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Newborn babies are so special and sweet; their little toes, wrinkly feet and hands, the way they curl up like they are still in the womb. Through newborn photography we absolutely love capturing every detail of their littleness as well as your connection with your newborn baby. These are moments you cannot get back, we believe that preserving the precious little details through newborn photography is a necessity for every family.

We are experienced at newborn photography and have had the honour of photographing well over 1,000 newborn babies. We pride ourselves on providing you with a relaxing and pleasant newborn photography experience at our beautiful Chermside West studio. Come into our natural light newborn photography studio, listen to our relaxing acoustic playlist, and enjoy a cup of tea. We will work away posing your little one and create timeless, beautiful newborn photography art that you and your family will love for years to come.

Nicole is our principal newborn photographer and has done extensive training in newborn photography safety and newborn photography posing. Nicole has completed both online and in-person workshops with some of the industry world leaders. We are all up to date with our whooping cough boosters and seasonal flu shot.

Photographer Profile - Nicole Seeney

Nicole is the proprietor and principal photographer at Lavender Lane Photography. Previously a lawyer, and a qualified English, legal and drama teacher, Nicole chose to throw it all in and pursue her love for photography, children, and business. A mother to two boys a year a part (Harrison aged 5 and William aged 4), Lavender Lane Photography became her third baby shortly after the birth of her second son William (aka Woo). She started the business in November 2016, which has proven to have its fair share of highs, lows, lessons, and successes. Would she do it all again? YES! But she’d probably skip the 3 now unnecessary degrees and buy the camera much earlier with far less hesitation.

Nicole has had the honour of photographing well over 1,000 families. Nicole has completed newborn photography safety courses and attended in-person workshops taught by some of the industry world leaders. Nicole has watched a plethora of online workshops on newborn posing, posing, lighting etc. Nicole is completely up to date with her whooping cough booster vaccination and her seasonal flu shot.

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