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At Studio Commercial we know you want to stand out in the crowd.
In order to do that you need corporate photography that stop people in their tracks.
The problem is that the world is cluttered with images which makes you feel pressured
– You need to make your photos count.
We believe that good photography makes you feel powerful.
We understand and we don’t just care about photography we also care about you.
Which is why we’re one of the most established studios in Sydney and why we’ve helped
thousands of people just like you stand out in the crowd for over 30 years.

Photographer Profile - Jason Doyle

We are Studio Commercial - where photography isn't just a profession, it's our passion! Established in the heart of Sydney CBD since 1970, we've been capturing moments in the world of corporate, advertising, and editorial photography. With the forte for making every image pop and a knack for making our clients smile, we're here to make your photography needs simple and straight forward.

At Studio Commercial, we don't just take pictures; we capture imagery that will leave a lasting impact. Our lens has witnessed the evolution of photography over five decades, and we've kept pace with every trend and innovation along the way. From the old-school charm of film to the cutting-edge technology of today, we've seen it all.

But it's not just about the gear; it's about the people behind it. Our team of 3 are a bunch of friendly, creative, and slightly camera-obsessed folks who believe that work can be fun. We're serious about capturing the perfect shot, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. After all, who said professionalism can't be mixed with a little laughter, banter and a lot of passion?

We pride ourselves on delivering quality images that our clients absolutely love. We've got a knack for turning everyday scenes into refined, high end imagery. Whether it's showcasing a corporate business, boosting your brand with striking advertising visuals, or adding that 'wow' factor to editorial spreads, we're here to make it happen.

If you're looking for a photography partner who's as passionate about your project as you are, you've just found us. Drop in for a coffee at our studio (Sydney CBD's largest!) where we can take the next step and bring your vision to life.


Studio Portrait Basic


Studio Portrait Deluxe


10 person studio photoshoot


10 person location photoshoot



For your corporate photography session we recommend that you wear whatever you would wear to a job interview. You know your audience and industry better than we do. If your job requires you to wear a jacket and tie then wear that to your photoshoot. If you are in a more relaxed job role and industry, then smart casual is often the way to go.
The key points we need to know are: 1. Would you like to come to our CBD studio or would you like us to come to you, if so where is your office? 2. How many people need to be photographed? 3. Do you require portraits, group shots, working shots or all of the above? 4. Are we matching any pre-exisiting photography? If YES, please supply us with an example 5. What kind of background would you like to use? It can be something classic like a white paper background or we can approach it as an environmental portrait. 6. Where are the images going to be used, LinkedIn, company website, annual report, all of the above?
There are many factors. Things like, location, number of people, style of portrait photography, whether you would like wardrobe or hair options, all of these influence the amount of time we’ll need. An example can be our Studio Basic Portrait session. Your photographer will be with you for up to 20-30 minutes and you can choose 1-2 backgrounds. This option is popular for someone needing a time efficient, no fuss, fresh portrait for LinkedIn.

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