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All stages of the first twelve months are so special, but you will forget the tinniness and squishiness of your newborn in moments. In the blink of an eye, that moment is gone.

I am an experienced newborn photographer and former physiotherapist – safety is my priority followed by capturing beautiful moments of your newborn. My sessions are relaxed and calm. My style is more neutral and less props – your session is all about your baby, and you.

Photographer Profile - Susan Bradfield

I am a Melbourne based photographer working in Brighton, bayside Melbourne.

From start to finish, my photography sessions are not just a photo shoot, they are a special experience you will remember fondly forever.
I aim to create honest, timeless images that show connection, emotion and soul.

Once a physiotherapist, and a ‘professional’ expat who has lived in London, Shanghai and Zurich, I am now proud to have made the transition to professional photography. As a mother of two, I understand the invaluable and important legacy of photographic memories and passionately believe in the importance of documenting our lives. My goal is to capture connection and emotion: of beautiful moments when loved ones are together.

Whether it is a newborn, maternity, family shoot, or a headshot, photography is my way of capturing a life’s story in a moment that will last for generations to come.


Allow around 3 hours. My sessions are relaxed and calm and baby-lead. 3 hours may seem like a lot but allows me to work at your baby's pace, it allows for settling, feeding and changing if need be.
Absolutely! I encourage this! I usually take sibling and family pics first so young children can then be taken to a park or home so I can focus on your newborn for the rest of the session (and you can have a little break :))
Unless you have a special outfit or blanket you would like included (in which case please tell me beforehand so I can prepare), you only need to bring the usual baby essentials eg nappies and any bottles for feeding. If you baby takes a dummy, please bring it. I provide all outfits and wraps etc and you don't need to bring anything.
Yes, yes and yes!! Oh my gosh I so wish I had photos of me with my baby, but sadly I don't and I regret this. These are fleeting moments in time that should be recorded, and in time you will look back on them and realise how young and amazing you really looked, as will your baby. I can touch up dark circles and guide you in posing to help you look incredible.
Give your baby a good feed before you come and dress them in a onesie one size too big with no singlet. The aim of this is so they are in a nice sleep and I can undress your baby without waking them. I send through thorough instructions when you book with me so this is all clear. And if you are overwhelmed with info or just too tired to care, this is fine too. Just aim to get to my studio on time and we can take if from there!

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