Are real estate professionals in Melbourne prepared to elevate their property listings with captivating visuals?

In Melbourne’s bustling real estate market, the significance of exceptional photography cannot be overstated.

The ability to showcase a property through the lens is a critical factor in attracting discerning clients. Real estate photographers in this dynamic city play pivotal roles in shaping perceptions and generating interest in diverse real estate offerings.

Stepping into a realm where every frame narrates a compelling story of space, style, and potential, skilled photographers in Melbourne go beyond capturing images – they craft immersive experiences that resonate with their audience.

Whether seasoned professionals or emerging talents, the demand for innovative visual content positions them at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry.

Navigating through the vibrant scene of real estate photography in Melbourne unveils the Top 10 Real Estate Photographers, masters of turning properties into visual narratives that sell.

Discover the essence of captivating real estate visuals with Maison Snap, a premier Real Estate Photography company in Melbourne. Founded in 2017 by Director and Photographer, David Pellerin, Maison Snap brings a unique blend of European artistry and Melbourne charm to property marketing. Specializing in real estate photography, floor plans, aerial drone photography, video services, and 3D virtual tours, Maison Snap ensures rapid, high-quality results within 24 hours. With David’s background as a versatile performer and certified photographer, Maison Snap adds a touch of French class to each shoot. Elevate your property’s online presence with Maison Snap – where artistry meets efficiency.

Address: Suite 22, Level 1/797 Plenty Rd, South Morang VIC 3752

Phone: 0481 525 712

Social: Maison Snap

Contact : David Pellerin

Meet Dinography Real Estate Media, a full-service real estate media agency in Melbourne. Renowned nationally, their specialist team brings vibrant energy to marketing campaigns with a range of services. From Elevated Pole Photography to 3D Virtual Inspections, Dinography ensures a new level of visual appeal. Their distinctive studio style, marked by rich colors and superior retouching, sets them apart. Whether it’s residential or commercial real estate, Dinography excels in creating visually brilliant floor plans and immersive 3D property listings. With expertise in virtual staging, dusk photography, and rental photography enhancement, Dinography offers cost-effective solutions for every real estate need. Enhance your property marketing with Dinography’s unparalleled creativity and attention to detail.

Address: 03 8518 5700

Phone: Level2,6FuturaRoadKeysborough,VIC3173

Social: Dinography Real Estate Media

Contact : Dinography Real Estate Media Team

Epitome Home Images, based in Melbourne, delivers professional imagery tailored for Airbnb, long & short-stay accommodations, holiday rentals, and real estate. Specializing in both residential and commercial spaces, they offer top-notch architectural photography to make homes and businesses stand out. With a focus on generating higher revenue through visual appeal, Epitome Home Images captures the essence of properties, ensuring they shine in the competitive real estate market. Trust their expertise to provide captivating visuals that enhance the market presence of your home or commercial property, making a lasting impression on potential buyers and renters alike.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0404 098 307

Social: Epitome Home Images

Contact : Shari

Cinematx Studios stands as Melbourne’s premier property marketing studio, specializing in commercial real estate. With a focus on delivering exceptional quality, their comprehensive services include video production, photography, drone & aerial imagery, floorplans & site plans, copywriting, and 3D & Virtual Tours. As the market leader in real estate production, Cinematx Studios has garnered a strong reputation in Melbourne and its surrounds. Offering next-day delivery and catering to major real estate brands such as Ray White, Buxton, and Jellis Craig, they boast a highly professional team dedicated to providing top-tier services to help clients attract attention and generate leads in the competitive real estate market.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0456 048 929

Social: Cinematx Studios

Contact : Chris

In the realm of real estate photography, Creative Edge Photography, led by Melbourne-based photographer Jess Munitz, stands out for its unique approach. With over 12 years of experience capturing inspiring spaces across Australia, Jess’s expertise lies in blending light, textures, lines, and color to reveal the design and character of each location. As a third-generation photographer, Jess collaborates closely with a diverse clientele, from architects to real estate agents, ensuring a tailored and communicative experience. Specializing in twilight and day photography for real estate, Creative Edge Photography offers professional packages that make properties shine, with optional inclusions such as drone photography and floor plans.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0481 460 924

Social: Creative Edge Photography

Contact : Jess Munitz

Photos by Ernesto, a Melbourne-located freelance photographer, brings a versatile and professional touch to real estate photography. Specializing in architecture, interiors, commercial spaces, and portraits, Ernesto’s keen eye captures the essence of each subject. With a focus on real estate, he skillfully highlights the unique features of properties, providing a visual edge in the competitive market. Whether it’s residential or commercial, Photos by Ernesto offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that each client’s photographic needs are met with skill and creativity. Trust in Ernesto’s expertise to showcase properties and spaces in a captivating light, making them stand out in the vibrant real estate landscape.

