Melbourne, VIC

MJ Bentley: The Queer Boudoir Photographer Taking Melbourne By Storm

Capturing Elegance, MJ Bentley’s Photography Reigns Supreme in Melbourne. At only 31 years old, MJ Bentley has taken the photography scene in Melbourne by storm, surpassing all competition with an undeniable flair for capturing elegance and allure like no other. In the world of photography, MJ’s lens is a work of art that leaves competitors in awe and clients clamouring for more.

With a unique approach that blends creativity and professionalism, MJ’s portfolio is a visual feast of captivating and alluring moments. Their work exudes a rare combination of sophistication and sensuality, making it a cut above the rest.

But what sets MJ Bentley apart from the crowd is their innate ability to put models at ease, creating a comfortable and empowering environment for every shoot. This results in images that are not just beautiful but authentic, capturing the true essence of each subject.

Phone: 0410 314 892

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With the services of carmensboudoir photography, clients in and around Melbourne can trust that they’ll receive a collection of utterly beguiling, charming boudoir photos after their photo sessions. carmensboudoir photography is helmed by Carmen, the lead photographer, who has been honing her craft since 1995. With decades of practical industry experience and an abiding passion for capturing women in a variety of poses that can be “fun, sexy, and classy” in equal parts, Carmen is a great choice for Melbourne-based boudoir photography. carmensboudoir photography is also staffed up by four professional hair & makeup artists who can take a woman’s look from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes.

Phone: 0407 296 204

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Contact : Carmen Lange

Natalia Naa is one of the most sought after boudoir photographers in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area, perfect for capturing those intimate, alluring shots. Natalia Naa is a true expert at creating portraits that are “intimate” and “powerful,” embracing rugged individuality while also taking a tone of grandiosity. Natalia encourages her clients to celebrate their “strength and womanhood” through her photography services, assisting and coaching women through a series of poses that will make them feel at home in their own bodies while appearing visually arresting and beautiful to all who look upon the resulting photographs.

Phone: 0451 302 828

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Contact : Natalia Naa

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