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Event Photography is – by far – Array Creative’s favorite type of shoot take on! With 10 + years of accumulated hospitality & customer service experience, David is no stranger familiarising and engaging with the crowd. Whilst endeavoring to provide an energetic and enjoyable experience for the host(s), family and guests, David takes it upon himself to lead the team towards the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for the clients.

Upholding an interpersonal approach using transparency and effective communication, to ensure we tailor our service to each client. It’s important for clients to communicate expectations, but more important for us to comprehend the expectations of our clients to achieve the best possible results.

Specific types of ‘events’ we have covered are inclusive of Birthday Celebrations, Christenings, Fundraisers, Engagements, Weddings, Educational Workshops & Sporting Events.

Photographer Profile - David Thorley

Array Creative is a collective panel of diverse creatives delivering quality Photography & Videography services for your desired creative shoot. With extensive experience in both Photography & Videography across Adelaide, our photography portfolio is comprised with an array of shoots.

We have covered events (such as birthdays & sports), maternity, family portraits, modelling & business photography. Simultaneously, our team holds a special interest in Videography, with a portfolio inclusive of Christenings, Weddings, Legacy Videos & Business Video Production.

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