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My craft has the soul of an artist with the edification of editorial style photography. I love any chance to incorporate glamour into our client sessions as my creative focus has always been around the beauty of every woman, in a way that serves her. Maternity sessions are really a “no excuse needed” time to celebrate Womanhood and to so more artful, whimsical or even symbolic way.

Photo sessions are pre-planned, include services of our in-salon/studio professional Hair and Makeup Artists, wardrobe styling and creative direction with posing coaching. Clients who come to us are usually seeking something a bit different and very much tailored to them and their own personality.

Photographer Profile - Angelica Perrie

Angelica Perrie is a Portrait Masters Internationally Accredited, award winning Photographer who is known for her Fine Art and magazine style luxury portraiture. Photographique Studio hold space for women to see their beauty, connect with their identity and see themselves in a new light. A meticulously attentive eye for detail, a great interest in women's specific photography techniques and artistry that is tailored to each client's aesthetic, each woman gets to meet herself through her lens & experience.

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