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In Kristen Cook Studio’s world of photography, the focus remains on capturing the pure essence of new life and the innocence of tiny humans.

Renowned as one of Melbourne’s finest newborn photographers, the studio excels in creating candid, genuine portraits that transcend generations. With a unique approach to maternity, newborn, and baby photography, Kristen Cook Studio shies away elaborate setups, opting instead to emphasise the magnificence of every tiny human. Their philosophy revolves around simplicity, accentuating love, light, and emotion.

In this distinctive haven, families bask in the joy of their little ones, curating an experience that echoes far beyond the ordinary. Kristen Cook Studio continues to rewrite the narrative of photography, capturing moments that become cherished heirlooms for years to come.

Photographer Profile - Kristen Cook

Our studio’s distinctive approach to maternity, newborn and baby photography sets us apart from many others in the industry. We believe in embracing simplicity and strongly emphasise love, light and emotion. No elaborate props or setups are required because we honestly believe that your tiny human is as magnificent as they come. We curate an experience that transcends the ordinary, providing a haven where families can revel in the joy of their little ones.

Show us who you love and let us tell your story. Our beautiful team is waiting for you,

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