For the purpose of this document:

“” of “Photo Session” means the company “Relvic Pty Ltd” AND

“Photographer” means the “client”, “advertising partner”, “photographer”

“Customer” means users interested in booking photography services

Advertising Partners

If you are paying a fixed yearly advertising fee to get your business listed on our website, below are the terms and conditions:

  1. Advertising Duration: Advertising period on our website is for a 12 month advertising period only. We do not guarantee an inclusion in any of our articles, directory or any other section of our website after the photographer’s 12 month advertising period with us expires.
  2. Advertising Cost: Our yearly advertising costs depends on the particular category (such as pet photography, newborn photography, family photography etc.) and the region (such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc.) The exact yearly advertising fee will be mentioned to the photographer in their email and in the photographer’s PS dashboard. The price mentioned are not inclusive of GST which means GST needs to be paid on top of our yearly advertising cost.
  3. Advertising Inclusions: Our yearly advertising fee gets the photographer’s business featured in either our article(s), directory or both (article and directory) depending on what has been agreed upon in the photographer’s email conversation with our team.
  4. Registration Process: Once the photographer agree to advertise with Photo Session, we’ll provide the photographer login details to their PS Photographer dashboard which will allow the photographer to make the payment using any major credit card. Details of the photographer’s advertising with us such as duration, cost, inclusions etc will be mention for the photographer’s review in their PS Photographer Dashboard account before payment.
  5.  Tax Invoice: Once the photographer has made the payment via their PS Photographer Dashboard account, the photographer will receive an email with a copy of the tax invoice. The tax invoice copy will mention all details of the advertising with us such as duration, cost, inclusions etc.
  6. Cancellations / Refund: The advertising fee is non-refundable. We charge the 12 month yearly advertising fee in advance and do not offer any cancellations or refunds before, during or after your 12 month advertising period with us expires. This means that after the photographer has made the payment for their 12 month advertising period with us, and for any reason the photographer wishes to cancel their advertising with us, no dollar amount paid by the photographer will be refunded.

Photo Session Team

Company: Relvic Pty Ltd

ABN: 97 607 733 988