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Step into the light of Manca S Photography, where the delicate interplay of light and shadow crafts more than images—it sculpts stories. Based in Perth and renowned for an award-winning portfolio that includes Boudoir, Bridal Boudoir, Fine Art Nude Boudoir, and Maternity Boudoir, Manca captures the essence of elegance and emotive power. Recognised both nationally and internationally, your most empowering and intimate moments are entrusted to a lens of sophistication and respect, ensuring a personalised and uplifting experience. Each session with Manca is a journey of self-discovery, beauty, and unspoken narratives, curated with the utmost professionalism and artistic integrity, in a space where comfort and artistic expression coalesce.

Photographer Profile - Manca Slapernik

At Manca S Photography, artistry meets authenticity in the creation of timeless portraits that resonate with the soul. Here, each photograph is more than a picture—it’s an intimate dance of storytelling and celebration of life’s pivotal chapters. Specialising in an array of photographic arts, including Boudoir, Bridal Boudoir, Fine Art Nude, and Maternity, Manca’s work is distinguished by her ability to create a space where elegance, comfort, and empowerment thrive. Her award-winning portfolio is a testament to a career dedicated to not just meeting but transcending the expectations of her clientele.


Manca S Photography is distinguished by a commitment to creating intimate art that celebrates the individual. Our photography is a blend of elegance and authenticity, crafted to capture your unique story through a lens of sophistication and respect.
Preparation for these sessions is simple: moisturise your skin, wear loose clothing beforehand to avoid marks, and come with an open mind. We discuss all details in advance to ensure your utmost comfort and to align with your personal vision for the shoot.
Your personalised photoshoot will take place in a professional photography studio in Subiaco. This studio provides a comfortable and private setting that is well-suited to the intimate and elegant nature of your session. During our pre-shoot consultation, we'll ensure this space aligns perfectly with your vision to facilitate a seamless and empowering photography experience.
To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend scheduling your session 2-3 weeks in advance. This allows for thorough planning and preparation. For payments, we offer convenient instalment plans through Payright, making the process stress-free and manageable.
Your privacy and comfort are our top priorities. We provide a secure and respectful environment for all sessions, and no images will be shared without your explicit consent. Our professional standards guarantee that your experience and final portraits are handled with the utmost care and discretion.

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