In the bustling culinary landscape of Melbourne, VIC, where each dish is a work of art, the power of visual storytelling can elevate your food business to new heights.

As a purveyor of delectable delights, the way your offerings are presented can make all the difference.

Enter Melbourne’s top food photographers, your silent partners in the quest to not just sell food but to create an irresistible culinary experience.

Picture this: your signature dishes captured in exquisite detail, every flavor-infused moment frozen in time.

Melbourne’s food photographers are not merely professionals behind the lens; they are architects of desire, crafting images that entice, seduce, and ultimately, drive sales.

Your menu, your culinary identity, is about to be translated into a visual symphony that resonates with your audience, creating a craving that can only be satisfied by a visit to your establishment.

Based in Melbourne, this accomplished commercial food photographer is celebrated for a flexible, chameleon-like approach. Sally’s skill set also extends to lifestyle and interior photography, catering to a diverse range of clients from small local businesses to prestigious names like The Langham Group, T2 Tea, Hilton, and even working alongside eminent chef Gordon Ramsay. Her portfolio, a testament to a unique blend of minimalism, editorial and contemporary style, is ideal for sophisticated interiors and captivating restaurant menus, but is just as at home with vibrant street-food. Having rapidly risen as one of Melbourne’s foremost food photographers, Sally has established a reputation for a fresh, contemporary, and versatile style, with an outstanding professional and friendly approach.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0412 728 084

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Contact : Sally Hulse

Introducing Lauren, the creative force behind The Hungry Lens, a top-tier Melbourne food photography gem. With an innate passion for capturing culinary delights, Lauren thrives on shooting real, delectable dishes on location – from cosy cafés to bustling restaurants across Melbourne. Whether she’s hovering near the kitchen pass or standing on milk crates to get a better view of a table full of food, Lauren’s lens crafts images that are not just visually enticing, but also perfect for elevating your website and social media feeds. If you’re in search of mouthwatering visuals that tell your food story authentically, The Hungry Lens is your go-to partner in the vibrant world of Melbourne’s gastronomic scene.

Phone: 0439 803 166

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Contact : Lauren Sadler

Discover the artistry of Iron Chef Shellie, a Melbourne-based food photography powerhouse. With immersive four-day workshops suitable for both professionals and beginners, Shellie Froidevaux shares her passion and expertise. From scrumptious baked oatmeal with raspberries to exquisite chocolate babka buns, her lens captures not just food but the heart of culinary experiences. Shellie’s Cabin Fever Cookbook, co-authored with Ewen Bell, delves into the beauty of Arctic Scandinavia with over 100 genuine recipes. As a seasoned photographer, recipe developer, and culinary storyteller, Shellie Froidevaux stands ready to transform your food business into a visual feast. Elevate your offerings with the unique perspective of Iron Chef Shellie’s lens.

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Contact : Shellie Froidevaux

Meet Sammy Green, a Melbourne-based photographer and stylist, specializing in the art of food photography. With a Diploma of Photo Imaging from RMIT University, Sammy’s lens captures the essence of culinary delights. Her extensive travels through Europe and America enrich her food philosophy, reflected in her unique approach to photography. Sammy collaborates closely with business owners, including renowned names like Crown Melbourne and Grill’d, to craft images that showcase the beauty of their products and brands. Beyond photography, Sammy offers mentoring and tailored teaching sessions, making her not just a photographer but a guiding force for those entering the world of visual storytelling. Elevate your brand with Sammy Green Photography.

