Are you on the hunt for a fashion photographer in Melbourne, who can truly capture your essence? Finding the right photographer can be a game-changer for your fashion aspirations.

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes; it’s a form of expression, a way to showcase your unique style and personality. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a photographer who not only has the technical skills but also the creative vision to bring your ideas to life.

The photographers we’re about to introduce have mastered the art of fashion photography. They offer sessions that are not just about taking pictures but creating a memorable experience that’s absolutely worth your investment.

Get ready to meet Melbourne’s finest, who understand the language of fashion and can translate your vision into stunning, timeless photographs.

Find unparalleled creativity and dedication with MJ Bentley at MJ Images, a beacon of fashion photography in Melbourne. With a foundation in fashion photography, Bentley brings over 10,000 hours of experience to every shoot, from meticulously planned projects with an elite team of stylists and artists to spontaneous sets that capture the essence of the moment. Recognised for both their gallery exhibits and published works, Bentley’s expertise extends beyond fashion into boudoir and portraiture, always with a promise to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. As a recipient of notable photography awards and with a commitment to ongoing learning at the University of Melbourne, MJ Bentley’s work is not just about capturing images but creating memorable, personality-filled experiences.

Phone: 0410 314 892

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Dive into the captivating world of Peter Coulson, Melbourne’s acclaimed master of black-and-white photography. Specialising in beauty, fashion, and fetish genres, Coulson’s work stands out for its sensual, mysterious, and elegantly twisted humour. With over 15 years of commercial photography experience, his dedication to the craft is unparalleled, dividing his time equally between commercial work, education, and pursuing personal passions. Coulson’s meticulous attention to detail, mastery of lighting, and ability to evoke emotion through his imagery have garnered a global following. His photographs, known for their mental and visual stimulation, have earned him prestigious awards, including AIPP Australian Photographer of the Year. Coulson’s continuous exploration of light and emotion through ongoing projects makes him a distinguished name in the Melbourne fashion photography scene.

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From the vibrant streets of Melbourne, Vlad Savin emerges as a leading name in fashion photography. Originating from Romania, Savin has carved a niche in the realms of fashion portraiture, editorial, and commercial photography. His expertise spans look-books, campaigns, advertising, e-commerce, and modelling portfolios, making him a versatile choice for any fashion project. Savin’s collaborations with esteemed publications such as REVS Digital, Nasty Magazine, and Fashion Journal, alongside notable clients like Cotton On and Kalaurie, underscore his ability to capture the essence of fashion. His work, highly sought after for its distinct style and creativity, offers a fresh perspective in the fashion industry. Vlad Savin’s dedication to his craft not only showcases his talent but also brings a unique vision to every project he undertakes.

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In the dynamic world of Melbourne fashion, Mark Fitzgerald stands out as a photographer with a flair for capturing the essence of his subjects. With over a decade of experience, Mark combines his love for the technicalities of photography with an extroverted approach that brings out the best in models. Specialising in advertising, fashion, and commercial photography, he has a unique ability to convey powerful messages through his images, ensuring they speak directly to the audience. Mark’s expertise extends to meticulous shoot production, where his knack for assembling the perfect team ensures every project’s success. His personal touch on set, connecting with subjects to draw out genuine expressions, sets his work apart.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0438 242 676

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From the rustic charm of a dairy farm to the dynamic world of fashion photography, Tracey Lee Hayes has journeyed through the realms of imagery to become one of Melbourne’s most celebrated photographers. Her early fascination with Polaroids has evolved into a vibrant career, capturing the essence of fashion with a keen eye for detail and an unwavering passion for storytelling. Having honed her skills at Melbourne’s RMIT University and alongside some of Australia’s photographic icons, Tracey now shines in her work with illustrious brands like Myer and Bonds, and her editorial brilliance graces the pages of international magazines. Renowned for her energetic approach and dedication to promoting female talent, Tracey Lee Hayes stands out as a beacon of inspiration and creativity in the fashion photography scene of Melbourne.

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Traversing the vibrant cities of Melbourne and Brisbane, Jess Lafrankie has made a significant mark in the Australian fashion photography scene. A distinguished Photography Studies College graduate and a proud member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Jess brings over a decade of experience to the table. Her work, featured in more than 40 international magazines, showcases a seamless fusion of art and advertising, setting her apart in the industry. Jess’s unique style not only captures the essence of fashion but also tells a story, making her a sought-after photographer for those looking to add depth and distinction to their visual presentations. Her ability to blend creativity with commercial appeal makes Jess Lafrankie a standout choice for fashion enthusiasts in Melbourne and beyond.

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Navigating the vibrant streets from Brisbane to Melbourne, Katie Fergus has emerged as a distinguished voice in fashion and street-style photography. With a background in photojournalism, Katie’s relocation to Melbourne marked the beginning of a passionate journey into capturing the essence of street style and fashion. Her talent for documenting individuality and creative flair has not only made her a fixture at major fashion weeks around the globe but also a favoured photographer among high-profile clients like David Jones and Bulgari. Katie’s work, celebrated in prestigious publications such as Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR, showcases her adeptness in creative direction and concept development. With over a decade of experience, Katie Fergus stands out for her effortless capture of fashion’s dynamic spirit, making her a sought-after name for those looking to immortalise their style.

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From the early days of transforming a family bathroom into a darkroom, Bernard Gueit’s fascination with photography has grown into the renowned Bernard Gueit Studios in Melbourne. His journey, fuelled by an insatiable passion for capturing moments, has seen him delve deeply into the realms of film, photography, and lighting. Bernard’s work is a testament to his belief in photography as a continuous journey of discovery, influenced by legendary masters and the vibrant scenes of music videos from the past decades. Known for his meticulous eye for detail and a work ethic that matches his friendly nature, Bernard stands out as both an ideal collaborator and a visionary capable of bringing any concept to life.

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As you’ve seen, Melbourne is home to some truly talented fashion photographers, each with a unique ability to capture the essence of style and personality. Your choice of photographer can dramatically influence how your fashion vision is brought to life.

Having a keen fashion sense is paramount for a fashion photographer. It’s not just about the ability to take a good photo but to understand and anticipate trends, to see beyond the lens, and bring out the unseen beauty in every shot.

Whether you’re a designer, model, or simply passionate about fashion, partnering with the right photographer in Melbourne can make all the difference. It’s about creating art that reflects your style and vision.

Choose someone whose work resonates with you and who understands the importance of fashion in photography. Here’s to finding the perfect photographer to tell your fashion story!