Secret Boudoir


I have so much respect and appreciation for the women in my life, from my mum, my talented sister and my closest female friends. All selflessly give, love and are some of hardest workers I know, but they tend to forget to slow down and take a minute to appreciate themselves. I am sure you’re exactly the same.

Well, I am here to appreciate you. Boudoir is a way to empower and remind you through your everyday life, you are sexy and beautiful, even if you may not feel that way.

Boudoir is more then just photographs in lingerie, it is a personal journey. It’s changing the way you think. It’s learning to discover your best self. It’s a way in realising that your flawed, and to understand what makes you perfect. It’s conquering your fears, doubts and letting it all go. I am here to help you start you on your journey to fall deeply in love with yourself.

Photographer Profile - Morgan Hankins

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