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No matter how you feel about your pregnancy journey, I will help you feel special for a few hours. My goal is to capture your maternal beauty and strength in your images for you and for generations to come. I work closely with all my beautiful clients to achieve the images they envision.

In Melbourne, there are many wonderful outdoor venues for maternity photography. Or, if you prefer, I have an indoor studio in bayside Melbourne which is equipped with beautiful light and divine maternity gowns for you to wear and fabrics to toss.

Photographer Profile - Susan Bradfield

I am a Melbourne based photographer working in Brighton, bayside Melbourne.

From start to finish, my photography sessions are not just a photo shoot, they are a special experience you will remember fondly forever.
I aim to create honest, timeless images that show connection, emotion and soul.

Once a physiotherapist, and a ‘professional’ expat who has lived in London, Shanghai and Zurich, I am now proud to have made the transition to professional photography. As a mother of two, I understand the invaluable and important legacy of photographic memories and passionately believe in the importance of documenting our lives. My goal is to capture connection and emotion: of beautiful moments when loved ones are together.

Whether it is a newborn, maternity, family shoot, or a headshot, photography is my way of capturing a life’s story in a moment that will last for generations to come.


Yes absolutely!. I have a huge array of beautiful maternity outfits, as well as wraps and fabrics for your shoot which are all included in the cost. We will discuss prior to the session what look you are after for your shoot, and what you would like to wear,so I can plan the session in advance.
I ask all my clients to purchase a cheap nude coloured strapless bra and knickers to allow for easy outfit changes. If clients would like nearly nude shots, nipple covers can be helpful as well. Clients are welcome to bring any of their own outfits they would like included. It is also a good idea to bring any drinks and snacks you may require as I always stop for little breaks so you can refresh.
I work closely with a lovely hair and makeup artist who does amazing work and is fabulous with a 'natural' look. Clients are welcome to contact her separately to coordinate with the session time. You are of course also welcome to arrange your own hair and makeup or to do your own.
Absolutely - I encourage it. These are special memories to be recorded. With children, I invite them to come at the start of the session, and then have a partner or carer take them for the remainder of the session so they are not bored and we can focus on you. Of course partners are welcome to stay for the entirety.
Take a look at a lot of maternity photo images and screenshot the ones you love.You may find a trend start to emerge of what you really like. Studio shots are more intimate and can be more about form whereas outdoors a little less so.

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