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Rachel Wildig Photography recognises that welcoming a newborn into your family is a hugely momentous occasion filled with love, joy, and countless memories waiting to be cherished. Let us help you preserve these fleeting moments forever with a bespoke newborn session at our dedicated studio space in Freshwater.

Rachel is a skilled and compassionate photographer who specialises in maternity and newborn photography. After raising three of her own children and photographing hundreds more over the past 12 years, she knows how to handle delicate newborns with care and patience, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your little one.

Every family is unique, and so is every newborn photo shoot. Rachel works closely with you to understand your preferences, style, and vision, tailoring each session to suit your individual needs. We believe that newborn photography is not just about the baby; it’s about celebrating the love and bond within the entire family. We encourage parents, siblings, and even pets to participate in the session, creating beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Photographer Profile - Rachel Wildig

Rachel is a full time, studio and location-based professional photographer based in Freshwater on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches.

Offering over 12 years of experience, she provides maternity, baby & family photography where the main objective is to capture beautiful, genuine portraits that you will love and treasure for years to come.

The photographic style is natural and candid and every session is tailored to you and your family, each shoot is personalised by the location that you choose, the items that you bring along and the story you want to tell.


Package #1


Newborn Session Fee

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Total Photos: 75+
  • Printed Photos: 3
  • Delivery Mode: Print, Online Gallery

Other Inclusions:

  • 2-3 hour photography session
  • Personalised digital birth announcement
  • One 8x12
  • Two 5x7
  • Online viewing gallery with up to 75 unique images for you to review and make purchasing selections
  • Use of all in-studio props, textiles and accessories

Package #2


Pick 5 - add on to Session Fee

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Edited Photos: 5
  • Printed Photos: 5
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Print

Other Inclusions:

  • 5 professionally edited digital files with colour and black & white versions with 4x6

Package #3


Pick 10 - add on to Session Fee

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Edited Photos: 10
  • Printed Photos: 10
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Print

Other Inclusions:

  • 10 professionally edited digital files with colour and black & white versions with 4x6

Package #4


Pick 20 - add on to Session Fee

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Print

Other Inclusions:

  • 20 professionally edited digital files with colour and black & white versions with 4x6

Package #5


Pick 30 - add on to Session Fee - most popular

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Edited Photos: 30
  • Printed Photos: 30
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Print

Other Inclusions:

  • 30 professionally edited digital files with colour and black & white versions with 4x6

Package #6


Full digital package - add on to Session Fee

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Edited Photos: 75
  • Printed Photos: 75
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Print

Other Inclusions:

  • All images - edited digital files with colour and black & white versions with 4x6
  • Personalised presentation box for proof prints


The newborn photo session fee of $275 includes a 2-3 hour long session at my dedicated studio in Freshwater, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The session fee covers the photographer's time and talent, full access to all props and outfits as well as a personalised digital birth announcement, one 8x12" print and two 5x7" prints. Additional prints start from $40 for a 5x7" print and wall art, albums and digital packages are also available. Full pricing is available for inspection on my website to allow for complete pricing transparency. There is no additional fee for including family members (even the family dog), nor is there any additional fee for multiple births i.e twins or triplets.
In general, you can expect a newborn session to last somewhere between 2-3 hours. I only take bookings for one newborn session a day to allow for the fact that newborns can oftentimes need longer than expected to feed, change and settle and I never want clients to feel hurried. We operate to the baby's timetable. During this time we will work on capturing between 3-5 set-ups on the beanbag, floor and also family and/or sibling shots. You are encouraged to be involved, to capture the love and connection between your new family. None of the tiny details are missed - a session will always include macro shots of hands, feet, eyelashes, and lips as well as the big picture.
I have a beautiful studio which is full of textiles, outfits, headbands, blankets, bowls and backdrops which have been sourced from the best local and international vendors. All are available for you to use during your session and you can view many items in use by referring to the gallery on my website.
I have over 12 years of experience as a newborn photographer and the safety and comfort of my clients is absolutely paramount and is prioritised before achieving any particular pose or using any prop that I deem to be unsafe. I communicate openly with parents about their preferences and any concerns regarding the safety of their newborn. Every baby is different, and some may be more sensitive or irritable than others. I am patient and respectful of the baby's limits, stopping any poses or setups that cause distress or discomfort. I am fully trained in newborn photography and have attended many workshops, conferences and safe posing technique programs during my years of business as well as having three children of my own. The photography studio is cleaned and sanitised before and after sessions and all props, fabrics, and equipment is cleaned regularly. The studio is kept comfortably warm during a newborn session to keep the baby comfortable during the session. An assistant is always used for sessions involving multiple births to provide support and ensure the safety of the babies. Frequent break are allowed to accomodate feeding, changing, and rest during the photoshoot. I am fully insured, have a current Working with Children check and am up to date with all vaccinations including Covid19, Influenza and Whooping Cough.
Many of my clients start researching newborn photographers sometime after their 12-week scan. I welcome bookings at any time, even after baby has already arrived, but can only take as many bookings as I feel able to keep to my commitment of turning galleries around within no more than two weeks after shooting. With newborn sessions, we will pencil a session based around your expected due date. Then, when the baby actually arrives, we will re-confirm the actual appointment date. Newborn sessions are ideally held between 5-12 days of age (adjusted for premmies) when babies are still pretty sleepy, flexible and easy to pose and settle. It is, of course, possible to conduct a newborn-style session after this age up to about the age of five or six weeks however you will need to appreciate that it becomes more difficult to move and pose babies without waking them, necessitating more time settling and feeding. Newborn sessions are generally held Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am - 5pm however with prior arrangment, I will offer a limited number of weekend sessions to accomodate working parents or those with school-aged children.

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