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What is the shape of your love, especially when babies enter your life?

It’s a question with millions of answers.

At Blossom Brook Studio, we are using our skills and talent to reveal it through photography. Based in Sydney, we are a professional team specializing in newborn, baby and maternity photography. Our studio features a stunning collection of simple and classic sets and props for your unique portraits. We create both vintage-style and modern photographs as desired.

The Studio
Based in Sydney’s northern suburb of North Ryde, Blossom Brook Studio is a warm and welcoming space, designed to make the mum, dad, and bub feel right at home. We’ve set the studio up just like our own living room – with a comfy sofa, music, tea, and snacks. There’s a white noise device to ensure your baby is happy and relaxed throughout the photoshoot, as well as a baby changing station and a heater to keep the baby warm during the shoot.

Covid Safety
The safety and well-being of our clients have always been our top priority. As a newborn photography studio, we are committed to delivering and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. There is only 2 staff working in the studio and both of us have limited unnecessary visits to the community. Each member of our staff has been vaccinated against Covid-19, as well as Whooping cough and the latest flu strain.
We wear medical face marks on every photoshoot and use hand sanitizer before & after every session. All the outfits & props used in the session are washed or sanitized. We also clean and sanitize our studio as a routine after each session. We are monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely and are doing everything we can to ensure everyone remains safe.

Our Service
There’s nothing quite like capturing those precious, fleeting moments when a baby is new to the world. We love getting to know our clients and will tailor your photoshoot to suit your vision. Allow us to make your dreams come true! Our studio features a stunning collection of simple and classic sets to be used as backdrops for portraits. We create both vintage-style and modern photographs. Discover more about the packages we offer HERE. We offer both in-studio and location shoots. We also offer composition photoshoots – allowing you to choose a digital image as the backdrop to your photoshoot.

Newborn Photography is designed for babies 15 days or less. We would recommend booking in a slot at least 2-6 months before your due date just in case we are fully booked.

Tiny, curled-up little infants, fresh into the world. The fingers and toes, the eyelashes, every little detail. All of these beautiful features will change with each passing day. Our children grow up right in front of our eyes, after one week, after three weeks, after six months – they grow, change, and develop and nothing that we can do will stop them.

Capturing your newborn baby with a professionally trained newborn photographer will be the first ‘gift’ that you give to them (and yourself!). A newborn session cannot be re-done. It is literally a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Please cherish this precious opportunity to book a professional photo session for your beloved newborn baby.

Photographer Profile - Blossom Brook Studio

2020 Top 10 Newborn photographer, Top 3 Maternity photographer.
Multi-award-winning photographer.
Affordable Fin-art photography studio in North Ryde, Sydney.


There are 4 important things that you need to bring. – Extra milk (If breastfeeding, it’s best to bring some bottled milk) – Extra nappies (It may need to be changed on every setting) – Dummy/Pacifier (We only use the dummy during the poses transition, it is very helpful to bring it to the photoshoot even you don’t usually use it ) – Changing clothes
For the best result, we recommend not let the baby sleep too much before the photoshoot. According to our experience, It is very important to keep the baby awake for at least 30 mins before the photoshoot. Ideally, you can give the baby a good shower before leaving home, play, and talk to him/her on the way to our studio. By doing this, your baby will fall into a deep sleep when we start the shooting and this is the best scenario for the newborn photoshoot. This method applies to babies from newborn to 1-month.
It is important to match the outfit color for all your family members who are participating in the photoshoot. (The color doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but similar.) Ideally, there is no logo on the outfits. Just remember less is more, simplicity always turns out to be classic. For the best result, we suggest Mummy doing some hair and makeup before coming. For the siblings, please dress them up at home to match with other family members. We also supply outfits for kids under 5.
We don't limit the time and we always leave gaps between the sessions. As long as you show up on time, we will have plenty of time to enjoy the photoshoot :) Here is the guide time for each package: – Simply Digital Package: 1- 2 hours – Essential Package: 2-3 hours – Deluxe Package: 3-4 hours

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