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I am a food photographer located in Geelong- available both around the Geelong region and in Melbourne. My passion for photography started alongside that of delectable food during my numerous trips to Europe. Particularly in Italy, I was immersed in their love for both food and art, bringing that passion back to Australia.

Melbourne’s hospitality scene is so rich diversity and creativity. I take time to understand every one of my client’s businesses and not just photograph the food, but bring out the energy of the establishment through imagery. My goal is to pick out what makes your business unique and create a photography style that encases that, rather than a one size fits all approach. I am more than happy to offer creative suggestions for photoshoots, but I equally enjoy making your vision come to life.

I have an Engineering degree and a career in corporate, while rather irrelevant to photography, does show that I have a high level of professionalism and commitment to your project.

Photographer Profile - Vanessa Bullard

I am a photographer based in Geelong, an hour south of Melbourne. I have a wide range of experience in commercial photography. I have spent extensive time overseas, attending workshops with world renowned photographers, refining my photography style and knowledge.
My photographic style is adaptive and timeless. I aim to understand your business and create an image that is unique to your brand. I also have a background in Engineering and working in corporate firms, providing me with a high level of professionalism with all my clients.

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