Wollongong, NSW

In Wollongong, Scribbly Gum photography stands out for making first impressions count with professional and polished headshots. Specialising in catering to sole traders, small businesses, and creative individuals, they offer a mobile studio service, bringing convenience directly to you. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor settings, they possess the technical expertise to align your headshot with your personal and professional brand. Led by an international award-winning photographer known for her exceptional skill in capturing the essence of her subjects, the studio prides itself on providing a personalised service. From the initial consultation to the delivery of high-quality portraits, clients enjoy a seamless and enjoyable photography experience.

Address: Wollongong, NSW

Phone: 0423 442 243

Social: Scribbly Gum Photography

Contact : Rachel

Explore the creative world of Sol Flare Photography, where storytelling through imagery is at the heart of their work. Led by Bec, a Wollongong native with a rich background in marketing, this studio specialises in corporate and branding photography, capturing the essence of brands with a personal touch. With experience working with notable Illawarra businesses, Sol Flare Photography skillfully weaves your brand’s story into visual content, from headshots to social media snaps. Her approach is about capturing genuine moments filled with smiles and sun-drenched memories, making each photo session an enjoyable experience. Sol Flare Photography is your go-to for images that speak volumes, telling your story without saying a word.

Address: Wollongong, NSW

Social: Sol Flare Photography

Contact : Rebecca Slade

Meet a freelance professional photographer who has made a name for himself across Wollongong by working directly with a variety of businesses, from well-established companies to emerging startups. Known for his vibrant and fresh approach, he specialises in creating authentic portraits and crafting strong visual narratives that enhance marketing efforts. Offering professional corporate photography, he aims to make each business stand out with his expertise. His approach is not just about capturing images but about telling a story that resonates with the audience, making him a sought-after headshot photographer for those looking to elevate their brand’s visual presentation.

Address: Wollongong, NSW

Phone: 0415 850 575

Social: Jeremy Park

Contact : Jeremy Park

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Central Coast, NSW

From the rugged beauty of Australia’s Central Coast, one photographer brings a unique blend of personal hobbies and professional expertise to the world of portrait photography. Capturing more than just faces, Anton delves deep into the essence of individuals, whether they’re builders, coaches, or entrepreneurs, showcasing their inner selves in a creatively cool light. His journey from South Africa to Sydney’s scenic shores has enriched his craft, making him not just a photographer but a storyteller with a camera. Specialising in commercial, portrait, and branding photography, he transforms visions into visual narratives, ensuring that professional headshots become the modern-day handshake for any business professional’s online presence.

Address: Central Coast, NSW

Phone: 0431 936 926

Social: Anton Rehrl Photography

Contact : Anton Rehrl

Capturing more than just a moment, this Terrigal Beach-based photographer excels in creating headshots that illuminate your professional persona. With a knack for making clients look confident, smart, and effortlessly joyful, she ensures that each image perfectly represents you and your brand. Whether you’re a creative, a corporate leader, or a CEO, the studio offers a tailored experience that produces a variety of looks in just 30 minutes. Beyond headshots, her expertise spans nearly two decades and includes branding, family, and product photography, making her a versatile choice for any photographic need. If you’re on the hunt for imagery that makes you feel like a rock star, her welcoming approach and professional studio await to highlight your unique story.

Address: Terrigal NSW 2260

Phone: 0434 854 075

Social: Ingrid Photography

Contact : Ingrid Sjodahl

With over a decade of experience and an eye for detail, this Gosford-based portrait photographer has made a name for capturing professional headshots that truly reflect each client’s best self. Offering both studio and on-location services across the Central Coast, she specialises in creating images perfect for everything from large advertising boards to LinkedIn profiles. Her approach to photography is personal and professional, ensuring that each image is a representation of the individual on their best day, with all the nuances of their personality shining through. With a promise of making the experience enjoyable, her sessions include expert guidance on posture and expression, along with professional retouching to highlight your natural features.

