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Photography has always been in my life. My father and grandfather were both wedding photographers in Holland and when we migrated to Australia when I was one my parents opened photographic stores in Melbourne. My childhood was spent absorbing the art of photography and many a day was spent putting my learning into practice – I could potentially count photographing my Cabbage Patch Dolls as my first newborn sessions.

My passion for photography was truly ignited when I became a mother. Watching your child grow and change is a joy like no other and taking the opportunity to capture those moments is so important. Through my photography I aim to create a beautiful family memory, to tell a story of those special early days of your child’s life and produce something that will take you back to that moment in time when you look at it in years to come.

I create a relaxed experience for my clients and understand how daunting and unpredictable it can be to venture out with a newborn. I source quality props from around the world to create a unique style and keep on top of current trends through ongoing workshops and training.

Capturing the emotion and beauty of newborns and children inspires and excites me. I look forward to working with you and your family soon.

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