Hatched Newborn Photography


Family sessions are focused on capturing the image of your family’s bond and love you share. You will be asked for your outfits to complement one another so it creates nice , balanced harmony on the photograph. Usually it works best if your clothes are in neutral, white or black tones. We will create some standing/ sitting or laying down situations. Just be as relaxed and natural as possible. The pictures should show real you and real emotions.

Photographer Profile - Agnieszka Mazurek

Hatched Newborn Photography is a professional, cosy studio set up in my house, that offers Newborn, Maternity, Family and 1st Birthday Cake Smash session. I create most of my setups for newborn shoots and cake smashes in close contact with you. I always want to make sure you feel heard, understood and taken care of during this exciting but a bit stressful time. Come, have a cuppa, indulge in some fruit and cookies and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in my studio. I will do my best to settle your baby and take those gorgeous images you will hung up on your wall to cherish forever :)

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