Address: 10/189 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257

Phone: 0467 505 678

Social: Louise Blake Photography

Contact : Louise Blake

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Newcastle, NSW

In Newcastle, a photography and videography team is changing the game for individuals seeking to truly stand out. At the heart of their service is a belief in chemistry over magic, ensuring each client shines authentically in their headshots and branding sessions. Handpicked for their talent and dedication, Good Thanks Media excels in creating meaningful connections, guaranteeing a seamless shoot experience. They understand the importance of up-to-date, on-brand imagery that confidently declares, “This is me,” helping clients make their mark with images that speak volumes. Perfect for those ready to present their authentic selves to the world, their approach is all about showcasing the real you, making them a top choice for headshot photography in Newcastle.

Address: Level 1/Suite 3, 4 Crown Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

Phone: 0434 129 427

Social: Good Thanks Media

Contact : Kat Stanley

Specialising in warm, engaging headshots that offer great value and a significant return on investment, this talented photographer based in the heart of Newcastle brings a personal touch to professional imagery. Known for a fast turnaround, often providing same-day service, Edward ensures that each client’s headshot acts as an impactful personal logo and online presence statement. Tailoring sessions to reflect the unique brand of each business, he crafts images perfect for websites, social media, and beyond, all while establishing credibility and building trust with target audiences. With a knack for making clients feel comfortable and relaxed, he creates standout images that not only enhance professional profiles but also set individuals apart in their marketplace, making him a go-to for corporate headshots in the area.

Address: 26 Pacific St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Phone: 0414 609 088

Social: Edward Cross Photography

Contact : Edward Cross

Meet one of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s most esteemed professional photographers, with a career that spans decades and a portfolio enriched by global experience. Andrew Monger’s ability to capture the essence of his subjects has made his studio a top choice for local businesses and community organisations. Renowned for his friendly demeanour and exceptional communication skills, he effortlessly captures both the required shots and those spontaneous moments that truly tell a story. Specialising in corporate headshots, his work helps to forge trust and recognition between businesses and their clients, showcasing the genuine faces behind the brands. His long-standing membership with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography since 1980 underlines his commitment to excellence in his craft.

Address: 14 Bailey St, Adamstown NSW 2289

Phone: 02 4957 3777

Social: AJM Photography

Contact : Andrew James Monger

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Sydney, NSW

When it comes to headshot photography services based out of Sydney, Hero Shot Photography is a wonderful choice of photography studio. Hero Shot Photography advertises itself as “Australia’s Best Rated Headshot Photographer,” with services provided across the greater metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. With a bevy of industry awards from major media outlets, Hero Shot Photography offers headshots for both companies and individuals, opening up the photography services to clients of all kinds.

Address: Studio 5/77 Parramatta Road, Annandale, NSW 2038

Phone: 0422 296 313

Social: Hero Shot Photography

Contact : Sammer

Daniel Sommer Photography is a one-of-a-kind photography studio located in Sydney with a track record of excellence across the board when it comes to headshots and personal photo shoots. Daniel Sommer Photography can work closely with clients in the lead-up to the session, tackling questions about clothing, posing, hair and makeup styling, after-session assistance, and any other kind of help that the photographer-in-chief can provide. With Daniel Sommer Photography, Sydney-based clients are guaranteed a set of incredible headshots.

Address: Studio 3/19-25 Wellington St, Chippendale, NSW 2008

Phone: 02 9299 3041

Social: Daniel Sommer Photography

Contact : Daniel Sommer

Georgie Greene Photography offers a premier Sydney headshot photography mobile service catering to busy professionals and companies. By creating a compact professional lighting set-up at your location, we seamlessly save you valuable time without compromising on the quality you deserve. Your vision takes centre stage, as we specialise in crafting distinctive headshots aligned with your goals for websites, LinkedIn profiles, social media, and marketing materials.

Georgie stands out in creating a relaxed and enjoyable photo session, particularly when putting camera-shy individuals at ease. Infused with a touch of British humour, the experience is both professional and enjoyable. Georgie’s primary objective is to showcase her clients at their absolute best—approachable, genuine, and proud-worthy headshots that consistently earn glowing 5-star reviews.

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30 mins. Session

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Pro Package


45 mins. Session

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Star Package


1 Hour Session

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Address: 35A Sutherland Crescent, Darling Point, NSW 2027

Phone: 0414 679 797

Social: Georgie Greene Photography

Contact : Georgie Greene

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