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Hello! I am Fiona your Adelaide family photographer, creating an adventure-led experience focusing on your family’s connection. I capture the magic of real life moments as you wander and explore together, admist the sand, the sea, the sunlit mountains, resulting in timeless, authentic photos of your family. I can’t wait to meet you! x

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It will be ok! I know it seems scary but you will have so much time to ease into it and I promise there will be no awkwardness or forced poses! You don’t even have to look at me, just your babies!
Firstly I do not want you to worry! We have so much settling in time and will go at their pace and work it in with your whole family. I wholeheartedly understand we will talk about it in depth beforehand, so you know what to expect and what we can do to make it the calmest and funnest experience possible.
The shoot takes approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on the environment and how much settling-in time we need.
I know it seems a little (or a lot) nervewracking to step outside of their routine, I truly do understand (as this was me!) but I did not regret it for the amazing photos and experience we received. Remembering it is all at your pace and I will be there to engage their little selves with lots of fun ideas or when they’ve had enough we will wind it down, it will be 100% worth it
I have a perfect What To Wear guide I will send you once booked, but first things first is be you! If denim shorts and a white t-shirt is your thing, wear that! But most importantly be comfortable. Don’t feel you have to go buy something new. You can, but it’s often best wearing something that is tried and tested and you love! Also a tip is start with you mumma, and match your family to you - i will walk you through this plus there are so many tips in my guide.

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