For the purpose of this document:

“” of “PhotoSession” means the company “Relvic Pty Ltd” AND

“Photographer” means the “client” as mentioned in section 1.1. Above

“Customer” means users interested in booking photography services

Below are the terms and conditions of this contract:

Photographer Registration

Photographers who wish to get photography bookings via will need to be registered with PhotoSession. To successfully register your photography business with, the photographer is required to go through our 6 step photographer registration starting at our Partner Page (


A registered photographer will submit details such as business name, photographer name, listing images, listing description text etc. for each of the “types of photography” that the photographer wishes to create his/her listing for on Submitting these details is an essential part of the 6 step photographer registration process.


The Photographer is required to have at least 3 photography packages per listing. These packages will be added by the photographer via the Photographer Dashboard. Each photography package added by the photographer requires an exact price for that particular package and all other necessary “package details” describing ALL particular details of what the particular photography package offers to the client.

Each photography package should include all inclusions of the particular package, such as the:

  • Number of hours of photography session(s),

  • Number of photos the customer will receive for that package,

  • Mode of transfer of photos (e.g. will be transferred digitally, by email, by USB, or print out),

  • Number of days after the photo session that the customer should expect to receive the delivery of photographs,

  • Any additional things included in the package such as “framed photo(s), photo albums” etc.

  • etc.

The customer looking at the package needs to have a clear understanding by looking at the package on exactly what the package has to offer to help the customer select the right photography package on

Calendar Availability

The “Calendar Availability” section in the Photographer Dashboard allows the photographer to mark dates as available, unavailable or partially available.

It is purely the photographer’s responsibility to keep the calendar up to date with the right availability, unavailability and partial availability for each of the days in the calendar.

Penalties apply if a customer books the services of a photographer and the photographer is unable to service the customer on a date marked as “available” or “partially available” by the photographer via Photographer Dashboard Calendar.

Submission of digital assets / assets / photos

After a successful photography session and once the photos are available and ready to be delivered to the customer, the photographer needs to submit a URL (e.g. web link to dropbox, Google drive etc.) where the photographer has uploaded the photos from the photography session with the customer, in the Bookings section of the Photographer Dashboard.

Payments Details

It is the Photographer’s responsibility to ensure that the payment details (i.e. your bank account details) added in your Photographer Dashboard are accurate. takes no responsibility for payments not received by the photographer due to wrong payment details added by the photographer in our Photographer Dashboard.

Releasing of Payments for the Photographer

After the photography session is completed with the customer and before the digital and/or print assets (i.e. photos, USBs etc.) are delivered to the customer, it is the photographer’s responsibility to request the customer to login to their Customer Dashboard and “release” the payment for the booking.

The customer is required to login to their customer dashboard and release the payment for the booking to close and the payment to be released to the photographer.

If the photographer delivers the digital and/or print assets to the customer without getting the customer to “release the payment” via their Customer Dashboard prior to the delivery of the digital/print assets, won’t be responsible for the photographer not receiving any payment(s) for the photography sessions that the photographer claims to have done with the customer.

In this case, if the customer refuses to “release the payment” and/or requests for a refund, a full refund of their booking amount will be made to the customer and the photographer will then be required to present proof that the customer has 1) done the photo shoot with the photographer and 2) that the customer has received all assets/details as mentioned in the photography packages that the customer originally paid for. will then file a dispute and will send a request to the customer to present their side and a decision will be made accordingly.

Booking Cancellations

The customer will be able to cancel the booking at any time before the photography session booking date.

Premature Birth: If a customer books a photographer for newborn photography but ends us having premature birth, the customer will be refunded the booking amount if the photographer is unable to serve the customer on a earlier date. The customer needs to agree on a photo session date in this case for the booking to go ahead.

Photographer Account Cancellations remains the right to pause, hold, or terminate a photographer’s account if the photographer has received negative reviews, negative feedback, delays bookings, makes frequent cancellations of bookings, or for any other reason that feels right to cancel the photographer’s account.

In this case, is not liable to the photographer for any payments.

Stripe Account

Stripe is the payment gateway / payment processor uses to receive payment from the customer and direct payments into the photographer bank accounts.

The photographer is required to submit information and documents including but not limited to bank account details, identification documents (such as copy of driver’s license, copy of Passport) and proof of address documents etc. as may be required by Stripe.

Commissions will charge 20% commission on the value of the transactions made via the Photographer’s profile page and the Photographer will be paid 89% of the transaction amount made via the particular photographer’s profile page, by a customer.


Here are some scenarios:

Photography Session is Done, Assets Delivered, Client Files Dispute – Full Refund will be given to the customer

Photography Session is Done, Assets Not Delivered, Client Files Dispute – Full Refund will be given to the client

Photography Session is not Done, Assets Not Delivered, Client Files Dispute – Full Refund will be given to the client

15 days past the Photography Session date passes, clients doesn’t release the payment not files dispute – Payment is released automatically for the photographer

Photographer Account Stop & Resume

The photographer can stop and resume their account at any time with a click of a button via their Photographer Dashboard.

The photographer will still be required to complete the bookings received via their “photographer profile” while their profile is still live to the customers.