Here is our list of the Best Sydney based landscape photographers, and some of the services they offer.

Jarrod Castaing, a distinguished Australian landscape and nature photographer hailing from Sydney, boasts international acclaim for his artistry. A seasoned explorer and photography mentor, Jarrod’s wanderlust has led him through 50 countries, from the Arctic’s icy embrace in pursuit of the Northern Lights to enduring a scorpion encounter in Africa. His passion lies in revealing nature’s beauty, shared through captivating landscape photography and enriching workshops. Clients return, a testament to his unique teaching style. Jarrod’s annual tours encompass chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland, exploring Lofoten’s arctic beaches, and capturing Autumn hues in New Zealand and Patagonia. Renowned for vibrant images, his limited edition prints, crafted with archival materials, grace collections globally. Contributing to National Geographic, Jarrod proudly exhibits his museum-quality landscapes in Sydney, Australia.

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Hailing from Australia, Daniel Tran stands as an acclaimed and award-winning international photographer. Recognized as a leading figure in Australian landscape photography, Daniel’s captivating work has graced Times Square billboards, adorned the iconic Sydney Opera House sails, and embellished the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylons. Beyond his gallery pursuits, Daniel collaborates with renowned brands and organizations, infusing his distinct style into scenes ranging from major events to global tourism campaigns. Immersed in nature, Daniel dedicates countless hours to perfecting his craft, seeking to encapsulate the essence of each visited place. His images are not just snapshots; they represent his relentless quest for the ‘perfect’ moment in time.

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Ilya Genkin Photography, situated in Sydney, Australia, showcases the artistic prowess of Ilya Genkin, a skilled photographer renowned for his Fine Art Landscape, Travel, and Stock Photography. The website presents a curated collection of his breathtaking images capturing landscapes, nature, and scenes from Australia, South Korea, Japan, and beyond. Visitors are invited to explore the digital stock library, where Ilya offers rights-managed options for landscape, nature, and travel stock photography, along with licenses for stock photos. The images, available in high-resolution files and exquisite fine art prints, reflect Ilya’s dedication to delivering visual excellence. Welcome to the world of Ilya Genkin, where the beauty of diverse landscapes comes to life through the lens of a seasoned Australian photographer.

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Heesoo Chung, the visionary behind Chungy Photos, is a dedicated landscape photographer based in Sydney, Australia. With a penchant for capturing diverse scapes – be it seascapes, cityscapes, landscapes, or nightscapes – Chung embarked on a transformative journey in mid-2015. Armed with a small point-and-shoot camera for a South East Asia trip, photography became an all-consuming passion. The initial obsession evolved into a relentless pursuit, leading Chung through exhaustive hikes, sleepless nights, and challenging conditions to seize the perfect shot. The profound satisfaction of translating envisioned scenes into tangible prints fuels Chung’s ongoing photographic odyssey, showcasing the resilience and creativity that define this Australian artist’s captivating work.

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Welcome to the Matt Lauder Gallery, showcasing the photographic legacy of Matt Lauder, an Australian luminary in Landscape, Aerial, and Surf Photography. With a rich 20-year journey, the gallery exhibits an extensive collection capturing the essence of Australia from air, land, and sea. Matt’s focus spans the picturesque New South Wales Coastline, especially the stretch between Newcastle and Sydney. Renowned for his high-end photos, the gallery boasts surreal sunrises, stormfront dramas, and aerial snapshots of idyllic summer days along the coastline. Matt Lauder’s portfolio encompasses diverse scenes, from crowded beaches to curling waves, offering a visual odyssey through the lens of one of Australia’s preeminent photographers.

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Ben Williams, the visionary behind Ben Williams Gallery, boasts over a decade of professional photography experience. With a fervent commitment to enhancing people’s success, productivity, and positivity, Ben brings the healing power of art and nature to homes. Recognizing the modern challenges of spending excessive time indoors and the impact of life’s stresses on mental well-being, Ben positions himself as a guide to help individuals thrive through the transformative synergy of art and nature. His photographic journey extends beyond images, aiming to reconnect humanity with the timeless benefits of the outdoors. Ben Williams is not just a photographer; he is a catalyst for well-being, weaving the beauty of nature into the fabric of people’s lives.

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Andrew Barnes, the maestro behind Andrew Barnes Landscape Photography, has wielded a camera since the tender age of six. Transitioning from the 126 format to the realm of 35mm film, Andrew’s journey unfolded through dual SLR cameras, exploring both print and slide film realms like Kodachrome and the vibrant Fuji 50, later Velvia. Nostalgic for the vivid hues of film, Andrew returned to his passion after a decade in wedding photography. Reveling in capturing the world’s moods, atmospheres, wildness, and serenity, he finds happiness in crashing waves and windswept precipices. Published nationally and internationally, Andrew invites you to relish in the visual splendors of this remarkable world.

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Introducing Brian Bornstein, an amiable Landscape Photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Born in South Africa, Brian’s artistic journey began with a passion for art and photography, evolving from film SLR to the digital age. Graphic design studies at university kindled his love for photography, leading to a newfound obsession with capturing sunrise and sunset moments using his iPhone. Over the past eight years, Brian has wholeheartedly embraced photography, finding solace and joy in the peaceful morning landscapes of Sydney. Beyond the tranquility, he thrives on the excitement of chasing magical light, capturing moments that release a rush of endorphins. Explore Brian’s captivating images in the Main Gallery and connect with him for a glimpse into his photographic world.

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Meet Matthew Vasilescu, a distinguished Corporate and Commercial photographer based in Sydney, Australia, with over 25 years of immersive experience behind the lens. Beyond a mere job or medium, photography is Matthew’s vocation, a genuine engagement with the world. His authentic passion reflects in the connections forged with subjects and the profound insights captured. Renowned for photographing luminaries like Harrison Ford, Julia Gillard, and Donald Trump, Matthew’s success spans news editorials, celebrity profiles, boardroom portraits, and corporate events. As an accredited AIPP photographer and dedicated NSW council member, Matthew continually contributes to diverse photographic realms, encompassing landscapes and socially relevant issues. Explore the captivating world of Matthew Vasilescu’s imagery that transcends mere photographs to tell compelling stories.

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