Looking to capture your furry friend’s spirit in a photo that lasts a lifetime? You’re in the right spot. The Gold Coast isn’t just famous for its beaches; it’s also home to some of the best pet photographers in Australia.

These talented individuals specialise in turning moments into memories, showcasing the unique personality of your pet. Whether it’s a playful pose or a serene snapshot, they’ve got the skills to make it happen.

Finding the right photographer can make all the difference. It’s not just about a pretty picture; it’s about capturing the essence of your pet’s character. Let’s dive into discovering the best pet photographers the Gold Coast has to offer, ensuring your next photo session turns into a cherished keepsake.

Established in 2008 on the Gold Coast, this fine art pet photography studio is a tribute to the deep bond between pets and their owners. Diana Leventhal, the heart behind the lens, is passionate about capturing the unique stories and unconditional love that pets bring into our lives. With a focus on creating bespoke, emotive, and inspired images, she crafts each photo session around your pet’s individual personality and the special relationship you share. Her work is a celebration of the joy, laughter, and sometimes tears, that these furry family members evoke. Dedicated to perfection in her craft, she offers a variety of styles to ensure every pet owner can find something that resonates with their heart and home.

Phone: 0423 587 226

Social: K9 Photography

Contact : Diana Leventhal

Capturing the essence of furry companions against the stunning backdrop of Gold Coast’s golden sands and azure waters, this pet photography service is dedicated to telling the unique stories of pets and their families. With a knack for capturing every wag, purr, and loving gaze, Sandy is celebrated for her ability to craft timeless visual narratives. Welcoming all pets, from mischievous kittens to wise old dogs, aims to celebrate the special bond between pets and their owners. Praised for their enthusiasm and attention to detail, each session showcases the personality and charm of your pet. Whether it’s a milestone or the simple joys of daily life with pets, they promise an enchanting journey that turns cherished moments into lasting treasures.

Social: Sandy Noses Pet Photography

Contact : Laura Vadi

Specialising in capturing the unique personalities of four-legged friends on the Gold Coast, this award-winning photographer brings a blend of passion, expertise, and a fun-loving approach to every session. With a focus on creating a relaxed environment, whether in a studio setting or at a beloved park or beach, they ensure your pet feels comfortable, safe, and happy. Celebrated for producing timeless fine art prints and stunning wall art, each photograph is meticulously edited to showcase the individuality of your furry companion. Before any session, a personalised consultation determines the perfect location to reflect your preferences. Known for their laughter, love for chocolate, and endless devotion to capturing the bond between pets and their owners, they promise artwork that you’ll treasure forever.

Phone: 0419 729 721

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Contact : Jannene Meyer

Nestled in the scenic Jimboomba and offering services that stretch from North Brisbane to the Gold Coast, this pet photography business boasts a deep-rooted passion for capturing life’s precious moments. Since embracing the art of photography in 2012 with their first DSLR, they have specialised in creating unforgettable pet portraits, alongside stunning captures of landscapes, wildlife, events, and sports. The person behind the lens, Kai has honed their craft through diligent study, earning a Diploma of Professional Photography in 2017. Utilising a Nikon D850, he is committed to bringing each client’s unique vision to life, making him a standout choice for those seeking to immortalise their cherished pet memories.

Phone: 0484 341 856

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Contact : Kai Leeke


Choosing the perfect photographer for your furry mate is no small task. Each snap tells a story, capturing those fleeting moments that you’ll cherish forever.

The Gold Coast is home to some incredibly talented pet photographers, each with their unique style and approach. From the lush hinterlands to the sparkling beaches, these artists can bring out the best in your pet, ensuring memories that are not just seen but felt.

Remember, the right photographer for your pet is one who understands the bond you share. It’s about finding someone who captures more than just a picture – they capture a feeling, a moment, a piece of your heart.

So, take your time, review their portfolios, and choose someone who resonates with you. After all, these photographs will be your keepsakes for a lifetime, telling the tales of your shared adventures and unconditional love.