Address: Brunswick Street North, VIC

Social: Photos by Ernesto

Contact : Ernest Arriagada

Mainroad Marketing, a Melbourne-based real estate photography powerhouse, is committed to delivering world-class property photos that captivate attention and enhance appeal. Boasting a team of talented photographers with years of industry experience, they consistently provide stellar results. What sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to customer service, going above and beyond for clients – from on-site decluttering assistance to meeting the strictest deadlines. Since 2016, Mainroad Marketing has passionately focused on the building and property industry, collaborating with high-performing agents and offices to market millions in property transactions annually. If you seek a team passionate about property marketing, Mainroad Marketing is your go-to for outstanding results and unbeatable value.

Address: Warehouse 13, 51-55 Centre Way, Croydon South, VIC 3136

Phone: 03 9917 8545

Social: Mainroad Marketing

Contact : Mainroad Marketing Team

Urban Angels, a prominent real estate photography powerhouse in Melbourne, understands that property images go beyond beauty—they must generate leads. With expertise in residential, commercial, builder & architectural, aerial & drone, lifestyle, and portrait photography, their specialist teams ensure every property stands out. As pioneers in utilising new technologies to reshape property marketing, Urban Angels captures the essence of homes and commercial spaces, creating valuable opportunities for clients. Their success is defined by the opportunities they create and the contribution to clients’ success. With a team of over 50 creative minds fostering innovation and empathy, Urban Angels collaborates seamlessly, taking the hard work out of delivering a successful marketing campaign.

Address: 35 Mount St Melbourne, VIC 3181

Phone: 1300144255

Social: Urban Angels

Contact : John Wheatley & Jules Tahan

Les Hutt Photography, owned and operated by Les himself, is a go-to for real estate photography in Melbourne. Specializing in “PJ” (Photo Journalistic) style, Les captures natural, candid moments that stand out in the real estate market. His services include property profiles, aerial drone images, floor plans, virtual staging, and 360 virtual tours. Les believes in making photography accessible to all budgets, offering pricing that suits every occasion, from real estate to events, weddings, and family portraits. With a passion for capturing precious memories, Les ensures a comfortable and relaxed experience, making every photo session enjoyable and memorable for clients.

Address: 61 Hayton Park Blvd, Cranbourne West VIC 3977

Phone: 0433 298 300

Social: Les Hutt Photography

Contact : Les Hutt

Alex Davey Photography, a Melbourne-based gem, specializes in crafting captivating visual narratives for the hospitality, architecture, and real estate sectors. With a unique background as an estate agent and chef, Alex brings a profound understanding of these industries, ensuring tailored and impactful content. Having honed his skills in some of Victoria’s finest restaurants and traveled extensively, Alex combines attention to detail with a global perspective. His photography not only tells compelling stories but also enhances engagement, fostering growth and profitability for restaurants, hotels, developers, and real estate businesses. Alex’s multifaceted career uniquely positions him to deliver content that resonates with clients’ needs, making him a standout choice for businesses aiming to thrive visually.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0419 806 434

Social: Alex Davey Photography

Contact : Alex Davey


In Melbourne’s real estate realm, the lens becomes the gateway to unlocking a property’s full potential. Real estate photographers, exemplified by the Top 10 featured here, showcase the dedication, creativity, and technical prowess required to stand out in this competitive field.

The journey of real estate photographers in Melbourne extends beyond capturing spaces; it’s about elevating the market, shaping perceptions, and influencing decisions. The dynamic synergy between their lenses and the city’s diverse real estate offerings forms the foundation of an industry thriving on visual allure. Embracing challenges, celebrating victories, and continuously refining their craft, each frame contributes to the visual tapestry that makes Melbourne’s real estate market truly extraordinary.