Sydney, NSW

Capturing the vibrant essence of Sydney’s iconic beaches through his lens, Mark Hunter has established himself as a standout figure in the realm of fashion and surf photography. With a rich background that spans from the bustling streets of London to the serene shores of Bondi Beach, his work beautifully marries the worlds of fashion editorial and surf action. Renowned for photographing top surfers around the globe and his contributions to international surf magazines, Mark’s unique perspective and stunning visuals are a testament to his expertise. Residing just a stone’s throw from Bondi Beach, he’s a familiar sight along the coast, expertly capturing the dynamic interplay of culture and sport.

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Nestled in Sydney’s North Shore, Maree Turk, affectionately known as Mim, brings a vibrant tapestry of creativity and storytelling to the realm of photography. Specialising in a wide spectrum from events and lifestyle to fashion and documentary, Mim’s work is a celebration of life’s myriad moments. Her lens has captured the dynamic essence of Street Style for Cocktail Revolution and the bustling energy of Sydney Fashion Week, alongside collaborations with notable names and businesses. Beyond photography, Maree’s talents extend to creating short films for social media, hosting the insightful ‘Faith and Create’ podcast, and engaging in mixed media commissions. Maree’s approach is both educational and deeply intuitive, making Mim Maree Photography a sought-after name for those wishing to capture the essence of their story.

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Creating images that resonate in the bustling realms of print and digital media, Kent Johnson brings a blend of passion, professionalism, and a keen eye for the uniqueness of the Sydney fashion photography scene. With a career adorned by achievements, including semi-finalist positions in the prestigious Moran Prize and Head On, his work has also found a home in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Kent’s approach to photography is collaborative and finely tuned to the needs of each project, ensuring standout results whether on location or in the studio. His work spans fashion, lifestyle and portraits, crafted with a depth of experience. Kent Johnson’s dedication to capturing the essence of each subject makes his photography not just seen but felt.

Phone: 0433 796 863

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