Embarking on a journey to capture the essence of Adelaide’s vibrant real estate scene, real estate photographers play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of each property. In the heart of South Australia, Adelaide stands as a canvas for architectural diversity and scenic beauty, and their lenses unveil these treasures. Their artistry doesn’t merely document spaces; it tells stories, evokes emotions, and sparks interest. In this exploration of the top real estate photographers in Adelaide, SA, one delves into the talents that elevate property marketing to an art form. Each click resonates with the potential to turn a viewer into a buyer, and as they navigate through these profiles, envisioning the impact their craft can have on the city’s dynamic real estate landscape.

In-House Imaging, based in Adelaide, stands out as a premier choice for real estate photography, videography, virtual tours, and drone services. With a commitment to exceeding expectations, they bring a unique perspective that elevates properties to new heights. Striking a balance between presenting homes in their best light and ensuring a realistic representation, In-House Imaging aims not only to attract clients but to convert browsers into buyers. Their investment in outstanding imaging products reflects a dedication to the success of your business. Choosing In-House Imaging means choosing a team that sees the world differently, offering an exceptional first impression for real estate ventures in Adelaide and beyond.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0455 242 082

Social: In-House Imaging

Contact : Eric & Sarah-Jane

PiX Snap, a leading Real Estate Media Company in Adelaide, SA, offers a comprehensive range of services to elevate property marketing. With a focus on sincere relationships and high-quality media, PiX Snap goes beyond traditional listing photos. Their expertise spans day photography, showcasing properties with precision lighting, interiors photography capturing key components, and twilight/dusk photography for a captivating wow factor. PiX Snap also provides innovative solutions such as floor plans, aerial video, virtual furniture, commercial photography, and agent headshots. Committed to creatively displaying homes to their maximum potential, PiX Snap’s visual marketing campaigns attract potential buyers and set a standard of excellence in Adelaide’s real estate scene.

Address: 45 Blamey Ave, Broadview SA 5083

Phone: 0404 999 345

Social: PiX Snap

Contact : Ashok

Clique Creative, housing South Australia’s esteemed real estate photographers and marketing specialists, provides a distinctive and personalized experience for property, people, and projects. Since 2011, their real estate division offers premium photography, videography, floor plans, copywriting, and 3D renders across South Australia. The marketing division excels in social media management, advertising, graphic design, website development, and marketing coaching. With a passionate and talented team, Clique Creative stands out for its exceptional customer service, embracing natural daylight and twilight photography to showcase properties’ true magic. Offering aerial views and portrait sessions, they ensure a comprehensive approach to visual marketing, making them a top choice for real estate professionals in Adelaide.

Address: 86 Welland Avenue Welland, SA 5007

Phone: 08 8241 7867

Social: Clique Creative

Contact : Zoe

The Fotobase Group, headquartered in Adelaide, is a powerhouse in real estate photography and videography, offering a comprehensive suite of services to elevate property marketing. With a team of over 70 staff members, they are one of Australia’s largest marketing companies. The Fotobase Group goes beyond traditional photography, providing innovative solutions like drone photography, 3D renders, and virtual tours. Their video offerings, including creative, emotive, and deluxe day & dusk options, showcase properties dynamically. The company’s commitment to quality and service led to the development of CampaignCloud, an online campaign management software, ensuring seamless processes for clients. Director Jason Gentle emphasizes customer satisfaction, making The Fotobase Group a top choice for real estate agencies seeking excellence in Adelaide.

Address: 827 South Road Clarence Gardens, SA 5039

Phone: 08 8229 9000

Social: The Fotobase Group

Contact : Jason Gentle

Aleshin Photography, based in Adelaide, brings a distinct touch to real estate and Airbnb photography. With a focus on professionalism, their expertise lies in showcasing properties with attention to detail and a wealth of experience. Whether selling a home or attracting guests to an Airbnb, Aleshin Photography collaborates with clients to create a visual experience that leaves a lasting impression. The services extend beyond real estate, encompassing commercial photography, portraits, events, and food. Aleshin Photography invites clients to embark on a journey together, elevating the real estate and Airbnb game to new heights through their unique and distinctive approach.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Social: Aleshin Photography

