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Welcome to my Family Photography profile!

Im glad you’re here. You are considering me to help fill up your visual memory jar so read on, I hope it resonates and we meet soon.

Below is a photo of me… In front of the camera for a change and believe me I much prefer being behind the lens. I am mainly a self taught natural light and studio light photographer with a number of Sydney photographic workshop courses in tow; who fell in love with my very first camera which was gifted to me when I was 9. (Though I’m sure I was taking pictures long before anyone ever handed me a camera).

I used to read about people finding their passion, using their talent and making it their career. I actually felt that I had that in my last career of twenty years, I was a rug and home wares buyer and travelled the globe many times over .. Took me a while and lots of life’s ups and downs but I have arrived to the exact place I’m meant to be.

As a mum of two incredible boys and a wife to a man whose ambitions are sometimes larger than life; who together teach me every day what those moments mean and how quickly time passes you by.

Collect memories, hang them on your walls, these little moments are the really big ones and the only ones that matter.

Im absolutely chuffed that you’re here.

Please visit my portfolio for examples of my work or contact me to discuss your requirements and let me be a part of your journey. For those that are interested I now shoot with a Canon 5D MKiv and a variety of incredible lenses. All my immunisations are always up to date for the safety of your bub.

Linda x

Photographer Profile - Linda Gremos

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