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Welcome to Apolonia Photographie, where our Newborn Photography Sessions are a celebration of the purest joys and connections within your growing family. Specializing in both posed sleeping and non-sleeping newborn and baby photos, our focus is on capturing the authentic moments that define the essence of your family.

Our philosophy revolves around the belief that less is more, and we embrace a minimalist approach with fewer props, allowing the genuine connection between family members and the tiny details of your newborn to shine through. Whether your little one is peacefully sleeping or wide awake, our sessions aim to encapsulate the pure joy and emotions that come with the arrival of a new family member.

To make the experience comfortable for new mothers, we offer the use of our client wardrobe, ensuring Mum feels her best during the session. Our goal is to create timeless keepsakes that will last for generations. Cherished, timeless albums are crafted to preserve your memories, designed to withstand the test of time and remain as fresh as the day they were captured.

At Apolonia Photographie, we pride ourselves on our light and airy sessions, ensuring that every photograph is bathed in a gentle, elegant glow. We believe in creating images that not only capture the beauty of the moment but also stand the test of time, allowing your memories to remain as vibrant and cherished as the day they were created. Choose Apolonia Photographie for Newborn Photography that celebrates the true essence of your growing family.

Photographer Profile - Marie Hardman

Apolonia Photographie, where we specialize in capturing the authentic essence of your newborn and growing family moments. Established in 2013 by a parent inspired by the beauty of parenthood, our photography sessions are thoughtfully designed to embrace the delicate details of your newborn and the evolving dynamics within your family.

Our approach to newborn photography is unique, prioritising authentic and unposed moments over traditional setups. We believe that life is too short to wait for babies to sleep, and our focus is on cherishing every awake, lively, and tender moment. From the serene moments with your newborn to the unpredictable joys and challenges of family life, we aim to freeze the heartfelt connections that define your journey.

Whether it's capturing the tiny features of your newborn or preserving the evolving dynamics of your growing family, Apolonia Photographie is committed to creating timeless and sincere memories. Life unfolds in a series of precious moments, and our photography is dedicated to documenting the genuine connections that make your family story uniquely yours.

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