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With the serves of Jacqui Jakubowski Photography, Adelaide-based clients can trust that their physical form will be featured with an air of beguiling charm through a series of photos from a boudoir photography session. Jacqui Jakubowski sits at the helm of this photography company, and she boasts an advanced diploma in photography as well as six years of practical industry experience, using all of this to capture clients in a style that is both visually stunning and creatively inspiring. Boudoir photography services with Jacqui Jakubowski Photography are open to all women, emphasising that clients “DO NOT need to be a size 10 model” in order to be eligible for these empowering sessions. Jacqui understands that anxiety and nervousness are part of the process, but she puts a great amount of effort into helping clients feel free and ready for photography sessions, opening themselves up to a deeply rewarding experience.

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Nothing can rival the expert boudoir photography services provided by Adelaide-based photography company Be. Boudoir – Intimate Portraiture by Renee Lee. Sessions with Be. Boudoir – Intimate Portraiture by Renee Lee can be easily scheduled online, after which a Lingerie Guide and a Boudoir Prep Guide will be sent to clients for an easy, seamless preparation process. Pinterest boards and pin images of hair and makeup styles as well as poses and photography styles can be made in advance to give Renee Lee a good idea of the kind of photography the client has in mind. Sessions with Renee Lee include professional makeup and hair styling services by a hand-picked stylist as well as a 1.5 hour photo shoot with time for two outfits and a sheet session.

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Check out Velvet Thyme Boudoir for spellbinding, enticing boudoir photography services. The photographer in charge at Velvet Thyme Boudoir is Gianna, who describes her photography as a “lifelong passion (obsession!).” Photo sessions with Gianna at Velvet Thyme Boudoir are an open, welcoming, inclusive place to “have fun, be playful, talk shit out, celebrate your body, sense of style, strength, femininity, quirkiness, humour, sexiness, your ‘self,’” and so much more. Gianna is keenly aware that boudoir photography sessions can be intimidating and perhaps anxiety-inducing, so she is always prepared with a smile and a helping hand throughout the photo shoot, helping women explore previously untapped sides of themselves to result in a series of truly memorable photographs.

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