Contact : Alex Aleshin

Recognized as the best in Adelaide, Property Lane Images is an esteemed real estate photography firm known for excellence. Acknowledged as experienced and professional, they consistently deliver high-quality property photographs, earning commendation in a prestigious award article. Their diverse photography services span real estate, commercial, drone, lifestyle, family, corporate, holiday home/Airbnb, and new home/builders photography. Offering more than just visual appeal, Property Lane Images excels in floor plan creation, virtual tours, and virtual furniture, ensuring a comprehensive suite of services. Trusted and recommended, this skilled team is dedicated to showcasing properties in the best light, making them an optimal choice for those seeking exceptional real estate photography in Adelaide.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0433 040 111

Social: Property Lane Images

Contact : Teresa Lane

SkyPix Group, based in Adelaide, stands out as a versatile photography service dedicated to capturing the essence of your event, business, or special day. Specializing in real estate photography, they skillfully highlight the best aspects of residential and commercial properties. The SkyPix Group’s commitment extends beyond real estate, covering weddings and events. With a focus on showcasing the unique features that make each moment special, they bring a creative touch to their photography. Whether it’s capturing the charm of a home or the magic of an event, SkyPix Group ensures a memorable visual narrative, making them a valuable choice for those seeking top-notch real estate photographers in Adelaide.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0478 074 879

Social: SkyPix Group

Contact : SkyPix Group Team

Dave Baun Photography, located in Adelaide, offers a diverse range of photography services, making them a versatile choice for real estate and beyond. Specializing in real estate photography, Dave Baun brings a creative eye to capture the essence of properties. From landscapes and food to events, business, wildlife, and products, his expertise spans various domains. Clients can also explore a variety of prints available, showcasing the beauty and artistry of his work. With a focus on product, real estate, and business photos, Dave Baun Photography provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking captivating visuals in Adelaide and surrounding areas.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0401 523 775

Social: Dave Baun Photography

Contact : Dave Baun

Picture It Sold, a prominent name in Adelaide’s real estate photography and videography scene, takes pride in delivering top-notch services. Specializing in capturing high-quality imagery and videos, they aim to showcase properties in their most desirable light. With a focus on personal and professional service, Picture It Sold is committed to creating lasting impressions that highlight a property’s unique qualities, design, and personality. Sean and Thomas, the driving forces behind the venture, aspire to provide service excellence to businesses and clients alike, ensuring properties are represented in an alluring and engaging manner. Choose Picture It Sold for a visual experience that elevates your real estate presentation in Adelaide.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0422 187 801

Social: Picture It Sold

Contact : Sean Cummins

Andrew Waters Photography, operating from the northwestern region of Adelaide, specializes in delivering exceptional real estate photography services. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or a specialized project, Andrew Waters strives to provide first-class property marketing components. With a focus on real estate photography, floorplans, and aerial/drone imagery, their services cater to a diverse range of needs. Andrew Waters’ commitment to capturing properties in their best light makes him a reliable choice for those seeking top-tier real estate photography in Adelaide. Elevate your property marketing with Andrew Waters Photography’s dedication to delivering high-quality visual content for effective and impactful presentations.

Address: 9 Yellow Gum Ave, Athol Park SA 5012

Phone: 0458 582 734

Social: Andrew Waters Photography

Contact : Andrew Waters


Congratulations to the esteemed real estate photographers! Their commitment to excellence has illuminated Adelaide’s property market, turning listings into visual masterpieces. As they continue to capture the unique charm of residences, commercial spaces, and architectural wonders, they remember the profound influence they wield. Their dedication transforms pixels into dreams, enticing potential buyers and creating lasting impressions. In this vibrant city, their lenses shape the narrative of each property, and as they craft visual symphonies, they play a crucial role in the success of the real estate industry. The journey doesn’t end here; it unfolds with every snapshot, and their artistry paves the way for a future where Adelaide’s real estate stories are told through their discerning eyes. They keep capturing, keep creating, and continue to be the visionaries of Adelaide’s real estate photography landscape.