Ruthless Photos is one of Sydney’s most skillful pet photography companies, specializing in lovely images of pets posing with their owners. Ruth is the lead photographer with Ruthless Photos, and she has been an animal lover from the very day of her birth. With a degree in visual communications and over a decade in business through this photography company, Ruth knows her way around a camera, to say the least, when it comes to the ins and outs of pet photography. Capturing both shelter dogs and client’s dogs, Ruth has an eye for maintaining calm and serenity in the studio, keeping dogs docile and cooperative as she photographs them.

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Look no further than Love Pets Photography for pet photography services that transcend the classic photo shoots in favor of sheer elegance and refinement when it comes to the resulting images. Love Pets Photography has raised more than $300,000 for animal charities while in business, making this incredible photography company based out of Melbourne as philanthropic as it is professional and artfully inclined. A variety of wall art items, features, and home collections can be purchased after photography sessions in order to make permanent physical memories out of the lovely photo shoots on offer.

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Twoguineapigs Pet Photography is the brainchild of professional photographer JK Blackwell, who boasts 12 years of practical industry experience as well as a vast catalog of awards and accolades for her pioneering work in the field of pet photography. JK is available for private, commercial, and editorial projects when it comes to pet photography, working with a variety of clients to capture pets in a manner that moves beyond those basic, forced poses and inorganic moments; instead, JK prioritizes the “deep relationships between you and your beloved,” capturing pets without condescending or trivializing the nature of the relationship between pet and owner.

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