Phone: 0418 225 742

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For those in Melbourne seeking a food photographer with a flair for capturing the essence of culinary artistry, Vanessa Claire Photography is a standout choice. With a background that marries artistic passion with technical skill, this photographer specialises in creating images that are not only visually stunning, but also tell the story of each dish’s journey from kitchen to plate. Emphasising natural beauty and minimalistic processing, they ensure that the authentic appeal of the food is front and centre. Their extensive experience and commitment to quality make them an ideal partner for businesses looking to elevate their culinary presentations.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0492 925 893

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Contact : Vanessa Bullard

Felicia, the creative force behind Fliske’s Food Studio in Melbourne, Australia, is not just a food photographer but a culinary artist. Specializing in capturing the essence of food, Felicia’s images spotlight the real hero—the delicious creations she bakes and develops. With a penchant for crafting unique recipes and adding innovative twists to classic treats, Fliske’s Food Studio brings a distinctive ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ flair to the table. Felicia’s collaborative spirit extends beyond Melbourne, welcoming projects from around Australia and the world. If you’re seeking a food photographer and recipe developer with a passion for storytelling through images, Fliske’s Food Studio is your pal in the world of visual gastronomy.

Phone: 0410 158 011

Social: Fliske's Food Studio

Contact : Felicia Chuo

Immerse your brand in the artistic lens of Hannah Caldwell Photography, where food becomes a captivating symphony of color, texture, and light. With over a decade’s experience and a fine art background, Hannah elevates food photography to an immersive experience. Her images, characterized by rich hues and minimal aesthetics, reveal a profound appreciation for drama and emotion. Having collaborated with renowned chefs, art directors, and stylists, Hannah understands the essence of bringing your products to life. Recognized globally, her accolades include being listed in the 2023/2024 Lurzers Archive Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide. For an exquisite visual journey that transcends the ordinary, Hannah Caldwell Photography is your gateway to culinary storytelling.

Phone: 0420 979 500

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Contact : Hannah Caldwell

Dina El-Hakim, an aerospace engineer turned photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, weaves her passion for creativity into every frame. Armed with a two-year diploma from Montreal, Canada, she founded Dina El-Hakim Photogra-phi, inspired by the golden ratio’s mathematical elegance. Dina’s lens captures more than just images; it encapsulates stories. Specializing in lifestyle, food, and portraits, she crafts visual narratives that evoke nostalgia and strong presence. Traveling extensively, Dina welcomes global collaborations, aiming to bring beautiful, high-quality photographs to brands worldwide. Allow her to transform your creative ideas into captivating visual tales, enriching your brand with a unique blend of artistry and technical finesse.

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Contact : Dina El-Hakim

Therese Bourne, a Melbourne-based freelance food photographer, defines herself as a visual storyteller with a passion for transforming the ordinary into the beautiful. In the heart of Australia’s culinary hub, Therese collaborates with clients to craft powerful and inspiring images. Her work draws inspiration from the natural shapes and colors of food, emphasizing emotion and drama through the interplay of light and shadow. Specializing in shoots for books, restaurants, magazines, e-commerce, websites, and social media, Therese brings clients’ visions to life. Whether working independently or fostering creative collaboration, she excels in making the mundane captivating and the ordinary truly extraordinary.

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Contact : Therese Bourne

Gareth Sobey, a Melbourne-based photographer, welcomes you to a world where expressive color, structured composition, and playful insights converge in captivating food photography. His commercial practice thrives in both studio and location settings, collaborating with renowned Australian and international brands, publications, and agencies. Partnered with art director and stylist Melinda King, they jointly helm the production company King & Sobey. Gareth’s lens has graced the visual narratives of Monocle Magazine, QT Hotels, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, and more. His exploration of culinary aesthetics transcends traditional boundaries, delivering visually compelling stories that resonate with the essence of each brand. Elevate your brand with Gareth Sobey’s distinctive touch.

Phone: 0413 022 040

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Contact : Gareth Sobey


As you reflect on the visual feast presented by Melbourne’s food photographers, consider the impact on your bottom line. Each image is a virtual invitation, a persuasive nudge to explore your culinary offerings. These visual storytellers aren’t just capturing moments; they are amplifying the allure of your brand, making your food not just a meal but a must-try experience.

Dear culinary entrepreneur, in a city where competition is as fierce as the flavors on your menu, these photographers are your secret weapon. As you navigate the world of food business, let the images speak louder than words, drawing customers into the gastronomic haven you’ve created. Melbourne’s top food photographers are not just capturing images; they are creating opportunities for you to savor success, one click at a time.