For the purpose of these terms and conditions:

“” or “PhotoSession” means the website “” 

“Photographer” means the “client” advertising with PhotoSession

“Customer” means users interested in booking / enquiring photography services

Below are the terms and conditions of this contract:

  1. Advertising Duration: Advertising subscriptions are for a maximum period of 12 months starting from the date of payment/renewal.
  2. Photography Listings: You can choose to advertise for the different types of photography services that you offer and for each “type of photography” that you select, a photographer listing will be created for your business per category. For example, if you were advertise for baby and boudoir photography on PhotoSession, your business will receive two individual listings, one for Baby Photography and the other one for Boudoir Photography.
  3. Customer Enquiries: Customers will be able to enquire about your photography pricing, packages, availability etc by submitting their details via a contact form on your Photo Session listings. It is the photographer’s responsibility to check their email inbox for enquiries received via customers enquiring about photography services via the PhotoSession platform.
  4. PhotoSession Blog: Along with getting your business listed in the PhotoSession directory, you can also get your business listed in one or more of PhotoSessions Top 10 articles e.g. Boudoir |Product| Event Photography etc.
  5. Partner Sites: PhotoSession works with partner brands such as Australia’s Top Models and BabyInfo and you can choose to secure a spot to feature in one of their articles in our partner websites. However, the exact spot of your business our partner websites’ articles will be decided by their respective editorial teams. PhotoSession has no control over rankings on any of the top 10 articles of our partner sites.

Any questions, please email us at

PhotoSession Team