for their expertise, Core Photography stands as a top choice for real estate professionals seeking excellence in visual marketing across Sydney and beyond.

Address: Suite 18, Level 1/61-71 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018

Phone: 0410 997 640

Social: Core Photography

Contact : Jason & Juri


In the vibrant tapestry of Sydney’s real estate industry, real estate photographers stand as unsung heroes, bringing homes to life through their lenses. Their dedication and artistic flair redefine how properties are perceived, creating a visual language that transcends words. As they continue to capture the essence of Sydney’s diverse real estate market, each click becomes more than a photograph; it transforms into a story waiting to be told. Their work extends beyond a mere profession, turning spaces into dreams and houses into homes. In a city thriving on innovation and aesthetics, their contribution elevates the real estate experience for both sellers and buyers alike. They keep capturing the spirit of Sydney, one frame at a time, letting their photographs be the silent ambassadors of the homes shaping the city’s skyline.