For the feelings of self-confidence, self-love, and self-reward that it can engender, boudoir photography can be a truly empowering and liberating experience for women. If you like taking photographs but you’ve never considered getting portraits of yourself to show off and exhibit the best features of your physical form, boudoir photography might be just the thing for you.

To assist you as you look for the perfect photographer for your photo session needs, we’ve assembled this list of the very best boudoir photographers in Brisbane! With this list, you are guaranteed a skilled photographer who will put you at ease and make you feel like your most confident self throughout your photo session. Without further ado, here’s our list of the top eight boudoir photographers in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area!

Feel empowered and beautiful as you learn to embrace your body with Secret Boudoir. Morgan is the leading Boudoir photographer at Secret Boudoir photography with years of photographic experience under his belt. Morgan provides an elegant, fun and safe environment for all his clients. Capturing classy, seductive imagery were he and his talented team endeavour to capture the beauty of everyday women in and around Brisbane. Celebrating each woman’s uniqueness is something Secret Boudoir truly believes in, taking the time to get to know each client and reasoning for investing in a boudoir session. Guaranteeing their experience is something you will be so grateful that you took the courage to love yourself.

Phone: 0478 151 853

Social: Secret Boudoir

Contact : Morgan Hankins

Lucy’s mission is to be your trusted companion, your loyal bestie making this experience both comfortable and empowering, as your photographer. In the gorgeous studio in North Brisbane, you’ll find modern, stylish furniture to ensure your comfort and add warmth to your stunning images.

Lush Boudoir was created with a goal in mind: to use a love for photography and creativity to help women ignite self-love and let them see the incredible beauty that is already within them. Lucy understands your boudoir experience can be a bit intimidating, so let her hold your hand right from the first call, all the way through to viewing your incredible images.

Phone: 0421 934 921

Social: Lush Boudoir

Contact : Lucy Feuerriegel

Boudoir By Alice provides a sensual, luxurious and empowering boudoir experience for women in Brisbane. With more than 10 years of experience, Alice specialises in boudoir and pole dance photography. Her vision is to help all women be able to celebrate themselves during every season of life. Whatever shape, size, age or stage of life you’re in, Alice’s purpose behind her photography is to help you feel confident and empowered and to love yourself when you walk away from your session. She guides you through the whole shoot, from helping you choose what to wear and how to pose in a safe and supportive environment so you can feel your most confident self in front of the camera and take home photos you love.

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Contact : Alice Pavlovic

Stephanie Bowers Photography is one of the premier boudoir photographers in and around Brisbane, providing local women with photo sessions that can speak to the tantalizing nature of the female physique. Stephanie Bowers helms up the operations at this boudoir photography company, and she is a portrait photographer by trade who specialises in boudoir shots as a means of allowing women to be who they truly are in front of a camera. With nine years of industry experience as a professional photographer and a bevy of national awards and honors including the 204 QLD Professional Emerging Photographer of the Year, Stephanie Bowers is a talented artist behind the camera and an engaging, thoughtful counselor for the women in front of the camera during typical boudoir sessions.

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Contact : Stephanie Bowers

Adonic Art, a prominent Boudoir Photographer studio in Brisbane, invites you to embrace self-love and empowerment through the lens of Brenda, your personal hype-woman and accomplished photographer. Specialising in Boudoir, Maternity, Commercial, Formal, and Family photography, Brenda passionately captures the essence of every woman, celebrating uniqueness and fleeting moments. As the heart behind this powerful movement, Brenda cherishes the opportunity to immortalise your journey and document your history. With a commitment to making you feel truly sensual, Adonic Art is more than a studio; it’s a celebration of the human experience beautifully captured. Invest in yourself and let Brenda guide you toward empowerment with her exquisite boudoir photography.

Address: Brisbane, QLD

Social: Adonic Art

Contact : Brenda Lozada

Nothing can speak to the utter beauty and elegance of femininity like boudoir photo sessions with Brisbane-based photography outlet Leoni Bolt Photography. Leoni Bolt is the lead photographer with Leoni Bolt Photography, and she has been capturing ravishing, bewitching photographs of women since graduating with a Bachelor of Photography from Griffith University (Queensland College of Art) in 2008. Leoni uses this academic qualification to supplement the last 12 years of her practical experience, all with the intention of providing women with glamour, pin-up, and boudoir shots that speak to the radiance and vibrancy of the female physique. As Leoni says, “Empower yourself! Let yourself go! Embrace your curves!” Nowhere are these maxims more true than in the middle of a boudoir photography session with Leoni Bolt Photography, which can be easily scheduled by appointment.

Phone: 0416 218 161

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Contact : Leoni Bolt

Look no further than Chantelle Louise Photography for boudoir photography services that will be both fun and liberating. The team at Chantelle Louise Photography is composed of Chantelle and Darren Woodrow, a daughter and father team who take on the roles of photographer and director/senior photographer, respectively. The team at Chantelle Louise Photography views boudoir photography as a luxury and an art-form in equal parts, serving the crucial mission of empowering women in their own skin while providing women with gorgeous, memorable portraits of themselves made permanent in photo form.

Phone: 0417 052 056

Social: Chantelle Louise Photography

Contact : Chantelle Woodrow

Equal parts empowering and exciting, the experience of boudoir photography sessions with Exclusive Photography Brisbane must be undergone to be believed. Exclusive Photography Brisbane is staffed up by four professional photographers who have been providing their excellent services for boudoir photo sessions to Brisbane-based clients since 1985. With top-shelf equipment, gorgeous studios, and a shining reputation among both previous clients and among their photographer peers, Exclusive Photography Brisbane is a high point in the local area when it comes to boudoir photography services. Professional makeup and hair stylists will be provided for clients during boudoir photo sessions as well as a glass of champagne and a meeting with the photographer to figure out the details of the shoot.

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through our list of the top eight boudoir photographers in and around Brisbane! Now that you’ve gotten a chance to evaluate all of these incredible options for photography companies and weigh them against one another, we imagine that you now have a better idea of what you’re looking for and what kind of photographer will be able to provide you with exactly what you need for your upcoming photography session. With all that said, we wish you the best of luck in finding and nailing down an appointment with your ideal boudoir photographer!

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The average price is $630 for a boudoir photoshoot in Brisbane. Photographers will have payment plans and may or may not include products to show off your photos.

Most boudoir photoshoots will take place in the photographer’s studio. Some photographers can travel to where you want to shoot, whether it’s at home, in hotels or airbnb’s. Even outside in nature.

The average time a boudoir photoshoot will take is 3 hours. Some sessions might be shorter or longer. This time may also include time to get makeup, hair and/or costume changes.

Some boudoir photographers suggest to bring a friend if that makes you comfortable. However, they will recommend that your friends not to interfere with the photoshoot. If the plan for your photos is to give them to your partner, photographers suggest not to bring them.

While the boudoir photographer loves posting your photos to inspire people to celebrate themselves. It’s always up to you, this is where you’ll have to discuss with your photographer on what you allow.