In the heart of South Australia, Adelaide boasts a vibrant cultural tapestry, and at its core are the skilled artists who capture the essence of individuals through the lens. The Best Portrait Photographers in Adelaide stand as custodians of moments, weaving narratives of life, emotion, and personality. From the intimate streets of the Central Business District to the serene landscapes of the Adelaide Hills, these photographers showcase a profound understanding of their craft. In this thriving city, each click of the shutter immortalizes stories, making Adelaide a haven for those seeking portraiture that transcends the ordinary.


Avalon City Imaging Photography, nestled in Adelaide’s CBD, stands as a vibrant and engaging studio renowned for its captivating portraits. With a collective experience surpassing 50 years, the dedicated team specializes in crafting exceptional and personalized artwork designed to endure the test of time. Their expertise extends across Family, Portrait, Wedding, Boudoir, Newborn, and Fashion Photography. Housed on the historic Chesser Street within a three-story terrace building, the studio pays homage to Australia’s photography elite who have graced its premises. In continuing this rich legacy, the Avalon City Imaging team takes pride in creating beautiful and enduring artwork, establishing itself as a cornerstone in Adelaide’s photography scene.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0414 427 972

Social: Avalon City Imaging Photography

Contact : David Markevicius

Little Car Photography, led by the talented photographer Sarah, is a warm and welcoming wedding photography service based in the picturesque landscapes of South Australia. Sarah specializes in capturing the artistry and authenticity of weddings and portraits, infusing a natural and organic approach into her work. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for candid moments, Little Car Photography is the ideal choice for free-spirited individuals who appreciate the beauty of little details and cherish genuine emotions. Sarah’s dedication to simplicity and honesty is evident not only in her photography but also in her seamless booking process and transparent pricing.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0432 902 980

Social: Little Car Photography

Contact : Sarah

Aleshin Photography, under the creative direction of photographer Alex Aleshin, is a premier portrait photography service based in Adelaide. Renowned for providing personalized experiences, the studio excels in delivering exceptional quality that immortalizes each client’s distinct personality and style in breathtaking images. Whether it’s the polished professionalism of professional headshots or the emotional resonance captured in stunning family portraits, Alex Aleshin’s skills and extensive knowledge shine through. With a commitment to excellence, Aleshin Photography ensures that every image tells a unique story, reflecting the essence of those in front of the lens. Elevate your portrait experience with Aleshin Photography, where personalized attention meets the artistry of capturing moments that last a lifetime.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Social: Aleshin Photography

Contact : Alex Aleshin

Adelaide Portrait Studios, a collaboration between award-winning photographers David Haddy of Private Collections Photography and Deanna Dunbar of Deanna Photographics, merges decades of expertise to offer an unparalleled photography experience. With over 60 years of combined experience, 500+ weddings, and thousands of family portraits, their fully equipped studio and state-of-the-art production department ensure optimal client comfort. David specializes in fine art, black & white family, and children’s portraits, known for timeless and emotive works. Deanna, accredited by AIPP, excels in capturing “Rural people and places” and has exhibited as a purchased artist. Their in-house production, led by David, guarantees the finest quality portraits, reflecting their mastery and dedication to the art.

Address: Kent Town, SA

Phone: 08 8362 3850

Social: Adelaide Portrait Studios

Contact : David Haddy

Impressions Photography Studio, Adelaide’s premier portrait photography destination, boasts a team of award-winning photographers dedicated to crafting creative and proudly displayed imagery. Operating from their vibrant studio in Medindie and the scenic surrounding areas, they offer both in-studio and on-location shoots, including home sessions. Client collaboration is paramount, with a focus on designing sessions tailored to individual styles and preferences. The studio’s commitment to capturing special moments is evident in their diverse portfolio, showcasing candid, formal, or hybrid styles. With a passion for constant innovation, Impressions Photography Studio ensures each session is unique, inspired by client visions, and brought to life by their skilled artists.

Address: Medindie, SA

Phone: 08 8410 8388

Social: Impressions Photography Studio

Contact : Darren Hersey

Amelia McLeod, an Adelaide-based photographer, is passionately dedicated to capturing exquisite portraits that transcend time. With a belief in the inherent beauty of all individuals, Amelia aims to unveil and immortalize the essence of each person, reflecting strength and self-expression in timeless photographs. Her work communicates life’s essence, leaving clients with a profound sense of pride and confidence in their unique individuality. Specializing in portrait photography, Amelia’s lens uncovers distinctive beauty and amplifies untold strength, inspiring wonder and authentic emotion—an artful celebration of life. Whether in her lush foothills studio or on location, Amelia crafts personalized photoshoots for individuals, pairs, or small groups, documenting achievements, adventures, and personalities for generations to come.

Address: Colonel Light Gardens, SA

Phone: 0422 495 488

Social: Amelia McLeod Photography

Contact : Amelia McLeod

Meet Tanya & Mike, the passionate owners, photographers, and videographers of Amelia McLeod Photography in Adelaide. Beyond a profession, capturing life’s pivotal moments is their daily adventure, marked by new faces, continuous learning, and self-imposed challenges. As a family business, they find joy in working side by side, infusing love for photography and videography into every aspect of life. Tanya’s photographic journey began at age 11, fueled by a desire for storytelling and capturing beauty. Seven years ago, Mike joined, drawn to the creative allure of photography and videography, especially within the music realm. From live bands to weddings, their lens tells stories that resonate and immortalize cherished moments.

Address: Walkley Heights, SA

Phone: 0401 600 552

Social: TB Photography & Videography

Contact : Tanya & Mike

Welcome to Marina Birch Photography, Adelaide’s premier destination for professional portrait photography, boasting over two decades of expertise. Marina Birch, the visionary behind the lens, offers on-location and in-studio services. Her versatile skills cover an array of photography services, from headshots to personal and business branding, capturing the fluidity of dance, the dynamism of club sports, the essence of events, and heartwarming family portraits.

For headshot needs, Marina operates a mobile studio across Adelaide and provides an in-studio experience at the Highbury studio for individuals. Tailoring packages to suit diverse requirements, she excels in professional corporate portraits, LinkedIn profile images, website photography, personal and business branding, team group images, and staff headshots.

Address: Highbury, SA

Phone: 0417 816 782

Social: Marina Birch Photography

Contact : Marina Birch


As the sun sets over Adelaide’s picturesque skyline, the legacy of the Best Portrait Photographers continues to unfold. In the dance of light and shadow, these artists have etched indelible stories onto film and pixels, leaving a visual legacy for generations to come. Adelaide’s diverse backdrop, from the vibrant beach scenes of Glenelg to the historic charm of North Adelaide, has been the canvas for these photographers to paint compelling portraits. In the embrace of this creative community, the Best Portrait Photographers in Adelaide have not only captured faces but also the spirit of a city that celebrates the unique and the extraordinary. Their lenses have rendered the people of Adelaide timeless, ensuring that in every frame, the essence of this beautiful city is preserved for the ages.