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Hello Sunshine! I’m Tara, your favorite Childhood and Family Life Photographer. I am here to help you make sure your daily love remains unforgettable.

I am so happy you are here because I know you have been craving more time with your family. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to press the pause button on life so you can just take in all the goodness of your children as they are right now and not forget how it feels to love them? I want to give you that wish.

I’ve spent the last 18 years creating for families just like yours and I want you to know that a family portrait does not need to be a hard experience or to feel awkward to look at on your wall. It can be an opportunity to connect with your most important people and to make imagery that you’d be so proud of even in 20 years’ time. Let’s make it an adventure full of fun and emotive moments.

I would love to hear about your family so shoot me an email or follow the link to my website to find out about what I would love to create with you.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Wherever it is you want! I will work with you to decide which environment would best inspire your family to feel the most authentic and comfortable in front of my camera. Could be at home, on your boat, at the beach, on your favorite bush walk, or even exploring a new place you've never been to before.
Well, that depends on which experience you'd like to have and what you are planning on doing with the images. Session fees start at $345 and include the shoot experience and a beautiful bespoke framed portrait of your choosing. Additional framed artwork starts at $310 Digital collections start at $750 Fine Art Albums start from $745 Artwork Wall Collections start at $950 Payment plans are available.
How long is a piece of string? Haha. I offer three different photography experiences that have 3 different time lengths. This is Us - Lifestyle Portrait session is up to 2 hours Family Life - Documentary Photography is 4 hours Welcome To The World - Two separate 2-hour shoots. One maternity and one as a newborn shoot Each photography experience includes a Creative Call before the shoot which is 20 minutes and a Reveal session which is 1.5 hours and takes place after the shoot.
Such a great question and one that can cause a lot of stress for people before they have a shoot. The quick answer is to wear something that makes you FEEL AMAZING! I want you to feel good during the shoot and to love how you look in the images. I will guide you through this in more detail before your shoot on our Creative Call.
Of course, I can! But I would like to let you know that most people don't enjoy being in front of a camera, i certainly don't. This is why I curate my shoots to be about the connection between you are your little loves. I work hard to do what I can to help you forget about the camera so you can just enjoy the moments. I promise if you decide to trust me as your photographer, you'll have the most fun you've ever had in front of a camera. Kids are mostly always my main muse, but I always try to make at least one portrait with you in it because I would prefer to had the option to say no to it later if you don't like it then I wish I had got in the shots.

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