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Charlotte Reeves Photography is one of the most qualified pet photography service providers offered in and around Brisbane, specializing in photographs that celebrate and honor the special relationship between pet and owner. Charlotte is at the helm of Charlotte Reeves Photography, and she was the recipient of the 2019 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photography Awards as well as the Australian Professional Photography Awards. In business since 2007, Charlotte Reeves Photography has quickly established itself as one of the most celebrated pet photography companies in Brisbane, and clients should count themselves lucky to be able to book a session.

Phone: 0402 322 973

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Look no further than Hairypants Photography for unforgettable images of pets and their owners. Hairypants Photography is the brainchild of professional photographer Kelly Miller, who grew up visiting her grandparents’ farm, where she first discovered her abiding love for animals, their quirks, and their behaviors. Through that experience as well as her skillful expertise and artist’s flair and eye behind the camera, Kelly with Hairypants Photography can keep animals tranquil and docile throughout photo shoots, no matter how rowdy they come in, and can keep them that way throughout the photo session, resulting in photos that are incredibly gorgeous and deeply memorable.

Phone: 0412 973 558

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Leigh Horwood Pet Photography is a Brisbane-based pet photographer with a knack and an artistic inclination for capturing pets, whether they’re rambunctious or docile, and framing them in their very best light. Leigh Harwood Pet Photography begins the process of booking a session with an initial consultation to establish design ideas and client-driven concepts; the next step with Leigh Harwood Pet Photography is the pet session behind the camera; lastly, physical artwork can be ordered after a pet photography session, with options including small desk top photo blocks, large floating acrylic statement wall art and anything else in between that a client could possibly desire.

Phone: 0417 403 405

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