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I thought about what to write here besides my experience, awards, and passion (of course I have great passion!) As most families asked me if I studied photography as my profession, I thought I might talk about my journey to photography.

The answer is, no, photography was not my profession. I studied mathematics at university. I always liked the art and creative industry but parents told me to stay away from those and find a steady job. I listened and did pretty well in my ‘steady job’. However, I never enjoyed it and after five years, I fled. I came to Australia and studied social work (don’t ask me why. It’s like seeing guys when you haven’t met the destined one lol). I had my baby during my study and I had to take time off to take care of him. And I picked up my camera (more precisely, my husband’s).

The magical thing was that your heart seems to always know what you wanted. I could always squeeze time for photography while studying, working at the community center and taking care of my baby. I loved it. I felt that capturing one of the most emotional, rewarding, exciting moments in a family’s life, freezing it and giving it back to them is such a meaningful contribution. I worked as a contract newborn photographer for other studios and got a lot of experience quickly. I won 2 silver awards in WPPI (the most prestigious photography competition in the world) in my first year. In my second year, I won a gold award (and a couple of other awards in other competitions).

My name is Tina. When I became a mother, I decided to learn and master a new skill. Now, I am a professional photographer. I specialized in maternity and newborn, and would love to create the most beautiful portrait for your family

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